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Gift is a term used to describe certain items in Neopets. Items bought from the Neopian Gift Shop are given to other users like real gifts and are themed after a wide range of different occasions. However, the majority of gifts serve no practical purpose, so they often pile up in user Inventories. There are exceptions to this, however, such as the Bubble Blower, which can be used at the Cooking Pot with the Basic Dryer to create the Bubble Blaster, a Battle Magic item. Also, the A Mysterious Valentines Card item gives users the Valentine's Day Site Theme. Some wearable items are also sold here.

Not all items categorized as Gifts are sold in the Neopian Gift Shop. Fake scratchcards dispensed by the Deserted Fairground Kiosk before it was offically opened, event items including a few from the Festival of Neggs, and Concert Hall swag items only available on the bands' specified days are all labelled as Gift items.

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