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Multiple Use
Attack: None
Defence: BE Stat Darkness Defence.gif All BE Stat Air Defence.gif 3 BE Stat Earth Defence.gif 5 BE Stat Light Defence.gif 3 BE Stat Physical Defence.gif 5
Special Effects: None
Description: Your last line of defence in the world of the paranormal!
Price: 7.722M - 7.878M NP
Rarity: 200
Origin: Hidden Tower

The Ghostkershield is a high level Battledome Equipment item which sells for 8 million Neopoints at the Hidden Tower. The Ghostkershield is a favourite of high level battledome Neopets, due to its ability to block all dark attack icons, taking away most of the possible damage of the Sword of Skardsen and other popular battledome equipment, and also block small amounts of air, earth, light, and physical attacks icons. This only leaves fire and water attack icons which can get through its defence. However, because of the small amount of powerful water battledome equipment, the water damage is little to worry about. Ghostkershield users do have to be careful of the Portable Kiln and the Kelpbeards Trident however.

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