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Princess Amira is the oldest Aisha daughter of King Coltzan III and current ruler of Sakhmet. Her younger sister Princess Vyssa held the throne for her while she was away on political missions, and was the original inheritor of the throne, but because of Vyssa's young age, Amira took over in her stead.

Princess Amira is described as beautiful, elegant, cultured, and refined by those who know her personally, and enjoys exploring music and the arts. Amira finds her rule of Sakhmet to be boring and bothersome, due to the many suitors asking for her hand in marriage, and longs to be away from such a life and have excitement.

Plot summary[edit]

Lost Desert Plot[edit]

Main article: Lost Desert Plot

Jazan had tried to force Amira to marry him, but she denied. Many suitors had done this to her, and when she refused, Jazan added monsters (his creatures) to Sakhmet. When Prince Jazan continued making it worse for Sakhmet, Amira made her guards, including General Dacon, to save the people and keep them safely into the palace. After Jazan commanded Amira's servants to prepare a wedding, she almost married him, until Nabile and Jazan fell in love and married. Razul later on attacked Sakhmet, so Amira and Nabile had tried to escape the chaos.

Better Than You[edit]

Princess Amira has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: October 9, 2008 We've heard new reports of a massive bug attack in Neopian Protection Zone 6b. I'm worried our agents there will be overwhelmed. I'd appreciate it if you could journey there and lend them a hand. Any outstanding bravery will be well-rewarded.
Game: Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back
Score: 3,600
Prize: Heart Stepping Stone


  • Amira's Neopedia article was released on July 4, 2005.
  • The name "Amirah" itself means "princess", which might e a reference to Amira's status as a princess.

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