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 Post subject: Sig Board Rules
PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2004 5:25 pm 
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Because I have them handy.

1. Global PPT Rules

Still have to follow them. They are much more important than the local Sig Board rules, and will be dealt with more harshly. That especially includes backseat modding, double posting, flaming/rudeness, and av/sig limits.
Is there an image limit to pictures in your signature?
Yes - Combined signature must not exceed 400px width, 100px height. Total filesize of all images must not exceed 50kb.

What is the limit on avatars?
80x80px, and a size of 25kb.

2. Things That Will Be Locked/Moved

Testing... > Has no need for a post- use the Ego Search function.
Can someone please make me... > Belongs on someone's request board or Open Requests.
Please rate my... > Belongs in Graphics Ratings in PPT Art (Technical).
I'm having a Graphics Contest > Belongs in Word Games and Contests.
How do I get such-and-such Neoboard Av? > Belongs in the NeoBoards Av Discussion in Neopets Help.
Why isn't my av/sig working?/Where do I get a host? > Read my Av/Sig FAQ.

3. Spam/Bumping/Other Things Not to Do

I hate spam. A LOT. Following is a list of what I consider to be spam.
Posts Consisting Only Of:
"Does anyone else have a request?" Pointless, and one that I find truly annoying.
"Bump." Bumping is highly frowned upon at PPT, but I will make this one exception: You MAY bump your board if it is about to be pruned. The pruning limit has been set at 3 weeks, so if there has been no activity on your board for three weeks, THEN you may bump it.
"I will request from you later." Pointless. Unless you intend to edit that post with your request, which I don't recommend, as they are easily overlooked.
"I like how you did..." This sort of comment should really be said in a PM.
"I am working on it now." This is allowed in Open Requests, where people like to have confirmation that someone is doing the request. In your own request board, it is considered pointless.
"I wish I could request, but I don't have enough posts." Trying to guilt a graphics maker into accepting your request when you don't meet their requirements is very low.
"I can hardly wait to see mine!" Please wait silently.
"I'm glad you like my work." This should also be said in a PM.
(New Thread) "Here is a graphic for [someone]." This, too, should be said in a PM.

Other Things Not to Do:
Please don't shamelessly plug your request board everywhere. It will more likely drive away more potential requesters than it attracts.
DO NOT STEAL PEOPLE'S WORK. This is an extremely touchy subject with most graphics makers. People recognize others' work, meaning you are very likely to be caught, and then you'll be in a world of trouble.
Graphics makers, please limit your direct linking in your request threads. We've set a cap of 14 direct linked images. This is for the convenience of people with slower internet connections, and so people don't have to do a whole lot of scrolling in threads.

4. Double Requesting

If you are getting work from someone else, you may not ask for anything else until the first is done.

No: Requesting a set from someone, then requesting a blinkie from someone else before the set is finished.
No: Running a set contest in Word Games and Contests, and requesting anything here before the contest is over.
No: Requesting a set from someone, then "reserving" a spot in someone else's request thread.
OK: Requesting a set, blinkie, and banner from one person all at one time. (Note: That's kind of overkill, the graphics maker may reject some or all of such a large request).

5. Request Limits

Aside from Double Requesting (detailed above), there are no limits on who may request graphics. If any graphics makers don't want new members posting on their request board, they may set their own post limit. Although they are not official forum rules, those who repeatedly violate request board limits may get warnings and/or strikes.
In additions to warnings/strikes, you may also get a request ban. This is exactly what it sounds like, you will be suspended from requesting graphics for a set amount of time (anywhere from one to four weeks).
Additionally, if you cancel a request, you must wait 12 hours before requesting from anyone else. This is to prevent people from cancelling requests ONLY to request from someone else.

Extra Reading

Other goodies to read. These are not actual rules, but they might be helpful.
Av/Sig FAQ
Request Etiquette
Graphics Maker Etiquette


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2004 8:25 am 
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Strike Policy

These forums operate a system to dissuade members from abusing the forums and/or each other. Abuse can take many forms and some of us have had first hand experience of this.

The Moderators of this forum have been empowered with the ability to award 'strike' points to members who don't follow the Terms & Conditions of the forum and any other general etiquette expected when taking part in this Community.

Therefore, if members fail to heed the Terms & Conditions of the forum, as we have seen in the past, or ignore requests from Moderators, they can expect to be jumped on.

The Moderators do not have to tell you if you have been awarded a 'strike', but they will regularly report any abuse of the Forum to the Administrators who will take action against repeat offenders.

Incase you're wondering just what might await you if you don't abide by the Terms & Conditions, then there is a simple guide below.

One strike will bring your future actions under close scrutiny by the Moderating team.

Two strikes will interest the Administrators, who will then pay special attention to you, and not in a good way.

If you manage to get three strikes, then you will find yourself banned from the forum for a set amount of time. This amount of time will depend on what you have done to earn those strikes in the first place.

Each strike thereafter, up to a maximum of six strikes will get you banned, again for a certain length of time to be determined by the Administrator dealing with you. When you reach six strikes, you're history. No discussion, no argument. The Administrator's decision is final.

Serious offences against the Forum or other users will result in an immediate ban.

All strikes will be wiped at the end of every month, apart from those with six strikes who will be permanently banned from the forums. The reasons for the strikes being awarded will be kept on file for future reference.

The vast majority of members will never get a strike as they conduct themselves perfectly respectably on the forum. The odd double post or less than three word response is not going to get you a strike. You will get a polite reminder from the Mods that you may want to carefully consider for next time, but if you respond badly to that advice, then they are perfectly within their rights to award you with a strike because of it.

We understand that people who are new to the board may make mistakes without realising it, so minor offences for those that have been here for a week or less will also be given the benefit of the doubt.

Thanks for reading.
The PPT Moderator Team.


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 6:26 pm 
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Just a note, I re-added two of the newer rules (dealing with request limits and direct linking caps) which weren't in my archived copy of the rules . They're highlighted in blue up top with the rest.
I'm not too concerned with them right now, as everyone's been good even without, but please don't forget them in the future.


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 4:57 am 
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A little update- you may notice that the forum name's slightly changed, or rather, something's been omitted. The tests part has been removed from both the name and the description.

And for a reason! I now reveal the previously less-known joys of the ego search, aka the link called "View Your Posts", the second line at the top right side of the forum.

Simply go to that page and click on any topic in there. Every single one of those topics has your posts in it, so there's no need to make any new posts in this board to test a new set.

And so comes the eradication of the "Test your avs/sigs/etc. HERE!" sticky. May it rest in peace. ;P

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:14 am 
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Added the Av/Sig size limits to Section 1, since everyone has trouble finding it.


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