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 Post subject: Coconut Isle Rules (updated 9-Nov-08 - WW rules added)
PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2004 1:30 am 
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As this is no longer the temporary forums, some more rules should be established. :D After all, it'd be complete chaos without them, no? So of course, please take the time to read this and refer to it if you're not sure of anything.

1. Please refer to the Global Forum rules and guidelines.
2. What belongs here, you may ask? Cliques or clubs, word games, contests, and other topics in exceptional cases (you don't have to worry about that, really). Word games and contests have their own rules, see below...
3. You may notice that post counts don't go up here- yup, this is a count free zone!
4. Consequences for misbehaviour will be given accordingly to the Strike Policy.
5. Please post all applicable topics (G-Mail invites and Rank celebrations) in the stickies, found at the top.

Word Games:
1. Nothing inappropriate please, no flaming as well.
2. Despite what the board description says, please don't spam here. In this board, spam would be defined as something stretching the forum, something completely pointless, or double posting. We'll be a lot more lenient with it compared to the Global Forum version, but we still enforce some rules.
3. Please make sure a game is not in progress already before creating a topic for it, or a similar game. Also, please do not split topics on your own; Marissa, Jasujo, Lillie, Matt, DiscordantNote and I will be happy to provide you that service- feel free to PM any of them.
4. Dares: Please do not exploit the thread by purely daring, work by the rough guideline of posting "duck" twice before posting a "goose". No inappropriate dares, make sure to follow av and sig guidelines, and please do not dare someone to do something they specifically asked not to do. Also, the maximum time limit for a dare is 3 days.
5. More on dares: Please do not dare someone to cause their posts to be hard to read, and please do not pull people who do not want any part of this into the game- that includes things such as admitting "love" for someone or PMing someone at random. Also, posting threads or irrelevant replies on other threads because of a dare is not allowed.

1. Make sure not to abandon your contest(s), it's quite confusing to leave people hanging and wondering what happened.
2. Make sure to give out promised prizes- if you don't, there will be consequences! After all, it's like scamming, no? Therefore, all organisers must state what specific prizes they will offer before the contest may start. Contestants, if you do not receive prizes after a week of the winners being announced, please contact a moderator.
3. If you're holding a set contest, please make sure you comply to the rules from the Sig board, including the double requesting rules - If you have a request in the Sig Board then make a contest here, the contest will be locked. Vice versa, then the request will be removed. Whichever comes last.
4. Contests will be locked after one week of finishing, please leave anymore dealings by PM after that. You can also notify a moderator to lock your contest, as well.
5. Contest Runners will post rules, and we expect you to follow them. Punishments for this can range from post deleting, or being banished from a user's contest.

Forum Games/Competitions:
1. No double posting please, unless you are the MC of the game. Also, the MC can regulate what you're allowed to talk about- if you're not to hold conversations or post spoilers, then don't. MCs may contact moderators about content they wish to be removed, as long as it's reasonable.
2. If you are an MC and wish to have your topic split (at 10 pages), please contact a moderator or post a clear notice in your thread regarding which fashion you would like to have it in- eg. keeping the first post intact, keeping certain other posts intact, splitting only at the end of a day or task.
3. Make only necessary threads. Try to refrain from making more than two threads for your game, unless it's absolutely needed. For example, there is no need for separate sign-up and commentary threads, or separate threads for each round of your game. This isn't really a rule, but more of a guideline to prevent clutter.
4. Please make sure that you don't copy someone else's contest/competition. If you are running a similar contest/competition as one that has already run, or just finished, make sure you get the creator's permission first.
5. If you run a contest/competition, please make sure you are willing to finish it and pay out all prizes (if applicable) at the end of it.

Anything not complying to these rules will be dealt with, whether by editing, deletion, warnings, and/or strikes. If anyone's got more questions further than what's covered here, feel free to PM us! :D

Enjoy! ~:>
~ The CI Moderating Team

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2004 1:37 am 
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Location: Waterloo, Canada
Strike Policy

These forums operate a system to dissuade members from abusing the forums and/or each other. Abuse can take many forms and some of us have had first hand experience of this.

The Moderators of this forum have been empowered with the ability to award 'strike' points to members who don't follow the Terms & Conditions of the forum and any other general etiquette expected when taking part in this Community.

Therefore, if members fail to heed the Terms & Conditions of the forum, as we have seen in the past, or ignore requests from Moderators, they can expect to be jumped on.

The Moderators do not have to tell you if you have been awarded a 'strike', but they will regularly report any abuse of the Forum to the Administrators who will take action against repeat offenders.

Incase you're wondering just what might await you if you don't abide by the Terms & Conditions, then there is a simple guide below.

One strike will bring your future actions under close scrutiny by the Moderating team.

Two strikes will interest the Administrators, who will then pay special attention to you, and not in a good way.

If you manage to get three strikes, then you will find yourself banned from the forum for a set amount of time. This amount of time will depend on what you have done to earn those strikes in the first place.

Each strike thereafter, up to a maximum of six strikes will get you banned, again for a certain length of time to be determined by the Administrator dealing with you. When you reach six strikes, you're history. No discussion, no argument. The Administrator's decision is final.

Serious offences against the Forum or other users will result in an immediate ban.

All strikes will be wiped at the end of every month, apart from those with six strikes who will be permanently banned from the forums. The reasons for the strikes being awarded will be kept on file for future reference.

The vast majority of members will never get a strike as they conduct themselves perfectly respectably on the forum. The odd double post or less than three word response is not going to get you a strike. You will get a polite reminder from the Mods that you may want to carefully consider for next time, but if you respond badly to that advice, then they are perfectly within their rights to award you with a strike because of it.

We understand that people who are new to the board may make mistakes without realising it, so minor offences for those that have been here for a week or less will also be given the benefit of the doubt.

Thanks for reading.
The PPT Moderator Team.

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 Post subject: Re: Coconut Isle Rules (updated Feb. 8, '05)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:03 pm 
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Werewolf/Mafia Games

PinkPT has had Werewolf games running for years now, and due to its rabid popularity, many people every year want to try their hand at hosting a game.

Because so many people want to host a game, a protocol has been set up for Werewolf hosting. Its basically there to ensure only "official" games are run, and that everybody gets their turn at hosting in a fair order (based around things such as when you apply, when you can have the game ready by, whether or not you've played the game online before, if you're left handed or right handed, what the theme is etc).

If you wish to host a game of Werewolf, here's what to do:

1) Self-Review
- Are you able to commit to hosting a game (its a lot of work) that could run for up to 2 weeks past the starting point?
- Are you familiar with the online version of the game?
- Have you been at PPT a while and know the way we roll around here?

2) Plan out your game
- You don't need to have it perfectly worked out, but you should have an idea of the theme (EG: Basic - WW vs Townsfolk with a few of the original roles, Unthemed, Disney etc) the sort of size you could cope with, what roles you might include etc

3) PM Rachel
- Once you have got a rough plan, and are confident you can host a game, PM Rachel with a rough outline of the game - theme, number of players etc, a very brief history of your online WW history and when you could have the game ready by. Most likely, you'll have to wait a game or two before its your turn to host, but you could be lucky and be called up to the plate straight away.

- If Rachel doesn't reply for a week or so, contact any of the other Coconut Isle moderators and we'll see if we can hunt down who's supposed to be next etc.


 Post subject: Re: Coconut Isle Rules (updated 20/3/08)
PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:07 pm 
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Werewolf Rules


1. Time-management: As a host, you will need to be prepared to commit to your game. Please be prepared to host your game for roughly two to three weeks. If you cannot commit to that amount of time, you should not be hosting. You should also be able to complete execution and night scenes, with full plots written, at roughly the same time every day. Consideration does need to be given for people in other time zones and people who rearrange their schedules to be online at the time those events are posted.

2. Co-hosts: You are more than welcome to have a co-host for your game. This could be a ghost writer, someone who helps you come up with roles, or someone who helps you run the mechanics of the game (or possibly a combination of all of those). Having a co-host does not mean you are allowed to depend on and rely upon that other person however. Both hosts need to have a written arrangement with the werewolf manager (Twizzler0171) of who has what responsibilities.

3. Communication: It is vitally important that all hosts have good communication with all of the players and the werewolf manager at all times. This includes, but is not limited to: sending correct results to players, informing the players and werewolf manager of any mishaps, and informing the players and werewolf manager of an unforeseen issues.


1. Activity: As a player, you will need to be prepared to commit to the game. Please be prepared to play the game daily for roughly two to three weeks. Playing and activity includes, but is not limited to: voting for execution, submitting night lists, continuing to read the game if dead in case of resurrection. If you cannot commit to that amount of time or the requirements of participation, you should not be playing.

2. Role-Sheets: Anything on your role-sheet is strictly between you and the host(s). You may not quote anything from your role-sheet without direct authorization from the host(s). Anything labeled as a "secret" power is just that - secret. You may not share it at all, unless the host(s) states otherwise.


The forum management reserves the right to deliver consequences as seen fit for violation of the above rules. Consequences include: temporary ban from playing or hosting, permanent ban from playing or hosting, termination of game-play if hosts disappear for 5 or more days. Any concerns should be directed to the current werewolf manager (Twizzler0171).

It was an honor serving you PPT. I will miss you.
Click here to join my new werewolf forum!

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