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A bunch of suggestions

Mon Apr 26, 2010 5:22 am

I have a few suggestions for the site, I really hope I don't come off as trying to run your site or being bossy o_O
I'm not saying PPT is a bad site, I love it and believe that it is way better than anything I would ever be able to accomplish.

The first thing I noticed when I came back to PPT was that it was really difficult to navigate. I think that one of the first things that you guys should do is move things around a bit on the homepage. Maybe put drop down menus at the top of the page instead of listing them on the side. I would put the search bar to the right, the top advertisement at the bottom of the posts, and the ads by Google to the right underneath the search bar.

In my opinion, the user-written guides aren't really the best thing on the site. A lot of them are outdated, listing sponsor games that don't exist anymore. Some don't give the best advice, for example, the guide "1 Million in Two Months" only tells you how much you'll get if you added 15,350 NP/day to your bank account. What if you can't earn 15,350nps? Or earn more? Some of them also have bad spelling and grammar. My suggestion is to take the best guides and incorporate them into one great guide for each category or just choose one that you believe is best to use. For example, under Auction guides, I believe the best by far is "Guide to Making Neopoints in the Neopets Auction House." The others just basically repeat portions of it.

I think your in-depth departments are well-designed, but they feel like I'm going to totally different sites. If the guides were kept inside the same basic layout of the homepage, it would make the site more navigable and uniform. If I wanted to see the Trophy catalog and then go to the In-depth battlepedia guide, I wouldn't need to click "back to PPT" in order to get to it.

Another thing you might want to do is to add a link back to PPT homepage from the forums.

I think a ton of new people would come to the site if you added some new features like an item database and avatar checklist, but you probably won't want to do that until you get more traffic, a super coding genius, and a ton of bandwidth. ;)
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