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Thu May 25, 2017 12:35 pm


This year, team sign-ups and the practice round will begin on Thursday, May 25th.
The practice round will last until May 31st and the team sign-ups will end on June 6th.
The practice session is then followed by a 25 day tournament schedule that runs from June 1st until June 25th.

This year, the tournament play is made up of two rounds.
Your team will play against every other team once in the first round.
In the second round, based on your performance, you will be placed into one of three brackets.
You will then play against the teams within your respective bracket.

Staff Tournament:
The Altador Cup Staff Tournament will begin on June 2nd and end on June 22nd.
Results will be announced each Friday.

Low Quality Links:

http://www.neopets.com/altador/colosseu ... uality=low

http://www.neopets.com/altador/colosseu ... uality=low

Shootout Showdown:
http://www.neopets.com/altador/colosseu ... uality=low

http://www.neopets.com/altador/colosseu ... uality=low

You've become a Roo Island supporter.
Thanks for believing in us... we won't let you down! A team background is now in your inventory.

Congratulations! You've been awarded the Altador Cup site theme.


Thu May 25, 2017 6:43 pm

Well, picking a team is no hard thing. Can't ditch the Rooligans!
You've become a Roo Island supporter.
Welcome back! For your 11 years of dedicated play you have earned the prizes below:
Mysterious Vibrant Collectable Scarab
My that Scarab is...colorful.

For reference, here's the official FAQ explanation of the schedule/results, etc:
Can you explain the Schedules & Results page?

Like previous years, teams are NOT divided in Round 1 into Alabriss, Minitheus and Vaeolus brackets. All teams are within a single bracket in Round 1 and will play against every other team exactly once in this round.

In Round 2, based on the overall performance, each team will be divided into 1 of 3 brackets and each team will play against every other team within its respective bracket.

When viewing a single team:

When looking at just the results of one team for a day (or all days), the format is as follows: the team icon in the first column is always the opposing team, regardless of whether they were the home or away team. The scores are preceded by a W, L, or D (for win, loss, or draw). Regardless of who won, the team whose results are being viewed are listed first. For example, if you are looking at Shenkuu's page and the result for their Yooyuball match is W (6 - 5), that means they won by a score of 6 to 5. If they'd lost 8 to 2, the result would be shown as L (2 - 8).

When viewing multiple teams:

If you view the results for multiple teams on one day (or all days), the format is as follows: the first team icon in the 1st column is always the home team, and the second team icon in the 1st column is always the away team. The scores are presented in the same format, with the home team given first regardless of whether they won or lost, and the road team listed second. For example, if the home team won 10-4, it will be shown as home team icon (10 - 4). However, if the home team lost, it'll be shown as road team icon (4 - 10).


Fri May 26, 2017 5:05 am

I too signed up for Roo. Bandwagon ho. I am not so sure how much I will play this year, though.


Fri May 26, 2017 8:27 pm

I'm not sure how much I'll have time to play this year, either, Blue. I've got company for at least 3 full days near the beginning of June, so I'm not likely to play much those days if at all.

I'm really happy that they brought back the single round-robin, with brackets after that. I think it'll make for a much more balanced system, but we'll see!


Mon May 29, 2017 2:06 pm


It seems that everyone was kicked off their teams today.
You will need to sign up again.
You get the prizes a 2nd time.


Mon May 29, 2017 7:12 pm

Signed up again, discarded the duplicate prizes. Tally-Ho.


Tue May 30, 2017 4:54 am

29th May (Holiday update)

Come enjoy the Altador Cup and play for your team! Important note: while preparing for Altador Cup kickoff some Team signup data was unintentionally cleared and not all of them could be cleanly restored. Please double-check that you are signed up for your team you want by end of day June 5th.


Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:56 pm

I like how JS forgot to mention that people need to discard their second prizes caused by the glitch.

I just signed up today. Glad I waited, since one of the ACGs went with RI. Since I don't want to be on their team, I moved over to the neighboring town of Kiko Lake. They've stolen so many NP from me, I figured I may as well try to earn some back with them.


Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:56 pm

Sigh. I hope that the ACG's don't get any legit Rooligans frozen. I didn't actually have any free time yesterday to play, as it was a chaotic day. If I end up making All-Star this year, it'll be a miracle...or it means that real life has been so stressful/busy that I need the mindlessness of the AC to help clear my mind.

ETA: Staff Tournament is up. My picks: SenorMalo, Agog, Max Mutant, Kikocat, Binary Supagoo

The Goalies are all the same options from last year, but the other arenas have some new faces, so who knows how it'll turn out?

TNT has officially stated that multi-gaming is against the rules and can lead you to being frozen.
Editorial wrote:I know it's obviously against the rules to play two of the same game at the same time in different tabs, but is there a rule against playing different games at the same time? For example scoring a couple of games in Yooyuball while I wait for my customers to build up in Slushie Slinger, or playing a game of Shootout Showdown when there's a darigan yooyu that just refuses to go in the net in my game of Yooyuball? Any clarification on this would be fantastic! ~usukii
Good question! There have been a lot of similar questions about playing two separate games in different tabs, windows, computers, etc. However, the answer will remain the same for all. You are only allowed to play one game at a time. Playing two games at once could lead to you being frozen and I would hate to see that happen. So, although it might take longer to finish a game before starting the next, it's a definite rule.

Also, they clarified to discard the extra prizes.
I signed up for the Altador Cup and received a Mysterious Vibrant Collectable Scarab, which I happily put in my stamp album. A couple days later, I saw a note in the news indicating that some data was lost and that I should sign up again. I did that and received another Mysterious Vibrant Collectable Scarab. I have seen differing opinions on whether I am allowed to sell this item or whether I can be frozen for doing so. Can you please clarify? Thanks!
Ah that have been a few questions about this, as well. So, to everyone that is unsure of what to do with your extra prize, the best course of action here is to just discard the extra prize that was handed out.


Sun Jun 04, 2017 12:03 pm

That is such a wishy-washy way of reaffirming the rule that taking advantage of a glitch is considered cheating and grounds for being frozen. Way to be clear.

And I think you all know how I feel about multi-tasking in the AC; the games are so mind-numbingly boring that multi-tasking has been the only way I've been able to tolerate playing for 11 years now. For them to just arbitrarily make a new rule - after freezing people for it - is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Between that, their attitude that "well, if you find yourself frozen, that would be your bad," and the ACGs being just as ineffectually stopped as at the beginning of last year, I'm not sure I'll be participating in the AC anymore.

Edit: Wowsers, congrats, RI! You guys did an AMAZING job in MSN yesterday. That's not even a little bit fishy... So glad JS took care of those cheaters once and for all last year.

To be fair, though, you guys may as well milk it for prize points. I hope you're sending in 1-goal SOSDs, 2-3-goal YYB wins (letting it play out in the background), 285 SlSl, and 3k MSN scores (or whatever the minimum is for that...). Once JS actually fixes things, play legit, but there's absolutely no reason for you to do so now - sending minimums actually hurts the cheaters a little bit, so stick it to them and get your easy prize points! Sorry you have to deal with this; I'm sure it's very demotivating.

Finally, the staff tourney is up! Does anyone have prior results for any of the staff? I think I want to pick an all-women team this year, but there are actually a decent amount of women to choose from this year (yay, JS, for maybe doing something about the gender bias in the computer and gaming industries! Credit where credit is due...).


Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:11 am

I've been sending mostly 1-goal SOSDs (with random other numbers of goals interspersed, just as I have in previous years), but the few YYB games I've played, I've played out (also just as I have in previous years), same with SS. I haven't touched MSN yet, because it makes my hands hurt. I might play a few of them at some point, but yeah. I just don't have time to play out full SOSD games. There are simply too many other more important demands on my time.

I'm not sure that TNT didn't pick up on some of the cheating groups already. Our scores from the 3rd (yesterday) were significantly lower than the previous days. We did lose in YYB, SS, and SOSD. Significantly. Maybe those scores have updated since Siniri posted, but yeah.

*coughs* I posted my Staff Tourney picks in my last post, when it first went up.
But here's what I referenced in making them:
JN's Year 9
JN's Year 10
JN's Year 11

To have it all in one post...
Pickles wrote:ETA: Staff Tournament is up. My picks: SenorMalo, Agog, Max Mutant, Kikocat, Binary Supagoo

The Goalies are all the same options from last year, but the other arenas have some new faces, so who knows how it'll turn out?


Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:27 am

Thanks, Pickles! You guys were nerfed from the 43. Hopefully no innocent Rooligans get frozen with the cheaters...

I went with Cherry Blossom, Agog, Kikocat, Scrappy (maybe she's the new Snarkie?), and Ehlo Froyo for my all-women team.


Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:58 pm

My Staff picks are: SenorMalo, Cherry Blossom, Max Mutant, Kikocat, Binary Supagoo.

I am only playing to get the Rank 1 shield (and avatar). I play now for nostalgia more than anything else.


Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:28 am

Please note that if you're not ranking up (the number of games to the next rank doesn't change, even though the games are counting towards your total), this is NOT a "glitch." JS has stopped counting your scores because their cheat-detection system is severely flawed, and you need to submit a ticket (try "bug reports" > "Altador Cup" for now) ASAP. It might not hurt to include a record of your gameplay (video or screenshots of high scores or even an Excel spreadsheet of your scores). As of right now, no one is frozen, but they froze plenty of innocents last year.


Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:33 am

I am currently playing for the "Participant" trophy. One game each. Meh. AC really lost its luster for me, especially after last year.
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