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Re: Tyrannian Plot

Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:10 pm

Solution to the 2nd achievement:
Send an item to someone in another faction! Now to send Blue some dung... :evil:

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:58 pm

*crawls out of the depths of the inactive PPT userbase*

Anybody know how long the plot is going to last? I seem to remember from old plots not really knowing when TNT is going to end these things. I can't stand the battledome lag in the evenings. >_<

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:37 pm

Siniri wrote:Solution to the 2nd achievement:
Send an item to someone in another faction! Now to send Blue some dung... :evil:

Thanks Siniri!

Back at ya! :evil:

LOL, the prize is
Apologetic Bouquet of Flowers

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Wed Mar 13, 2013 2:45 am

For the record, I actually sent Blue a dewberry reviver. He sent me a rainbow dung. The sneak thief! :P {Edit: After I rejected it, he sent me a Vux codestone! Now I feel bad for calling him names!}

(Not that I was actually expecting anything in return, I just thought it was funny he sent actual dung.)

P.S. I officially made over 1M NP in my shop today, mostly jade elixirs, thick smoke bombs, and healing potions.

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:48 am

Well... here it is. Final baddie(?) -- Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack
Just when you thought the day was won... something totally unexpected appears in the middle of battle, like an apparition of your worst fear. It happens.


Each faction appears to have a different boss. Greed is the baddie for the Thieves Guild.

All prior baddies are no longer fightable. Difficulty of "Greed" on Easy is 1000 (Hard is 2000)

Entering battle, he's got 992156 HP... :o

Edit: Oddly enough - when he defeated me, I returned to full hit points. He also hit me with 1215 HP damage in 1 round :/
Also note - while you do get full HP at end of losing, it does count as a loss in your pet's stats.

Edit2: I earned the 2nd achievement and received a Healing Springs Stamp. Image No idea how, except that I got it after either 8 or 9 total losses (4, 3, 2).

YAE: Kanrik, "It must be some kind of foul magic trick. He's not real. Keep him distracted and the obelisk is ours."

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:35 am

Apathy (Seekers)
Greed (Thieves Guild)
Death (Awakened)
Envy (Order)
Pride (Sway)
Wrath (Brutes)


The Order (Envy) and Brutes (Wrath) bosses have been defeated. That means none of us in those factions can fight any more.

Less than 4 hours into the challenge, very disheartening and anti-climatic.


Achievements seem to be related to damage done.

Neopet Smash: Deal damage of X amount to your opponent.

'Tis Just A Scratch: Take X amount of damage in one hit.

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:02 pm

If I need to deal X damage, then I doubt that I'll be able to get that one. Taking X damage was easy. There were a few rounds where he hit me really hard.

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:37 pm

Envy and Wrath are available to fight again. :)

TNT posted on their board: (in a spoiler because it is a long message). :)
Hey, folks. We're posting to apologise for the boss weirdness and explain what happened.

Our apologies to Brute Squad and Order members who tried to fight this morning and couldn't. (Please don't worry about the time you've missed. We've got you covered and it won't affect your standing!) And the explanation starts............................ now!

Without giving too much away, the bosses are indeed a group effort but there is a chance that really strong players (who fight for over 3 hours and 2000+ epic rounds! How awesome is that!?) can rack up a victory and "kill" it. We'll just say that these bosses aren't your normal Neopets, and in the case of one person taking them down in a blaze of glory, said bosses would resurrect to fight again until the group brings the HP to 0 overall.

As you know, that last part didn't happen like it should have, causing Wrath and Envy to stay "defeated" for an extended period this morning. They have now been resurrected properly (and the bug fixed) and you can continue fighting to bring them down to 0 HP as a group as intended. We've also changed around some abilities to even things out a bit, FYI.

To those wondering what this means as far as the final winner goes, we'll say that ALL fighting, from Wave 1 up through these... things, is counted for your faction. One person getting a victory against a boss helps (because it's pretty awesome). Defeating your boss first as a group helps more. But these are by no means the only things contributing! Everything is taken into account. Things are pretty close right now, so if you want to win, keep fighting.

Sorry again for the extended death sequence. And good luck to anyone else attempting a massive takedown!

- The Neopets Boss Wrangling Team

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:07 pm

Well, that was nice of TNT (to apologize and explain). I feel a bit bad that I didn't do as much fighting as planned. I only got up to 50+ wins each in wave 4 and 30+ wins each in wave 5 because I lent my KBT and RFFR out to a few friends (I could still win on mighty, though I did lose once each to Kanrik and Flint when they freeze-bombed me round after round after round after round... -- but it took a lot longer without my star weapon, and I just got too tired last night to stay up any later). I don't regret lending the items, though; I got a lot of help over the years in advice and kind gifts when my pet wasn't so strong, and it feels good to be able to pay it forward. But the people I lent them to were Thieves Guild and Awakening, so those two factions better not finish ahead of the Seekers!

To those who haven't filled their bar yet: fight on mighty (it's only 300 losses vs. 400 on average, and you're going to lose anyway), and just go full-attack mode (don't defend -- it prolongs the battle but doesn't help fill your bar any faster) unless you're still trying for the achievements. If you need the first achievement, try stealing and staying alive on round 1 (stealer + freezer + lens flare, if you have it, or stealer + downsize + offensive/defensive ability), and eventually you'll steal something cool off them. You won't see what you stole unless you refresh once the combat log updates. For Apathy, the prismatic mirror was awesome because it both protected me and attacked him (with a lot of icons). I would typically use the mirror + healer + shhhh round 2 (because I don't have a freezing ability), then the mirror + RFFR + static cling for round 3, and if the freeze went through, I could get up to 5 or 6 rounds (when he was frozen, I'd obviously use mirror + KBT + static cling to maximize damage done). Stealing a freezer or JS were helpful, too.

Professor Lambert also seems to think we're fighting a boggart: " That thing is just an illusion, drawn from our nightmares. It must be. To sleep now would be to betray everything we have worked for."

It looks like this wave might last ~3 days, like the others. Apathy's HP are still at 1,630,138 (from a presumed 2M beginning). Only 25% down in ~16 hours implies that we'd finish in ~64 hours, or 2 days 16 hours, but I'm sure battling will be more front-heavy; many people will slack as they finish doing their part (myself included).

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:55 am

I am using a labbie pet - with cheap weapon. I just want this spamming of loses to end quickly.

TNT have helped this along by adding a 'play again' at the end of the fight.

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:25 pm

I originally wasn't going to do this wave, but the play again button really changed my mind, it was taking far too long without it!

As of writing this, Pride is at 1,206,860 health on mighty.

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:18 pm

That's about where Apathy is. According to some Awakened, Death is only at 600k, so we other factions need to get in gear! (except the two that already beat the thing once...) Never mind. I bet those pesky undead are deliberately trying to freak people out by giving us the HP on easy instead of hard.

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Sun Mar 17, 2013 7:15 pm

Greed has been defeated.

I managed both achievements (thanks Siniri for the tip on #1), but didn't manage to fill my "Doing Your Part" bar. Ah well. Better stats for my pet :)

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:04 pm

A little birdie told me Envy has been defeated for the second time. I wonder if either of them will resurrect. Apathy's at 278148 (on mighty) and falling fast. It will probably be gone by the time I get back home from youth group and getting jiggy.

Re: Tyrannian Plot

Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:26 am

This will be interesting!

Envy was defeated about 7 times, that we know of (4 by garet_jaxx, 3 by hufflepuff), so if TNT takes into account all the times the bosses were beaten (as stated in their post), then the Order may still win on points.
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