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Neopets Problems and Site Changes (updated September 6)

Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:18 pm

With the condition of the Neopets site in a seemingly constant state of changes, with some glitches here and there, we thought it would be a good idea to have a consolidated announcement about the current problems and glitches of the Neopets site as well as some of the current changes. In this announcement, you will also find links to the threads discussing some of these issues.

Also, if you think that Neopets is down, please check the following site to see if it is down for everyone, or just you. Click Me!

Neopets Site Problems (updated 8 August 2008)

No Trade Items: It appears that "No Trade" items are somehow able to be sold. This has been labeled a glitch for the time being. Please do not take advantage of this glitch. Discussion

Cookie Grabbers: A link or image on a site that steals a user's password information. Currently, they can be found on Neopets user-lookups and in shops. Discussion

Trading Post and Auction Glitches: People are losing money through the trading post and auctions. Items are then not received. Discussion

Daily Dare Megasupurb Prizes: People who participated in the most recent Daily Dare (March 2008) and qualified for the Megasupurb ranking did not receive the appropriate prizes. Discussion

Wheel of Misfortune: When attempting to spin the Wheel of Misfortune, clicking the lever does nothing. One has to actually input the correct link for the spinning wheel. Discussion

Neopets Changes and Events (updated 6 September 2008)

Petpet Park: A new addition to Neopets, with a new daily activity and a small plot. Daily activity discussion is here and plot discussion is here.

Burger King Promotion: Burger King is giving out small toys and items codes with the purchase of their kids meals. Discussion

Key Quest: A new 3-D multi-player board game currently in open beta testing. Discussion

Neohomes 2.0: Currently in Premium beta testing. Neohomes are now 3-D, with new items. Discussion
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