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 Post subject: Yooyuball Hints, Tips, and Strategies
PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 7:33 pm 
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This is a compilation of our members' hints, tips, and strategies for playing a mean game of Yooyuball! If you have anything to contribute that you don't see here, please PM me. You'll be given full credit.

Altador Cup Main Page

Yooyuball Guide

Erin's Yooyuball Guide

Team Support Sets and Avatars

Practice Against Other Teams

Themed Neoboard Fonts

Ekul's Yooyuball Guide

Yooyuball Strategy Guides

afyapardess wrote:
Since there are mysteriously no instructions on Neopets for playing Yooyuball this year, that I can see, here are my tactics:

1. Use the 1+3 or 3+1 formation. For this walkthrough I use the right to left direction of play.

2. Press Space to skip the animation of the Yooyu emerging. You can tell what kind it is once gameplay starts by its colour.

3. Hover your mouse briefly over a player to select it (it will get a white circle around it). Then move your mouse to indicate where you want that player to move. The player will always run towards your cursor.

4. Allow Jelly World to grab the Yooyu, then simply walk your middle front player straight into theirs and he'll grab it back. If the enemy striker passes sideways, use one of your backup players instead. If he passes backwards, he will immediately have it passed back to him and will then pass it forward... straight into your striker. So now you have possession, and we'll call this player Striker A. To keep the ball, just avoid being tackled face-on by any opponent.

5. Bear north and then west, making quick diversions if you need to to avoid being bumped from in front by opponents. See the white star shape painted around the goal? Aim towards the northeast point of that star. Stand Striker A on or close to that point and quickly turn so that he is facing the *southern* corner of the goal, and click to have the player shoot the Yooyu towards your cursor. Your aim is to fling the Yooyu diagonally right past the goalie's nose and tuck it into the corner before the goalie intercepts it.

6. If you miss, don't worry. Move Striker A to a point about 2cm in front of the north corner of the goal, and leave him there by quickly skimming your cursor over a different player to select him - pick the one that's now nearest the Yooyu. That's your new striker (Striker B). Have them grab the ball (by charging straight into the enemy who has possession, if necessary) and then try again from the south.

7. Some of the Yooyus are unpredictable and frustrate your tactics. The Darigan Yooyu is plain annoying. The snow Yooyu is one of the hardest - it moves too slowly to fly past the goalie without being intercepted. To deal with this one, follow steps 2-6 but instead of making another direct shot, use Striker B to pass the Yooyu from the southeast star point to Striker A, who's now standing right in front of the undefended north corner of the goal. Striker A should now be able to tuck the ball away while the goalie is still trying to defend against Striker B.

8. The game is fast and can be difficult. Professional football teams don't score every time they shoot, either! If it's not working and your players are all at the enemy goal, your defence is weak - tap the Shift key and all of them, except the one you're controlling with the mouse, will wander meekly back to their starting positions, ready to grab the ball if Jelly World gets it near them.

9. Practice makes perfect. :D

schlough wrote:
1. It's really hard to aim based on the direction your player is facing when they have possession. Make sure you put the curser IN the goal, not just in the general direction of it, when shooting at a diagonal and you will get it past the goalie 9 times out of ten. Plus, you'll never overshoot again. (At least with the normal yuyoos.) That was what killed me last year.

2. Never have more than two of your own guys on the opposing side of the field. Not only does it leave you with no one but the goalie to defend, but clutters up all your shots at the goal. Seems to go against common sense to hit shift and have all your players running in the opposite direction as you drive toward your opponents' goal, but it makes scoring a LOT easier.

amarise wrote:
If you click with your mouse on any part of the screen when you don't have a player selected, your nearest player will move to that spot. You can use that technique to get the ball at the beginning of each round before your opponant does if you click right in the middle of the screen. (The point selected will generally be close enough to the ball that your player will pick it up.)

How to Score with the Darigan Yooyuball
Officer 1BDI wrote:
In reply to someone else's question:

Has anyone actually managed to score with the darigan yooyu? I haven't been able to score with it even once.

I have. It's really tricky to do: you essentially have to aim for one corner of the goal post (or even a bit past it; I'm still trying to figure it out), and it'll shoot off about 90 degrees from where you were aiming.

I need to play around with it a bit more to see exactly where you should be when you aim, and how far away from the goalie (sometimes he manages to catch the ball because I end up hitting him with it), but for now, this is what my set up usually looks like:


ETA: ...Ok, it looks like it might be bigger than 90 degrees. Or it's a random angle. :P

Hold on to the Darigan Ball Forever
theonlysaneone wrote:
If you have a comfortable lead and want to stop playing, let your goalie get a hold of the Darigan ball. Every few seconds, throw the ball towards the sidelines. Since the ball will fly the opposite direction, it goes right back into your hands! You can hang on to it as long as you want this way.

How to Move Inactive Players Back to Starting Positions
munduses wrote:
That'd be the shift key :)

How to Deal with the Clockwork Yooyu
Officer 1BDI wrote:
Machiito wrote:
I've learned to stay FAR away from the Clockwork Yooyu.

This is what you have to do with the Clockwork Yooyu:

* If it doesn't explode upon loading, wait for the other team to grab it.
* Intercept it when the first player tries to pass it to the next player (usually at the half-way mark on the field).
* Throw it straight at their goalie.
* Laugh as the entire opposing team stands there and watches the ball roll to a stop several pixelated feet in front of the goalie before asploding them all to the sidelines.

Faerie Yooyuball Tips

Elysian wrote:
I get pretty much lucky on the Faerie Yooyu ball. Usually I try not to shoot at an angle, you can get a goal by just shooting at the goalie essentially in a straight line, the only problem with this is the defenders are always crowded around the sweet spot at shooting it. Once you hit the sweet spot the faerie ball will curve around the goalie and get a goal.

Another trick, which is a bit more risky and lucky, is to shoot the ball off the boundary. Since its the faerie ball, it will gravitate toward the middle, if you shoot it off the wall, it will bounce extremely fast back towards the middle and go even faster off the next wall. If you play Knock hockey, this trick will do well for you. Just hit it at an angle off the wall and hope it goes in the opposite corner of the goal.

Practice With Any Team
Wind wrote:
Where it says team_1=0 and team_2=0, replace them with the right numbers.
0: Jelly World
1: Altador
2: Brightvale
3: Darigan
4: Faerieland
5: Haunted Woods
6: Kiko Lake
7: Krawk Island
8: Shenkuu
9: Lost Desert
10: Maraqua
11: Meridell
12: Mystery Island
13: Roo Island
14: Terror Mountain
15: Tyrannia
16: Virtupets

Neopian Editorials on Yooyuball

Wind wrote:
Someone had said a staff member posted on the boards about the cup and said if you lose and don't send your score it will still be counted as a loss :\. Any comments or clarification? ~fruit_loop_2
Egads, no. We are certain no staff member said this. Probably just some evil ploy by some mean users. Grr. Just do your best and submit EVERY game you can regardless of the outcome. Every bit of effort counts!

I have seen this many times on the boards: players from opposing teams making side accounts, joining the rival team & losing to lessen the score & have the other team win. Is this reportable? ~sfdscheer
Not only is it reportable, it's a freezable offense. No one may participate in the Altador Cup on any other account aside from their main. Sending in bad scores for the other team is not only poor sportsmanship, but is also downright disgraceful to the team they should be representing with honour. (And don't worry, they're really only hurting themselves.) ;)

It's really unfair that the Haunted Woods has so many users who play for them. I mean, we loyal Darigan Citadel players are hopelessly outnumbered. There's no way we can even attempt to win. I should know. I used to be Brightvale, and I flattened the Woods seven times in a row. (Please omit my username. Thank you :-) ~anonymous
We're not sure why you think you're so outnumbered, but don't worry! As stated on the previous round pages, it doesn't matter if another team has more members:

"The Altador Cup Committee bases scores on win/loss/tie record, point scores, individual performance, and a weighted average based on team membership. Translation: A team with more players has no advantage over a team with fewer players!"

In other words, don't give up or feel you are at a disadvantage! Just do your best and have fun! ^_^

Words of wisdom from last year's editorial. In short, the scores are weighted depending on the number of players on a team, and even losses are counted.

The Rules wrote:
Your contribution to your team's standings depends upon how well you play Yooyuball, with the calculation being based on the goal deficit for each game you play. If, for example, you send a winning score of 4 - 2, you will contribute 2 Yooyuball points to your team's daily score. If you send a winning score of 8 - 0, you will contribute 8 Yooyuball points to your team's daily score. Draws and losing scores are counted as zero Yooyuball points, so you definitely want to try to win.


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