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 Post subject: Let's get ready to rumble!!
PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2004 2:41 pm 
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1. No Flaming/Respect Your Fellow Poster - I know it's very easy to get carried away discussing sports, and there's nothing like a good firey debate sometimes. But that doesn't give you the right to belittle someone else's beliefs. If you do disagree, it often helps to state facts or rationale to back yourself up.


Bad wrote:
Person #1: I think that the Red Sox will get on a roll, beat the Yankees for the division, and win the World Series.
Person #2: Red Sox suck! The Yankees rulez!!!!eleventyone

Good wrote:
Person #1: I think that the Red Sox will get on a roll, beat the Yankees for the division, and win the World Series.
Person #2: I don't think that's possible condidering how many games are left. The Yankees are too good of a team to lose their lead.

2. Don't spam or double post - You should really all know this by now. Please make sure your post isn't just a "Yeah, I agree" but try to add something to the conversation. If someone hasn't repled after your previous post, the edit button is always there so you can add something. ^^

3. Censored Words - These weren't picked out of a hat... they were censored for a reason. Please don't use them. If you try to get around the filter, a strike will be awarded: no ifs ands or buts.

4. Don't backseat moderate - If you have a problem with a topic, a fellow poster, or anything at all please don't hesitate to contact a mod. We're always happy to help, so there's no need to take matters into your own hands. :)

5. No duplicate topics - I'm sure this shouldn't be a problem here, but please take a look around before you post. We really don't need 20000 topics about the NBA playoffs.

Last but not least, our friend the strike system:
These forums operate a system to dissuade members from abusing the forums and/or each other. Abuse can take many forms and some of us have had first hand experience of this.

The Moderators of this forum have been empowered with the ability to award 'strike' points to members who don't follow the Terms & Conditions of the forum and any other general etiquette expected when taking part in this Community.

Therefore, if members fail to heed the Terms & Conditions of the forum, as we have seen in the past, or ignore requests from Moderators, they can expect to be jumped on.

The Moderators do not have to tell you if you have been awarded a 'strike', but they will regularly report any abuse of the Forum to the Administrators who will take action against repeat offenders.

In case you're wondering just what might await you if you don't abide by the Terms & Conditions, there is a simple guide below.

One strike will bring your future actions under close scrutiny by the Moderating team.

Two strikes will interest the Administrators, who will then pay special attention to you, and not in a good way.

If you manage to get three strikes, then you will find yourself banned from the forum for a set amount of time. This amount of time will depend on what you have done to earn those strikes in the first place.

Each strike thereafter, up to a maximum of six strikes will get you banned, again for a certain length of time to be determined by the Administrator dealing with you. When you reach six strikes, you're history. No discussion, no argument. The Administrator's decision is final.

Serious offences against the Forum or other users will result in an immediate ban.

All strikes will be wiped at the end of every month, apart from those with six strikes who will be permanently banned from the forums. The reasons for the strikes being awarded will be kept on file for future reference.

The vast majority of members will never get a strike as they conduct themselves perfectly respectably on the forum. The odd double post or less than three word response is not going to get you a strike. You will get a polite reminder from the Mods that you may want to carefully consider for next time, but if you respond badly to that advice, then they are perfectly within their rights to award you with a strike because of it.

We understand that people who are new to the board may make mistakes without realising it, so minor offences for those that have been here for a week or less will also be given the benefit of the doubt.

Thanks for reading,
The PPT Moderator Team.


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