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 Post subject: Bill's Rules
PostPosted: Wed Jul 07, 2004 6:52 am 
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1. All the forum rules apply here, just like every other board. You can find them here..

2. Bumping topics is strictly forbidden. This includes double posting to bring a realtively old topic to the top of the boards, or posting on an old thread to bring it to the top. If a board you made has fallen beneath the first page of posts, then it is permissable to post; however, please don't do it so often, and if possible, please delete your old topic.

3. This board is for advertising neopets related things. This includes trades, auctions, beauty contests, guilds and your neopets fan sites. You can ask questions about the Neopian market in the Questions, Answers and Advice sticky. You can also discuss the stock market in this board.

4. If you are advertising items, please make sure you actually advertise the items themself, not just saying that you have a cheap shop.

5. Don't false advertising. This includes things like over-valuing items, such as Piles of Dung for 5,000NP each (A bargain!) , or advertising an item as doing something that it doesn't do. For example, adveritising that a Sponge Grundo Sponge morphs your pet is against the rules.

6. A certain item, site, or anything can only be advertised once, unless you've got a very old item, that has fallen below the first page of threads, in which case we accept you making a new thread.

7. When you have sold an item, please make it visible to anyone looking that it has been sold, or if you no longer wish to sell it any more.

8. Please make sure that any guild or site you link to follows the PPT and neopets rules. This includes not scamming, the language should be suitable for a PG-13 environment, and much more. See the forum rules and the Neopets T&C for more details.

9. Please post all Neopets Screenshot pages on the Screenies thread on Neopets General.

10. When you vote for people here, please do not copy and paste the same message onto people's boards. This is not only rather rude to the people who you are voting for, but also somewhat spammy.

11. Make sure all art you post here is in regulation with the Ye Olde PPT Gallery rules.

12. You are not allowed to beg. Begging has a very specific definition on these forums. You are not allowed to ask somebody to give you something large for something that is disproportionately small. This includes, but is not limited to, asking for a large discount on a Paint Brush (i.e. You are 'begging' to get the discount) or asking for a significant amount of money for an item worth much less in your shop, or even nothing.

Rageedit- updated rules.
MattEdit- Adapted rules & added rules 7-9

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