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Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:42 pm

Sorry, you have no friends with Top Scores for this game!

Doh! New month! I think we've all figured out the correct games for the current challenges, though, right?

Anyway, 968 in KB. Even when I follow the instructions for getting extra bounces perfectly, I never get more than three, and I think it's impossible to get over 1k without the extra bounce. It's frustrating, so I'm going to stick to three scores a day and see if I get it before the deadline.

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:18 am

Thanks Siniri for setting up a fun event.

I have read through all the posts, I think I know all the games so far, and I am finding challenges to post as well.

I might not post again for a few hours or so, but I will be back. :)


My brain is hazy
Couldn't think of a rhyme
So here are some songs
Play and sing along!

Top of the pops!
Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
A score of 950 will need expert timing
Your High Score: 1,550
This Month: 1,316

It's a bugs life (Edited to make more sense)
Now you've heard of folks with a lot of ambition
But I believe just about the biggest case of ambition I ever saw
Was in a bug that I saw crawlin' along the garden one day
He was a mighty smug bug, you will need 550 just to draw
Your High Score: 663
This Month: 596

Winging it.
I want to tell you a story
About a little man, If I can
A gnome named Grimble Crumble
Oh forget that. Just play, 1000 is the plan.
Your High Score: 1,084
This Month: 1,001

Now if I have all the games right, this is what I am up to:

1 - 950 Completed
This Month: 1,053

2 - 1200 (Working on it)

1 - 10,000 Completed
This Month: 11,034

1 - 1000 Completed
This Month: 1,047

2 - 2,500 Completed
This Month: 3,388

3 - 100 Completed
Your High Score 211 This Month: 211

130 Completed
This Month: 259

1 - 950 Completed
This Month: 1,316

2 - 550 Completed
This Month: 596

3 - 1000 Completed
This Month: 1,001
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Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:29 am

I think I know what most of the games are. Too bad about the monthly reset of scores.

Daze #1:
Top Chop wrote:This Month: 1,119

Daze #2: ?

Daze #3: 1,000 will be a challenge for me.

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:48 pm

Thanks for consolidating everything, Daze!

Just got a 971 in Pickles 1. No matter how fast I click and unclick, there are no extra flaps during the second bounce, so I never get more than three extra. My computer always seems to have a slight lag between Neopets games' visuals and reality, which makes it tough to get the timing down.

On to Daze's challenges. And ugh at that first one. On my old old computer, I rocked that game. It's much harder on my current laptop (even more so than the one before this one). (You know you've been playing a game too long when you've been playing it through four different computers!)

Edit: Oh, a 731 on my first game, and I was too impatient. This won't be too hard, after all!

Edit: Daze 1: 1140
Daze 2: I have absolutely no frigging clue what game you're talking about. Bugs on a beach? I checked the games in all the beach-themed worlds (KI, MI, RI, even MQ), moving on to Neopia Central... no, that's a kiko, not a bug... Oh, maybe that one? Thieving bugs seem ambitious... but there's no beach. And that score is impossible on my laptop (as are all the high scores - seriously?). And there are two bugs, not one. Okay, maybe Shenkuu? No... Lost Desert, because of the sand? Huh, no that was one of the first I thought of, but that would be "bugs," not bug - and anyway, it's still not a beach, and they're flying, not crawling... Maybe KL? Kookiths are maybe a bug, but again, no beach, and the required score would be way too low. Last possible world is Altador... Still no. I see absolutely no games with a bug crawling on the beach, much less showing any kind of ambition. I'm stumped. *tries searching for bug again* Oh, maybe "petpetpet"? No, a petpet is not a beach. I give up.

Daze 3: Oh, no, not again! Who the heck is Grimble Crumble... Wait, there was another word. Okay. Phew. Time to play... Huh. 968 with beating every single level. In the past, I've used a petpage guide that showed exactly where to click on the screen *before* the level starts, but I can't find it. I used TDN's to beat level 25. I just need to take my time and get more levels on the first try.

(Note: I guess I'm not Neofriends with Daze, because I don't see her high score on my friends list.)
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Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:15 pm

Sorry folks! :oops:

The 2nd one is just about bugs (they are not on a beach, but in a garden).
It was just a song that had bugs in it. You might say they are very smug. :)

I edited to make it clearer what the game is.

My scores are showing on the HS boards still. (Maybe not for long for #3)

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:50 pm

Well, that score is computer- and internet- dependent, and it's literally impossible for me, so I guess I'm done with that challenge. My overall hs on this account is 528; I got a 520 today. It's literally impossible for me to get much higher than that. Definitely not another 22 points.

So I'm still working on Pickles 1 and Daze 3.

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:47 pm

Daze 1:
After a LOT of frustrating attempts (this always happens for me with this game), I took a break and did the second challenge, and then I set myself a new high score (by 300 points!!) with a little luck and an extra strike bonus (for hitting three perfects). Completed!

Daze 2:

Daze 3: This may take some serious work. I've only scored over 1000 once before, and that just barely. Apparently, AAA is being a tough booger this time around. I'll tackle it later when I'm on my desktop, since it's

I've completed: Siniri 1, 2, Pickles 1, 2, 3, Blue 1, and Daze 1 & 2
Still in progress: Daze 3

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:58 am

Yarg. Angry AAA indeed!

Daze #1: Done!
Top Chop wrote:This Month: 1,119

Daze #2: Done!
Smug Bug Bite wrote:This Month: 568

Daze #3 - Done!
Wingoball wrote:This Month: 1,062
The key to this one is getting the first ball bonus in as many rounds as possible! You will be close to or over 1k entering the last round.

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:53 am

Yeah, guys, this is GMC, not DD... I set my required scores (what I thought was) significantly lower than my high scores... I don't know how you're all getting such high scores in Smug Brothers Smitefest...

Huh, actually my second game would give you place 54 on the hs table on day 3 of the month. I did cut my hs nearly in half, but maybe that wasn't enough? Then again, it's not a very popular game... My first game's score isn't nearly enough to get you on the hs table even this early in the month, though (you'd need to shave a minute and 17 seconds off the time to get on the hs table, which is a lot).

Let's see... Blue's challenge would put you at 66 on the hs table, but considering someone is on the table with a score of 4(!), 10k seems like an appropriate score. Pickles's first game's score wouldn't get you on the hs table, but that's a very popular game (with only 23 points separating 3rd and 100th place). And it absolutely requires you to unlock the extra-bounce mode, which is elite level (but honestly not unreasonable). P's second challenge was less than half the lowest hs and completely reasonable. And Pickles's third games were both quite reasonable (required score only fraction of lowest hs in an unpopular game)... Daze's first game is just a bit off the hs list, so quite reasonable... Her second game is just outside the lowest hs (again, very popular with little variability). As is her third.

*grumbles about not liking reasonable people who create challenges that seem doable until you try them* I actually have a perfect record in GMC. 100% completion day-of in every. Single. One. And you guys are trying to ruin that! :P

Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe I'll extend the deadline...

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:20 pm

I thought I set my score on #1 reasonably low. You just have to finish all 3 levels to get it. Tip: the "Grundo Bash" (B Key) is a big help, and you get 3 per level.

On the SmiteFest, I came nowhere near the score until I realized that you can click incessantly without penalty. Just hover around where they typically show up and you'll get lucky an hit them as they arrive. It took a while to figure that out, but after a few games with that method I eeked out the score. Do note that if you hover a bit too far and click outside the game, you're done for. The only way to get the GnomeFest is to either finish the last level (impossible if you ask me), or get the first ball bonus most of the rounds. I did not get either of these on first day.

For what its worth, I still don't know what Siniri's second game is.

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:54 pm

I checked everyone's scores for the games and checked how many levels you needed to get that score.
EDIT: My apologies Siniri. I really thought you had a different score in #2. Just going back to your post, and it now dawned on me that your score is lower than the one needed. This was a mistake on my behalf. I wouldn't have made it so high otherwise.
But I believe you can do it!! :)
(I really am struggling with brain fog due to health issues).

I didn't go easy on me either. All 3 games take me multiple attempts to get the score.
Maybe I am a little too competitive?

Game #1 require you to get to round 2 and get one extra good chop in.
Game #2 get through 3 rounds with reasonable accuracy.
Game #3 get through to last level.

Game # 1
Blue figured it out the best strategy.
It is very much like Splat a Sloth, you get points even before it shows up, if you can hit it at the 'start' point of its jump.
The second smugly usually pops up in the same spot relating to the first one. Not always, but helps when it does, so you can plan your clicking. Unfortunately I can't find the wonderful guide that showed the exact spots. It was a game changer for me.
Suggested level scores Lvl 1: 125+, Lvl 2: 300.

1. Pick a certain area each time. First level, Spam click until smugboy show up. If not on the spot you picked, end game start again.
2. Same as step 1, but depening on the time, you may not need to start again.
3. Same as step 1 and 2. I always go for the barrel laying down. Spam click the middle of it. When you are lucky both come out and you get them on the 'start' of the jump.
As it is a short game, it is easy just to restart until you get the smuglies on the first click. JN shows where they pop up.

Game #3. Use a guide to show the fastest route.
My highest is just over 1000, but I know it is very dobable. I can't get much higher because I just can't do the last level.
I also don't always do it on the first try and have to try a few times myself before the game comes together.

I am nowhere near getting Siniri #2 score. I don't know how I got 1000 in the first place (although I had a different computer back then).

Pickles #3 Part 1 - Doubled my highscore. I don't have the patience for games like this. An easy game, but it stresses me out. LOL.

Blue - Siniri's #2 game also has a festival!! :)

(or you can look up Siniri's game scores to work it out. I had to do that for Siniri and Pickles!!
My brain doesn't work as well as it used to.)
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Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Thu Dec 05, 2019 2:11 am

Thanks Daze. I now know Siniri's #2 game, and I will refer you to post #22... My high is 668. Ugh.

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:29 pm

Oops. Sorry, Blue. I thought you had figured it out. I find the key is to only really try to get big fruit towards the beginning - pick one color, and don't match it until you make a big one. In later levels, try to pick two colors and move them to opposite sides, so that when you match them, you can hopefully match a bunch. Use the color-changing fruit on a fruit you don't have a lot of, if you can). And try to use the remove-all-of-one-color fruit on the one you have the most of.

Once things are flying, I just stack stuff up to the right, know where the color(s) I want to remove all of are, and keep an eye out for the all-remover - when I know it's coming, I know exactly where I'm putting it, so I have time to get it there. There is a bit of luck, because sometimes you literally don't get anything to remove in time. Just really pack things in there and hope you get another remover before you run out of space. Lather, rinse, repeat... I wish it were more like Tetris (so that you could remove rows by completing them).

I'll have to try those techniques on Daze 2 tonight. I know how to do P1 and D3; they're just hard.

Edit: 984 in P1... So close and yet so far.
Oh! 568 in D2! Thanks for the tips - they really helped! I was getting frustrated, but then I noticed the first one on the last level kept appearing near the fence, so I hovered there, and then guessed near the barrel, and the second one appeared right underneath me, too! Thanks!
D3 is probably too time-consuming for right now, but I *can* stop between levels....
And 1021! So D3 is done! (I had 970 and needed to beat level 25. TDN's guide helped me nail it on the first try.)

So all I have left is P1 at this point... And I guess S3 and B2 and B3, if we ever get around to posting them... :D

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Fri Dec 06, 2019 2:18 am

Siniri wrote:So all I have left is P1 at this point... And I guess S3 and B2 and B3, if we ever get around to posting them... :D

Erm. Uh.. yeah :oops: Might need an extension...

Re: Games Master Challenge 2019 Fan Edition

Fri Dec 06, 2019 2:49 am

Blue wrote:
Siniri wrote:So all I have left is P1 at this point... And I guess S3 and B2 and B3, if we ever get around to posting them... :D

Erm. Uh.. yeah :oops: Might need an extension...

We still have 11 days. ;)
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