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Re: Legends & Letters

Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:45 pm

Thanks, Daze. That's immensely helpful. I was really only using the common cards until I started getting rare cards, on the early levels. And I had a daily that required me to use one in my party, but that's been switched out to using an epic, so I'm training Thogrin up. I can basically beat any of the current levels on hard with my current party, so I'm going to just upgrade as I can. Playing Maraqua levels 10-20 keeps giving me purple chests, so I'll cross my fingers and hope to get more epics. Meanwhile, I'm upgrading my best rares to the max so each battle is a little faster. I don't know how I'll get more legendaries...

Since my party leader is an Ixi, I don't really need another healer. If I were going to make another leader, it would be a Shoyru; there's one I can sometimes borrow that makes all the battles ridiculously easy (Draiks and Kougras are also good, but the Shoyru is better than the others at similar points, which I assume translates to level).

Edit: I've gotten lucky the past few days, picking up my second epic by focusing on levels 16-20 (hard) of KI and MQ (Captain Bloodhook, a self-healer, but hopefully a bit stronger than some of my rares), and this morning my silver chest rare token gave me my first non-leader legendary, Isca! I guess at this point I will create a second leader, since I probably don't need two group healers in a party.

At this point, my current party members are all maxed out except for my leader and Thogrin, who are both 3* level 30 (and awaiting me figuring out how to most cheaply ascend them to 4*). I won't have time to do that "math" until next week, so in the meantime I'm going to focus on leveling up Isca, because I know I'll want to use her once she's stronger. I like to level up with the level 6-10 cards awarded frequently in levels 11-20 of Maraqua on hard; they're also nice for selling to make NP quickly. My deck is nearly full thanks to a bunch of cards that I don't know whether they're better than my current party leaders, plus a few 2* ones I'm holding onto for ascending, but I'm able to play multiple levels in a row and accumulate 5+ at a time to train efficiently.

I'm up to 1226 gems, so I'll be able to buy a new leader when I'm ready to... Not sure what else I'd do with the gems, really. I have over 100 of each type of potion, and I can't imagine spending so many gems on a token that might give me a useless card...

Re: Legends & Letters

Sat Mar 23, 2019 2:47 pm

You are doing really great Siniri. :)

I am glad you have started to find some really good cards. You will really notice the difference with Isca.

Do you remember how or when you went to a Silver Chest? I am still on Bronze and I have no idea why. It is frustrating me no end.
A couple of others on the L&L board said they had a silver chest as well and they just said they got it one day.
I can turn in 2 bronze chests in 24 hours due to all the backlog of quests that seem to accumulate.
Not that I get to do it every day, but I am still turning in at least 10 bronze chests a week.

These are my cards:

Leader 1: Acara maxed out (In the early version you could ascend with less cards).
Garin 4/5* (legendary)
Jacques maxed out (epic)
Caylis maxed out (legendary)

Leader 2: Draik 4/5* Can't max out as there are no 4* Earth cards (unless you can use a leader?) TNT needs to fix this.
Isca Maxed out (legendary)
Swordmaster Talek maxed out (epic)
Thogrin maxed out (epic)

Leader 3: Shoyru 3/5*
Karpoh maxed out (epic)
Lady Frosbite maxed out (rare) +
Garven Hale maxed out (rare) +

Shoyru Archer maxed out (rare) +

I am also holding 2* lightning cards ready to ascend a Sword Master Talek or Thogrin to then ascend my Shoyru.

+ Don't really need these now, but as I have the room I am keeping them for now. It really sucks how many great ascended cards I have had to sell off due to lack of room.
As you move from Common and Rare, to Epic or Legendary, the amount of cards to sell of is ridiculous.

Unless the game is very hard, I can't see needing anymore cards. I just want to find more Epics and Legendaries to just have the whole set.
It has become a little like Pokemon Go - Got to catch them all! LOL.

Re: Legends & Letters

Sat Mar 23, 2019 3:53 pm

I think I just upgraded to silver along with one of my (username) leveling ups. I'm really not sure how I got it. I just assumed you upgraded at some point automatically. (Now that I think about it, it actually appeared after getting a bronze one, fairly early on. It's actually purple, not silver, and it takes 150 N-gold to fill up.)

Here's a theory: I claimed several dailies before realizing I'd filled my bronze chest up... Maybe you can upgrade to silver by overfilling your bronze? I wouldn't want you to waste the coins, though - I'd assume once it's full, it just stops counting... Maybe someone will figure it out.

Or maybe it's because I do lots of combos? I use a lot of seven+ letter words. Sorry I can't be more helpful. (Note: I love how ninja and kid are not words, but I was just able to use "thuggee" :roll:) Making great combos doesn't seem to increase your chances of getting gold and silver chests in battle; from what I can tell, it's random.

It sounds like you're mostly set! I'm sure they'll release more epics and legendaries when they release more lands. I guess I really do need a new leader, then - the ixi is leaf. You should be able to test whether you can use a leader to ascend by pretending to ascend a card of the same type and seeing if the leader is a choice (probably after swapping out that leader from all your parties, I'd imagine). Seems like a huge waste of diamonds, though.

I think I have enough rare cards to ascend my Ixi and Thogrin to 4*s, at least - I just need to decide which ones to use and level/ascend them up. It's going to be kind of expensive, but I've got nothing else to do until they release more levels. (I think I actually need more fires, and I'm focusing on Isca first, anyway...)

Edit: P.S. Thogrin kind of sucks. Lady Frostbite can still do more damage to all, and he takes a lot of damage. I feel like I do better in my battles with a 2* level 15 maraquan lancer than I do with my 3* level 30 Thogrin.

Re: Legends & Letters

Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:05 pm

I had the same thought about over-filling my bronze chest. I will give it a go over the next couple of days. The bronze chest is rather worthless on an established account. The only items I like are the gems. I am in your situation as well Siniri, I have more than enough powerups, that I don't use (over 240 for each now!). The gold is piling up due to the selling cards I can't use. The common token cards are only worth 100 gold to sell, almost not worth the effort. LOL.

The Element of your characters may be coming into play.
I have not really noticed a difference, but apparently it is a 35% Strength/Weakness hit.

Water is strong against Fire,
Fire is strong against Earth,
Earth is strong against Lightning,
Lightning is strong against Water.

Whatever the case, I'm glad your cards are coming together for you.

The banned words (or at least words not in the dictionary) are weird. I can have 2 and 3 letter words that can only be abbreviations, but regular words are not allowed.
I can't actually think of any at the moment, but I am going to start a list.

Re: Legends & Letters

Sun Mar 24, 2019 4:17 am

The silver chests hand out 7x each potion, 2 common tokens, 1 rare token, 650 gold, and 8 gems, for 150 N. Don't the bronze fill up at 50 N and give out 3x each potion? I can't remember if they give rare tokens or not, though... It'd be worth it just for that, I think.

It could be the alignments, since Fire would be strong against Thogrin and weak against the Lancer (so 2x the effect). On the other hand, those bombers (lightning) would be strong against the Lancer and weak against Thogrin. I might actually have to make sets based on alignment. I think at some point I might upgrade my deck size, but first I want to figure out what sets I want and how to most easily collect them.

I noticed Val was a word today, and wondered if that could be short for Valine (an amino acid). I might try some of the others (TYR, PRO, ALA, GLY, ILE, etc.). I've noticed that more of the add-a-letter combos only give credit for the new letter and not the rest of the word with each update. It's really annoying. We really should be given credit for setting things up to build like that.

favorite 2-letter words:
RN (can become orn, then prefixed with t/w/b/c/m)
RD (I haven't found a single letter to put before/after this one...)
NJ (kills building above/below - be careful not to block off a healing potion or bomb)
NY (but any has been nerfed)
(I haven't tried all the state abbreviations - I know AK/Alaska does NOT work.)
Last edited by Siniri on Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:46 pm, edited 1 time in total.

Re: Legends & Letters

Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:31 am

Yep, Bronze Chests (which look gold) only need 50 N, and give 5 of each powerup, 2 common tokens, 250 gold coins, 5 gems.

The scoring is unique in that way. If you add a letter/s and the word has the same meaning, you only get credit for the letter/s (S, ED, ING).
If you can add a letter/s to make the word different, you get credit for the new word.
This is from the L&L guide on the petpage.

Sometimes, I enjoy a long game, and deliberately try stacking words only. It is fun to get creative. Usually though, my game is over in under 5 words on the hardest level.

Word (and card) games have always been my passion. I have always done crosswords and such, even as a child. Instead of a reading book, I used to take word puzzle books on holiday or car trips. We had scrabble and card games for our game nights.

*As an aside, I passed this passion on to my children, and we often still have game nights.
Just last week, we all met up at my son's house and played Family Feud (what a hoot!) and scrabble. :)

Re: Legends & Letters

Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:55 pm

Right, but "any" is a different word than "ny", and yet it's nerfed the same as S/ED/ING words. I don't know if "many" is nerfed, but they seem to be nerfing more and more combos (there are combos I used to do that gave a lot of points but are nerfed after the last update). I equally love word games, and I don't mind things being nerfed, because I can usually still find combos that aren't, but I think I tried something like "entered" to "centered" and that one was nerfed. I deliberately use words that have a high probability of being stacked, and now I don't know if that strategy will actually pay off or not. You always seem to get credit for the two-letter words, but if you try for a big blob, you're less likely to get the credit you deserve. It annoys me.

FYI, I updated the info on the gold and diamonds from the silver chest. For what it's worth, I've only ever gotten 3* from the rare tokens. I got Isca off a free (common) token for watching an ad, and Thogrin was won in battle. I'm not sure the rare token is worth only getting one chest for every three you're currently getting. Then again, if you don't need potions, what does it matter? *shrugs*

I wonder if there's a way to upgrade to gold chests...

Re: Legends & Letters

Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:44 pm

Okay, I started analyzing my deck. Still have a lot of work to do. Whole thing in spoiler tags, but might be useful to others, including a list of which cards you can win from which levels, which is in progress. I can pull out the useful bits to stick somewhere sticky for us. Right now I need to win 1 korbat defenders, wherever I can get those... and then ascend them to 3* and get Thogrin up to 4*.

Currently keeping for ascending?:
Sandro 3*L1 F
Capn Threelegs 2*L15 E (can ascend to 3*)

[b]Currently have for party:
New Leader:

Shoyru damage all 6240 + 75% chance of lower enemy HP by 917 for 2 turns (4 CD), lightning nuker
4386 attack, 59 defense, 11854 HP, 11536 str
****will need to level up and ascend to 4**** (I bought the limited deal because the leader token came with 10 common tokens + 4 rare tokens + 12000 coins + extra space in my inventory (it's now at 50 cards, woot!) + a bunch of clothes + potions, etc. for only another 300 gems. I don't see myself wanting to spend gems again for quite a while after this. The coins will be useful for leveling the new leader up since I spent most of mine leveling/ascending Isca (and all the cards needed to do that).)

[/b]Isca: heal all 5764 (4 CD), water glass cannon
5664 attack, 35 defense, 8894 HP, 11026 str
***currently at 2655 heal all and 2555 attack (need to level up, ascend to 5*, level up, then ascend to 5*)

Thogrin: damage all 2233 (3 CD), lightning evader
2392 attack, 83 defense, 13210 HP, 10363 str
*** currently at 1360 damage all and 1422 attack (need to ascend to 4* and level up! - I think ascending is currently impossible without getting other Thogrins)

Bloodhook: self-heal (different from JN!!!!!) currently 512 (CD 2), water tank
348 attack, 42 defense, 2183 HP, 1687 str (at 2* level 1)
- meh, wasting spot for useful special attack - not sure if his attack w/o a special is worth training to max

Lady Frostbite: damage all 1691 (4 CD), water accurate
1424 attack, 30 defense, 5094 HP, 4503 str

Maraquan Grand Commander: damage one 2188 (3 CD), water nuker
1698 attack, 23 defense, 4544 HP, 4443 str

Shoyru Archer: damage one 2108 (3 CD), earth nuker
1580 attack, 19 defense, 4353 HP, 4208 str

Maraquan Lancer: damage one 1580 (4 CD), water glass cannon
1104 attack, 5 defense, 1585 HP, 2060 str
-between shoyru archer and thogrin, probably don't need anymore

Sell/use to ascend:

Earth: Ixi Raider, Cannon Master, Maraquan Sergeant, Petty Crewmate, Pirate Champion, Ship's Cook
Water: Grarrl Brute, Maraquan Lancer (keep trained one for now!), Maraquan Shieldmaiden, Pirate Brute, Pirate Helmswoman, Pirate Supporter, Pirate First Mate
Lightning: Pirate Avenger, Pirate Bomber, Pirate Scout
Fire: Flotsam Raider

Earth: Garven Hale, Captain Threelegs, Chomby Genie, Quartermaster, Barit Jowes, Shoyru Archer (keep trained one for now!), Elon Hughlis
Water: Pirate First Mate, Dasher, Lady Frostbite (keep trained one for now!), Goldhook, Maraquan Charger, Maraquan Blade Specialist, Maraquan Grand Commander (keep trained one for now!)
Lightning: Korbat Defender
Fire: Sandro, Maraquan Foot Soldier, Underwater Chef

Maraquan Hard
1-9: Maraquan Lancer (2*W), Maraquan Shieldmaiden (2*W), Maraquan Charger (3*W), Maraquan Blade Speciailist (3*W), Barit Jowes (3*E), Elon Hughlis (3*E), Maraquan Foot Soldier (3*F)
(2/7 chance of 3W, 2/7 chance of 3E, 1/7 chance of 3F, 2/7 chance of 2W)

10-14: Maraquan Lancer (2*W), Maraquan Shieldmaiden (2*W), Flotsam Raider (2*F), Maraquan Charger (3*W), Maraquan Blade Speciailist (3*W), Barit Jowes (3*E), Elon Hughlis (3*E), Shoyru Archer (3*E), Maraquan Foot Soldier (3*F), Underwater Chef (3*F)
(2/10 chance of 3W, 3/10 chance of 3E, 2/10 chance of 3F, 2/10 chance of 2W, 1/10 chance of 2F)


Hannah damage one 3659 (3 CD), lightning antitank
2966 attack, 79 defense, 16838 HP, 13113 str

Kelpbeard damage one 3405 (3 CD), water tank
3027 attack, 204 defense, 22880 HP, 16822 str (strong vs. earth, weak vs. fire)

Garin damage one 3019 (3 CD), lightning tank
2676 attack, 123 defense, 18528 HP, 13848 str
- (strong vs. water, weak vs. earth)


Edit: How do you get your first store summons achievement? I assumed it would be by making my first purchase in the store, but I just did and did not get the achievement.

Re: Legends & Letters

Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:19 am

That is definitely how you get that achievement. Buy one and use it.

I am currently just waiting on getting a couple of Thogrin and/or Korbat Defender (although I have not yet received one at all) to ascend for my shoyru.

I am slowly getting closer to my next 900 gems and I have decided to get a Vandagyre next. It is a Water element, which should be the easiest for me to ascend. I am already have my 2* cards and 3* cards ready to level up.

I really need more Party tabs. I currently have a couple of keepers sitting in my inventory.


I was doing a daily quest, where you needed to have a 'common' card in your party to battle with. I used my 2* Maraquan Lancer along side my best cards and I was surprised at how well it held up in battle. I mainly play in the Maraqua hard levels, so maybe the elements were with me, but for a common card, it has some staying power!

Re: Legends & Letters

Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:57 am

I tested whether you can train with a leader by removing my Ixi from all parties and trying to train a random earth hero. You definitely can't.

I just got 2 Karpohs today! Too bad he's one of the worst 4* ones. I could use one of them to ascend Isca to 5*, but my Bloodhook is at 3*L27, and my Karpohs are only at 2*L2.

Spoilered the contents of my inventory, separated by what I want to do with them.
Here are my current party heroes (some are just being held so I don't accidentally use them!):
Isca: 4*L31 W (heal all 3585/CD=4, 3485 attack)
Ixi: 4*L1 E (heal all 1026 + 186 HP to all for 2 rounds/CD=4, 1158 attack) (Isca is way stronger, but I can't get rid of her, and it's nice to have a back-up leader when I'm trying to finish a quest, so I guess I'll train her regardless, but she's low priority)
Shoyru: 3*L30 L (damage all 2331 + 75% chance of decreasing health 368 for 2 rounds/CD=4, 1716 attack)
o_O Lady Frostbite: 3*L30 W (damage all 1691/CD=4, 1424 attack)
Thogrin: 3*L30 L (damage all 1360/CD=3, 1422 attack) (actually slightly stronger than Frostbite because of shorter CD - so can probably get rid of Frostbite now, unless want both)
Swordmaster Talek: 3*L6 L (damage one 1087/CD=3, 920 attack) - max is damage one 2488/CD=3, 2194 attack, but will take a while to get to max because need to max Shoyru and Thogrin first, and no rare lightnings - how strong would he be at 3*L30? - right now weaker than Archer/Frostbite
2* Karpoh: 2*L2 W damage one 576/CD=4, 301 attack) - max is damage one 2010/CD=4, 1448 attack, so much weaker than Talek's max and even archer and grand commander (but better defense)
Maraquan Lancer: 2*L15 W (damage one 1580/CD=4, 1104 attack) - keep for "common hero" quest
Shoyru Archer: 3*L30 E (damage one 2108/CD=3, 1580 attack) - but weak defense
Maraquan Grand Commander: 1*L1 W (could be at damage one 2188/CD=3, 1698 attack - slightly better than Archer on all fronts, but only train if nothing better to do with heroes/gold b/c might get better)
Captain Bloodhook: 3*L27 W (heal self 1386/CD=2, 949 attack) - JN says he's supposed to damage one enemy and there's no info about max attack... I could use him to train Isca up, and I'm usually okay with healing

And heroes I'm holding to ascend with:
to get Isca to 5*:
second Isca: 4*L1 W (ready to ascend Isca once I get another 4* W)
Captain Bloodhook: 3*L6 W (heal self 1008/CD=2, 718 attack) - JN says he's supposed to damage one enemy and there's no info about max attack... Is it crazy to use him to ascend Isca?

To ascend Bloodhook: 2 3*L30 W (extra Frostbite and Maraquan Charger) + 1 2*L1 any (have 2 fire Flotsam raiders)

Heroes holding to theoretically ascend, though no specific plans for:
Sandro: 3*L1 F (right now I don't need fire, but he's already ascended to that from back in my early days when I had terrible cards, so I might as well hold onto him in case LD has more fire heroes)
2 2*L6 and L8 F (to ascend to 3*L1 F, because I have the room, in case of future fire heroes)
2 2*L1 F (to ascend future fires and/or use as 2*any)
2 2*L6 and L9 E (to ascend to 3*L1 E, to ascend 4* E for Ixi, eventually...)
2 2*L1 E (to ascend 3* E for Ixi, eventually... or when I need a 2*any)
4 2*L1 W (to ascend Karpoh? or to use as 2*any)

So I have to decide whether I'm going to use Bloodhook to ascend Isca to level 5. I mean, sure he's supposed to be epic, but at 3*L6, his attack of 718 isn't spectacular... At this point, I've all but decided, so if I'm making a mistake, let me know before I ascend Isca! (I've got 9 4* levels to go with her, and 24 3* levels with Bloodhook, so it'll be a couple of days...)

Re: Legends & Letters

Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:03 pm

Congrats on getting Bloodhook and the Karpohs. I have bottomed out on my luck and have not found any 4* cards since using the last couple (about 2 weeks of regular daily playing).

I haven't received Bloodhook at all, so I haven't had a chance to look at it. Your instincts are very good Siniri, and I would use bloodhook to get your Isca ascended. The game is young and I am sure future levels/updates will give us more chances of gaining better cards.

You have a firm grasp on what you want/need for your cards. Writing it out really helps streamline the process.


I recently sold off/used a few of my saved cards. I need to make another chart up and will post that up later.

I just bought another Leader with my saved gems. I seem to get them very frequently.
I chose a Vandagyre (Tank, Water) Damage target enemy (150 +125% of Attack), 100% chance to decrease armor (20 +25% of armor) for 3 turns.

I have 2 Earth, 1 Lightning, 1 Water. I thought as long as I am regularly getting gems and have nothing else to do with them, I will get at least 1 of each element (if I can). My second Earth was a mistake (I got the draik because I like them). But he is stopped at 4*.

I had been ascending 2 and 3* Water cards ready for ascending. And straight up got my Vandagyre up to 3* and just working on leveling up for the 4*. I still need to find 2 Karpoh and 2 Thogrin for my 5* ascension of my Water and Lightning Leaders.

Still no luck on getting a silver chest. I honestly think it is a glitch. It really can't be so random that someone at level 14 and only using the bronze chest a couple of times gets upgraded and my situation where I have reached level 30 (max level for the moment) and was getting 2 chests almost every day. And to top it off, I used to have 4 daily quests, now I only have 1. Making it so I can't fill a chest for at least 2 or 3 days now depending on the quest.

I must still have 20 finished quests backlogged, as the number does not decrease, it goes up by one when a new quest is ready, then when I finish it the number goes back to 20. So there is definitely something wrong with it.

Re: Legends & Letters

Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:02 pm

I had the quest glitch happen to me a few days ago, Daze. Now I'm somehow back up to four or five a day. It even got to the point where I'd be watching it count down, and then just disappear instead of giving me a quest. Very strange. At least it seems to eventually fix itself (mine lasted about a week, I think). When they reappear after being gone a while, you have to re-complete them, too, even if you've clearly already done what they said (e.g., I recently got the "use 10 bombs/potions" one again, and I started at 0 once it showed up). I still have 17 quests waiting.

With the number of excess water cards I have, I guess I might want to get a water leader, too - I think I could train him/her up to 5* pretty quickly, considering.

It's really amazing how much stronger they are when they're ascended. Isca is doing 3x the damage she used to, and she can heal herself more than 50%, despite her high HP.

(I've been sick in bed all weekend, so I've been indulging my love of word games by playing a lot.)

Edit: And I just ascended Isca. It took nearly all my gold (I had to play a few extra rounds to earn more). Now to level her up again and... who knows what else. I'll probably not play as much once I'm feeling better.

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:08 am

I logged out and back in to L&L and all my quests came back. I had logged out a couple of days ago, and it didn't work, but this time it did.

Managed to get the bronze chest rewards twice today. Still not silver.

Congrats on ascending Isca. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

I am having a rough couple of weeks, chronic allergies are making my life a nightmare at the moment.
I'm not doing much except playing games myself.


Finally upgraded to the Silver Chest.
No idea why, all quests were normal. It really must be random.

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:52 am

That's weird. But glad you finally have silver!

I just got my third Karpoh. I'm at 500 gems, so I've got a ways to go before I can get a water leader (if there's even one worth getting). At this point, I guess I may as well level one up at least to 4*... But first I'm going to finish getting Isca to the max level. Her attack number on mega is currently at 19,804! So strong!

I've been playing L16-20 on Maraqua hard exclusively, hoping for another Thogrin, but I might change that up to L16-20 on KI hard. It seems like you get more L9-10 throwaway cards in MQ than KI, though... (I use those to train and sell the lower level ones, so I can stockpile gold for whenever I finally get more cards to ascend.)

JS should really add in that lightning rare card as a prize or release LD or *something*. Or let you give/trade cards with your friends (though that won't help the lightning scarcity issue).

Edit: I just got upgraded to a gold chest. Maybe that will help get more of the better cards. I'm definitely regretting using that second Isca to upgrade. I didn't think I'd want two, but I wish I'd taken my time and used a Karpoh. Isca's so much stronger than Thogrin, double-Iscas would be better than his regular attack + his special, even if you never used Isca's healing ability. (Though obviously that's because Thogrin is majorly nerfed right now due to lack of lightnings...)

I can't reveal what's inside a gold chest yet since I'm still only at 205/350, and I'm down to 4 quests at a time now, I guess I'll have to wait until Saturday, most likely...

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Apr 19, 2019 7:31 am

I'm sorry you regret using your Isca card. Hopefully it isn't a major setback.

I am down to 3 quests as well, I went to redeem my 4th and it disappeared without giving me my reward.
I have also been getting the same 3 quests for the last 4 days!
To make it worse, two of them are only for 7 gold and one for 20 gold.

I have only redeemed 2 chests, since getting to silver. I am only getting 34 coins every 12 hours. LOL.
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