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Legends & Letters

Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:49 am

As it is still new, the finer details of scoring, leveling up, what cards are best, what all the icons mean...etc are not known to me.
Check out the L&L board from time to time. JN is collecting data to make a comprehensive guide.

The tutorial doesn't explain anything about the cards and at this point, there is no FAQs within the game.

Screen grabs of each screen, with a very small explanation. It is all too new and I am still learning. :)

Spoilered due to size.


Your starter Neopet is a Legendary.

LEGENDARY are the best.
Then there is EPIC, RARE, COMMON.

Keep your legendary and epic cards to level up and they will become your main characters.
Rare cards come in handy at the lower levels but you get enough so you can use them and commons to level up your main cards.

Once you get the hang of it, it is easy to remember what you need and what to use.

Edit 1: Adding another screenie to "Scoring ".
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Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:26 am

Thanks Daze! This might be really interesting!

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:08 pm

Thanks for all the screenshots and info, Daze! Sounds interesting... sort of like Pokemon with the cards, the ascending/evolving, and the battling. It also sounds like it's designed to be a huge time-suck. *sigh* I just need to make sure I don't get too into it. It's just a game.

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:35 am

Now available in the US. Guess what I just spent the last five hours doing? Ugh.

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:16 am

The updated version 1.3.0 has a slightly different GUI and seems to be harder for new players to level up as quickly as what previous version allowed.

I hope you will have fun Siniri (Pickles and Blue).

Although this article suggests that it only going to be a stand alone game and not synced to our accounts.

This is weird as the login screen is meant for logging in to your Neo account.

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Mar 01, 2019 5:50 pm

I couldn't get it to sync with my account (or at least "register"). No idea why and didn't want to bother too much. It's laggy but strangely addictive. I must stop wasting time on it.

Re: Legends & Letters

Sat Mar 02, 2019 8:25 am

At the moment, the game does not sync with our Neopets account. It is designed that it can be, but for what ever reason, TNT have released it without that function.

I am addicted to it. I love word games, although at this early stage, it is way too easy.

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:00 am

I like the game, but I'm really frustrated by the deck organization/lack thereof and trying to upgrade all my characters and keep track of who's being upgraded to ascend/vs. I actually want to keep. I wish there were ways to label the cards or sort them or something. And trying to win ones of the appropriate level is annoying. It's nearly enough to make me quit, because I need my players stronger but can't be bothered repeating levels ad nauseam and never getting the correct type.

Also, what do revive potions do, and how can you use them? I've been given a bunch but can't see them, much less use them. (Not that I've used any of my other potions either...)

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:40 am

I agree about the lack of organisation ability. We need more than 5 Party tabs. If you are unsure about Party's, any card put in a party cannot be used in the Inventory. This means you cannot accidentally sell it or use it to Level/ascend.

You can only take 3 powerups into battle. On the page where you choose who to take into battle, the Powerups are at the bottom. Tap on that to bring up the menu. You can choose which ones to take in.

Revive - Bring a friend back to life.
Heal All - Heal all the characters.
Heal - Heal a character.
Tile Swap - Swap out tiles for new ones.

(Weird, I can remember doing a screenie for the guide, but it isn't there!)

At this early level, there are only a few drops of higher level cards. You will have to get to Hard Maraqua levels to gain any cards of value.

Some 2* cards drop but not often. You do have to level/ascend smaller cards to then use to ascend a higher card. This might get easier as more islands are opened up.

I have 2 cards that I cannot ascend to the max level due to the high requirements.

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:11 pm

Oh, thanks, Daze! That's really helpful. I've not used any powerups yet, but the revive one could be very useful. Does it count as a round, or is it between-rounds?

Hmm. I haven't spent any gems yet. I guess it'd be worth it to get more leaders so I can have multiple parties and test the various cards to see who I really like, and to protect the temporary ones I want to use to ascend (though those are easy to spot because they have two stars). The problem is that a second leader costs more than the gems I have, and a rare summons token is a bit more tempting, especially since it's only 1/6 the price!

At any rate, I was able to upgrade one of my 2* cards when I realized I had a level 1, leaf 2* tank that I had ascended specifically to throw away, and not to keep. I have 4 water 2*s ready to use for upgrading, but I just don't get that many high-level leafs (or very many leafs at all, for that matter, even though most of my keepers are leafs...). I'm playing back through KI on hard again. Hopefully I'll get something useful and can finally ascend the last few guys I want to 3*. And then I'll decide if I want to keep all of them, or maybe use some to ascend my leader to 4*. I'd really like to get past Maraqua level 6 on medium at some point (the revive potions will help a lot with that...).

Also, why is "duvet" not a word? I've been annoyed by several real words not being in their dictionary, but that one's the most annoying thus far. It's not even a "specialty" word, just a regular household item.

Re: Legends & Letters

Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:02 am

You can use your powerups as part of you turn.
You can use the same leader in all your parties. You can also have the same cards in multiple parties.

On the early versions of the game, it was very easy to get Epic and Legendary cards, so my earlier levels were very easy, so I am not sure how hard it is now, so my advice may be off.

The best cards you want are Legendary - 5* and Epic - 4* and some of the Rare - 3* cards are good.

Do not waste your gold ascending cards you do not need. You get no benefit from it.
Concentrate on your Leader and any 5* and 4* cards you have.
On each level is a Possible Loot box. Check that out to see if you can get a Legendary or Epic. It might take a lot of grinding, but definitely worth it. Also choose Loot boxes that will give your preferred element card.
Definitely keep saving gems for a new Leader. Each Leader gets their own Energy, so you get more playing time.
There is a daily task that gives 40 gems for only using your Leader to battle. You can battle KI Easy Lvl 1 multiple times to get this task done.
Do all your tasks and claim all your chests every day, as some rewards are gems as well.
JN has a guide on the cards, which will be helpful to know which ones are better.

The dictionary is very weird in this game. It has gone through some changes as well. At the start words were uncensored, now normal words are not allowed. I have found quite a lot of every day words not recognised and at the same time at lot of acronyms are allowed, especially 2 letter ones. I can use QLD which is the abbreviation of my state!! LOL.

Re: Legends & Letters

Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:59 am

I don't think I understand what you mean by choosing loot boxes. I see guys go into boxes at the top, but I assumed those were the boxes you collect at the end? And you just open it, there's no choice?

The only 5-star card I have is my original. The best other ones I've gotten are 3*. And I had to ascend some of the ones I don't want because ascending my good ones from 2nd level to 3rd level required me to use other 2nd level ones. How else was I supposed to get them?

I feel like the tutorial definitely left a ton of stuff out. So confused.

I will create a party with just my leader, but I haven't seen that daily task yet. Maybe I have to unlock it?

Edit: Nope, still don't have that as a daily task option. I don't really want to spend any *more* time on this game. I'm actually trying to dial it back.

Re: Legends & Letters

Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:33 am

Sorry for confusing you Siniri.

I just meant look for the levels that contain legendary/epic cards that you *might* win. If you are going to grind, you might as well do it on a level that you have the chance of winning good cards. (I am fairly certain you are doing this anyway). :)

Yes, you are correct about ascending. I just wasn't sure if you were using them to ascend other cards or you were just ascending and then selling them.

I don't know if certain daily tasks are dependent on level. When I get them again, I will post. I seem to get the same set every 2 days.

I am sure TNT will have to adjust the requirements for ascending or the drop rate of higher star cards, as no-one at this point can ascend a 4* to a 5*, as the required cards (2x 4* & 3*) just aren't dropping. The last update really screwed things up too much. I can only hope that the game evens out when new levels become available.

I understand that you don't want to spend much time on this game. As it isn't linked to our accounts, it really isn't worth the hassle.
I play a couple times a day but I am not constantly on it, like when it first came out.

Re: Legends & Letters

Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:07 pm

Yeah, I got really into it, but now I'm already a bit bored with it. Thanks for the clarifications! I should look at JN's guide and only play the good levels. I was playing all of them just to change things up a bit, but it's not really worth it... I mean, I can still sell cards and get some points and stuff, but meh.

I have to make 30 7-letter words for one of my new daily achievements (apparently I already got it once where the requirement was 3, or there was a typo in the name). (I often get credit for the achievement before unlocking it, so I don't always read them.)

My newest gripe is that "kid" is not a word. Seriously? It would be a mega word, too (because I could end another word in the 'k'). More annoyingly, the only other letter I could put there is an 'l,' and I don't have any words that can end in that. *sigh*

Edit: Okay, so if you don't like a daily, you can refresh it (there's a circular arrow in the right corner of the box). You can only refresh one per day. I'm currently trying to refresh the ones that require me to feed my pet since I refuse to waste gems on food. I think they might be refreshable through categories, maybe? At least the first food one I refreshed was replaced with another food one. And I used to have a make-four-letter-words one that I think was replaced with the seven-letter-words one. I'll be refreshing that one next, because 30 seven-letter words takes quite a while (especially since it's not 7+ letters). And I'll have to be more careful on that screen to *not* accidentally refresh dailies I like!

Just checking: I'm assuming if you make a second leader, you can only have one leader per party, correct? You can't use your second leader as a party member?

Not finding JN's card guide particularly helpful. Ugh. I really don't want to spend the time figuring out which characters are the "best." For what it's worth, I have Garven Hale and Underwater Chef. From what I can tell from JN's page, Garven is equal or (significantly) better than the Chef in every single stat, and their special abilities are the same. Even considering the difference in elements, I'd probably still prefer to use Garven 99% of the time. The only issue is that I was given a 2* level 7 Chef and only a 1* level 7 Garven....

I'll probably continue to make notes in this topic about which characters are "best," sorted by ability/type (at least for the ones that beg a 1-to-1 comparison, like this pair, and that I happen to have). And I guess I'll make notes of who I want to keep/ascend, and who I want to save for that.

So, here are my notes in case they're useful to you:
Get rid of:
Underwater Chef (2* fire, level 7, fire) [inferior to Garven Hale - heal-one ability and all stats]
Cannon Master (2* leaf, level 15, maxed out, leaf, damage all 807) [inferior to Lady Frostbite - damage all 1503]
Dasher (2* water, 988 damage all/CD3, 1172 attack, weaker version of Thogrin)
second Lady Frostbite (1* water)

second Maraquan Lancer (2* level 6 water)
second Elon (1* level 4 leaf)
second maraquan shieldmaiden (1* level 7 water)

1 1* water
1 2* fire
1 2* leaf
2 2* water

Need to ascend:
Siniri (2 3* leafs + any 2*, and then probably some combination of 4* and 3*)
Maraquan grand commander 1* water + any 1*, eventually 2 2* water + any 2*)
Thogrin (1 1* lightning + any 1*, eventually 2 2* lightning + any 2*, later 2 3* lightning + any 2*)

Totals needed:
1 1* water
1 1* lightning
2 1* any
2 2* water
2 2* lightning
4 2* any
2 3* leaf
2 3* lightning

Siniri (leaf, group healer)
Maraquan grand commander and Shoyru archer (~2100 damage 1/CD3, 1600-1700 attack, similar but water vs. leaf)
Lady Frostbite (water, 1691 damage all/CD4, 1424 attack)
Thogrin (lightning, 2233 damage all/CD3, 2392 attack - superior to Lady Frostbite) - currently 1*L1 - let's get training!)

1 Garven (1338 heal 1/CD4, 948 attack, leaf)
1 Barit Jowes (leaf, 1524 heal 1/CD4, 1249 attack) - stronger heal/attack but weaker defense/lower HP than Garven
1 Quartermaster (leaf, self-healing tank)
1 Maraquan shieldmaiden (water, level 2 2*, self-healing evader)
2 Captain Threelegs (leaf, 1 level 15 2*, 1 level 1 1*)
2 Sandro (fire, 1 level 1 3*, 1 level 7 1*)
1 Ixi Raider (leaf, level 15 2*/maxed out - 859 damage 1/CD3, attack 549)
1 Maraquan Lancer (water, level 15 2*/maxed out - 1580 damage 1/CD4, attack 1104 - used for "common party member" daily)
1 Elon Hughlis (leaf, level 5 1*, 1314 damage 1/CD3, attack 1126, weaker attacks than Shoyru archer, but stronger evasion/def/HP)

I need to do a lot of leveling before ascending, so I think I need to sell/level up with some of these disposable guys - and decide whether I really need to keep semi-identical guys. But I want to be careful with the ones with more than 1* already, to really figure out if I'll eventually need them for ascension, before using them for gold/leveling.

Re: Legends & Letters

Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:54 am

New Update to the App. Version 1.3.1

Just checking: I'm assuming if you make a second leader, you can only have one leader per party, correct? You can't use your second leader as a party member?

That's correct.

It is hard for me to be helpful in this situation, as the game was weighted much more towards the player in the early versions. I was able to gain a lot of legendary/epic cards and ascend most of them before the last update.

Having said that, I done some quick comparisons. This may also help others that might come across this topic. :)

I know this is simple logic, but I will put it in writing anyway. LOL.

Legendaries are best. If you get any (besides your Leader) you will keep it and max it out as soon as possible.
Epics are the next best and I would level up all of these as you can afford to.
During these early stages, the main 'good' cards will be Rare. These are the cards you need to compare and choose the best in each special move category (group damage, single target damage, group heal, single target heal).

Having a balanced team will help out more during these early levels. Have a Party of characters with different special attacks.
I really don't find much use for a self-heal or single heal cards, due to the high amount of healing potion drops from chests and the game itself.

EPICS (That drop)
Thogrin - Swordmaster Talek - Karpoh

Thogrin, it is your mainstay. This card will carry you through until you get a 5* cards.

Thogrin - Evader
Damage all enemies (80 + 90% of Attack) 2232
Attack: 2392
Health: 13210

Swordmaster Talek - Critical Hitter
Damage target enemy (75 + 110% of Attack) Total damage at max level: 2389
Attack: 2104
Health: 8715

Karpoh - Normal
Damage target enemy (200 + 125% of Attack) Total damage at max level: 2010
Attack: 1448
Health: 5251

If I have done my calculations correctly, this is a list of the best cards for Rare cards.
I checked your list. We are basically on the same page.

Once again, I will just say, I don't know how tough it is now to play now, but I really strongly suggest you stop putting anything into the commons unless you need to level, ascend.
Work on levels to get the Rare cards you need.


DAMAGE ALL ENEMIES (I just realised Lady Frostbite is the only Rare 'Damage all' Card).
Lady Frostbite
Damage all enemies (125 + 110% of Attack) Total damage at max level: 1691
Attack: 1424
Health: 5094

Maraquan Grand Commander
Damage target enemy (150 + 120% of Attack) Total damage at max level: 2187
Attack: 1698
Health: 4544

Shoyru Archer
Damage target enemy (212 + 120% of Attack) Total damage at max level: 2108
Attack: 1580
Health: 4353

Maraquan Foot Soldier
Damage target enemy (200 + 125% of Attack) Total damage at max level: 1717
Attack: 1214
Health: 4585

Maraquan Blade Specialist
Damage target enemy (75 + 110% of Attack) Total damage at max level: 1645
Attack: 1428
Health: 5341

Maraquan Charger
Damage target enemy (75 + 110% of Attack) Total damage at max level: 1582
Attack: 1370
Health: 7860

Barit Jowes
Heal target ally (150 +110% of Attack) Total heal at max level: 1523
Attack: 1249
Health: 5233

Garven Hale
Heal target ally (200 +120% of Attack) Total heal at max level: 1337
Attack: 948
Health: 7162

Underwater Chef
Heal target ally (200 +130% of Attack) Total heal at max level: 1254
Attack: 811
Health: 3005

Heal all allies (150 +100% of Attack) Total heal at max level: 2548
100% chance to increase Health by (70 +10% of Attack) for 2 turns.
Attack: 2398



1* 1-10 level (ascend) Costs a 1* card of same element and any other 1* card.
2* 1-15 level (ascend) Costs two 2* cards of same element and any other 2* card.
3* 1-30 level (ascend) Costs two 3* cards of same element and any other 2* card.
4* 1-40 level (ascend) Costs two 4* cards of same element and any other 3* card.
5* 1-50 level
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