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Re: Charity Corner 2018

Fri Apr 05, 2019 1:41 am

Heads up...
News wrote:If you've been wondering whether or not to use your Charity Corner points on that one perk you think you probably want, now is the time to stop thinking and start buying! The 2018 perk shop will be closing its doors soon to make way for the new shop, so hurry over and buy those perks now!

Perk Shop link

I hadn't done the avatar one, so I picked up the extra Royal - Korbat one (so now I have both the boy and girl one). Apparently my bank and stock things end in a couple of days. Bummer. I'll have to make sure to collect early on Saturday morning so I don't lose out on my last day for them.

Supposedly it's been stated somewhere (can't find it off hand) that we'll be having our points roll over to be usable in this year's shop. I hope so, because unless I can redeem some of them to renew my bank and stock year-round boons again, I've still got 22658 points left from last year. I spent less than half of last year's points.

Re: Charity Corner 2018

Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:40 am

I just spent my first 51 points on an avatar and site theme (Korbat Royal and AOTA). My remaining 4860 points are basically useless. It sucked being 89 points shy of any of the useful boons. Meh.

The boons list isn't clear. I'm assuming "spiked" is a temporary stat boost, not an actual increase in stats? And how long does the bigger inventory last? Maybe I'll feed my pets. And play some games? Meh.

Pickles, that was on the April Fools' page, so I doubt points will roll over.

Re: Charity Corner 2018

Fri Apr 05, 2019 4:09 pm

Found what I was looking for, with a little digging back through JN's news posts:
JN's post about CC
Harttotame wrote:no, we have not forgotten about the leftover points from last year. You will be able to use them on new perks this year.

Hopefully that's still correct?

Re: Charity Corner 2018

Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:09 pm

I went ahead and expanded my inventory 2x and used Spike 2x, receiving +10 HP (yay!) and +10 movement (boo). Considering the current cost of training is 49,767 NP, it cost me 2000 points but saved me nearly half a million NP! I think that was worth it!

I'm still thinking about doing the game one. Apparently it's worth the most value if you score 500 NP/game. I could probably crank out a decent number of games, but I'd want to do it on an evening/morning when I don't need to be anywhere (so I can do it twice). If the shop's still open tomorrow, maybe I'll do it then. It's only 100 points, so technically, if it's going to pay off as well as the Spiked boon did, I'd need to make 50k... which would be 100 games (but only 33 if I played them each 3x, plus one extra game of something different). And that's really only 17 games in the evening and 17 in the morning.

Re: Charity Corner 2018

Thu Apr 25, 2019 12:48 am

Official word:
News wrote:This is a reminder to redeem your points from Charity Corner 2018 in the prize shop before it closes on 28 April at 11:59:59 NST. Any points leftover after that will be converted (based on a points conversion calculation) into points that can be redeemed in the 2019 perks shop.
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