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Re: New Features in Neopia

Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:26 pm

Editorial wrote:hi, so there's been a lot of discussion about the upcoming charity corner event, but we're also approaching the traditional start date of daily dare, with the altador cup shortly after that. should we expect a change to the usual schedule for either of those events? some of us are curious about when all these events will happen in the coming weeks - or if charity corner isn't approaching as quickly as it seems. it'd be great if we could get a general idea of the schedule for upcoming events. thanks!~~ neon3002
Charity Corner can be expected in the next few weeks, followed shortly by Daily Dare and immediately after by the Altador Cup. There will be periods of overlap between the events.

...why does this have to happen when I've got company coming? Sigh. (Also, I can see that DD would be very inconvenient for those in school.)

I thought this was slightly amusing...
In the editorial of issue 862, you announced that all Neopets cannot grow hair at least on top of their heads (if not more) and instead wear wigs. While this is the case for user-made Neopets, this is a site mechanic, and there has always been separation between site mechanics and the actual lore of Neopia. This change to Neopet characters all wearing wigs doesn't make a lot of sense (how do pirates on the high seas access wig makers? or in the wilds of the desert? or in space? or at the bottom of the sea? or in Tyrannia? or Moltara when it was sealed away? There are also several visual examples that appear to contradict it completely. Could you please consider reversing this? I realise the lore of this site might seem trivial to many, but it is why some of us are still on this site, and it wouldn't hurt to see the content staff treating it with a little more respect.~~herdygerdy
We humbly reverse our stance on this. Neopets created on the site are limited by various considerations and therefore do not come with hair. However, characters in Neopian lore - Isca and Nabile included - are able to grow hair and what you see on their head is 100% natural.
If you read the neoboards at all, Herdy was quite upset when the first editorial answer came out.

Re: New Features in Neopia

Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:45 pm

Overlapping events... *sigh* Well, I'm not planning on putting the effort in I did in the past, anyway... I do like that we can see the prize shop and donate accordingly in CC, and I remember my mistake from the last DD, so I'll only put in the minimal effort there, too... And I have to take my CPT (certificate in personal training) exam in July, so we'll see how much AC I play...

Re: New Features in Neopia

Wed Jun 26, 2019 6:27 pm

Original Post: Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:50 pm
Two new avatars (still unannounced) were found today:

Image Robot Vandagyre - Have a robot (painted) petpet attached to your active and visit a Robot Vandagyre ( )

Image Royalboy Lutari - Have 5 unique items with "Lutari" in them in your inventory, and visit a Royal Lutari (

Lutari one wasn't too hard to get, just had to buy a few items (got all of them for under 3k, currently reselling at current price in my shop). Robot, I had to do a pet transfer/trade to my side account (because I'm NOT unattaching my aged petpets), bought and attached a Robot Abominable Snowball, got the avvie, detached the petpet and sold it for 500nps more than I bought it for. Probably could've gotten more than that, It was going rate after I got the avvie. Now I've just got to remember to trade pets back tomorrow.

ETA (Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:40 pm): OMG. The site is so down that the RED PTERI showed up! I can't even remember the last time I saw that! :o

ETA2: Bahahahahaha! Haven't gotten this RE in a while, but it's amusing, seeing as the site WAS actually down last night.
An ominous looking Red Pteri strolls up to you and cackles, "I hope you didn't want to actually do anything in Neopia today." *BRAAWWKK*
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