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Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Thu Mar 10, 2016 9:24 am

Day 14
Bonus: Faerieland Garden Bench
Quest: Dark Faerie (Green Kiko Squeeze Toy - 889np) +3 HP

Actually got a Crafting Quest today. Didn't use it, but strange that is only my second one received.

Cookie Quest: Grey Faerie - Air Faerie (Tenna - SDB) +3 Mov

Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:47 pm

Day 14
Bonus: Decorating Faerie Cakes
Quest: Earth (starlight potion, SDB) +3 strength

Shop Till:
Morning: 78k (running total: 759k)
Lunch: 79k (running total: 838k)... and 24 items to restock
Bedtime Restock: 151k (running total 989k). Sounds great, until I remember I dropped ~2M (very rough estimate) on all the quest items... But I've still got at least 1 of everything (except two of the four bori gardener clothes), which will be a great start for next year's event.

I've gotten a craft faerie quest every day but have turned it down each time. Maybe there's a cool-off period if you actually accept it? Tomorrow should provide evidence to support or refute this theory...
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Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:31 pm

Day 14:
Bonus: Dark Faerie Sundae
Quest: Fountain Faerie! 115k. I haven't completed it yet, as I'm contemplating what to do with the current Rainbow Fountain reward I have built Guess I have until sometime tomorrow...

Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:05 pm

Day 14 Bonus: Dark Faerie Dreams
Quest: The grey faerie again requested an Angelpuss...

The grey faerie wrote:You've done so much for me. Thank you, from the bottom of my sad little heart.

I have no magic of my own to reward you with, so I'm asking for help from another faerie.
Water faerie, come and bestow your blessing upon this Neopian! I cannot abide a debt that is not paid.

Her gift with the tides has surged MyPet's defence!

Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:55 pm

Congrats on the (2) FFQs, P!

I've gotten 2 REs in the past 2 days where a shadow has glided past and stolen all of a (non-active) pet's happiness. Have I just been lucky not to get that before, or is that a FQ event-specific one to go with Fyora's explanation of why we need to do all these quests? (I've been getting a ton of REs lately, so it's not surprising I'd get a new-to-me one or few, but to get the same new one twice...)

Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Fri Mar 11, 2016 12:40 am

Thanks! The one I had stored up was from 2013. I finally decided to paint one of my pets Stealthy. I will probably use this quest to repaint her back to her previous color, which the stealthy clothes look GREAT with.

I think you've just been lucky to not get that quest before. ;)

Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:00 am

Day 15
Bonus: Faerie Raindorf Plushie
Quest: Earth Faerie (Fire Jug - 1000np) +3 Str

Got the Craft Faerie again. Maybe the problem was when I refreshed my first craft faerie into another quest.

Cookie Quest: Battle Faerie (Extra Large Fizzy Drink - 2375np) +3 HP, +3 Str, +3 Def

Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:17 pm

Day 15:
Bonus: Light Faerie News
Quest: Earth (Fire Jug, SDB- the last one there... that's why I kept 1 of each in reserve) +3 defense

Shop Till:
Morning: 68k (running total: 1.057M -- woot! changed the letter)
Afternoon check (28 items sold...): 95k (minus the 1.5k the ghosts just stole...) (running total 1.152M) - a lot to restock... and not much time to do it. My spreadsheet helps.
Bedtime: 42k (running total 1.194M). Bah. I considered expanding my shop to hold more items that I'd like to sell overnight, but I'm too tired. Maybe my insomnia will kick in and wake me at 4am (1am NST) again? And I'll actually remember to restock a bit before trying to get back to sleep? If it doesn't sell, that's just more to sell for next year -- and hopefully life will be less busy and I can get started selling sooner.

Running out of expensive stuff to sell, but that just means I sold most of it...
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Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:25 pm

Day 15:
Bonus: Dark Faerie Dreams
Quest: Air (1100nps), +3 mov to my battle pet

@Daze: That's probably what happened. I remember last year they put in some sort of way that you couldn't keep getting double-refreshed quests or something with the crafting faerie quests. I just don't remember exactly what it was.

Hoping for a quest with more HP or levels tomorrow!

Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:09 am

Day 15 Bonus: Earth Faerie Cookie Sandwich
Quest: Dark Faerie, Quiguki Volleyball, 900k. +Health.

I had to accept and decline a Delina quest before getting the above quest. Again. And I received one after completing DF's quest!

Day 16 Bonus: Beautiful Autumn Leaf Wings
Quest: The grey faerie, Buzzer, 1k

This time she said...
The grey faerie wrote:Thank you for showing me kindness, fair Neopian. I'll not forget your deed.

I have no magic of my own to reward you with, so I'm asking for help from another faerie.
Light faerie, come and bestow your blessing upon this Neopian! I cannot abide a debt that is not paid.

She has brightened MyPet's outlook with a new level

Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:21 am

Day 16
Bonus: Flight of the Fire Faerie
Quest: Light Faerie (Bacheek - 2200np) +2 Lvl

Cookie Quest: Soup Faerie (Mega Sweet Lemon Smoothie - SDB) +2 Def, 2 HP

Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Sat Mar 12, 2016 11:34 am

Day 16
Bonus: Light of the Faeries Jam (it's pretty but doesn't look very edible...)
Quest: Loose-leaf Faerie Journal (2300 NP), and I gave the HP, defense, and strength to the wrong pet... I came close to doing it several other times, but this was the first time it happened. I realized as soon as I hit "submit" and hit "escape" immediately, but it was already too late. Ah, well, I only really needed the HP, and 2300 NP isn't much, at least. Bah.

Shop till:
Morning: 17k (running total 1.211k).

Prices for some items were cheaper than December's yesterday, as people who bought too much stock started to panic about the possibility of not recouping their money (which they'll never do if they sell so low... some of the items were being sold below Neopian shop prices). I can afford to hold the NP in items until the next FQ event, and I'd prefer that to making less profit (the NP in interest won't make up the price difference). I'll still be restocking today, but as people complete their last quests, supply will continue to go up as demand goes down, and prices will continue to plummet... I'm out a bit less than 1M NP, I think, which isn't bad for retaining one of every single quest item (874 items total, less 2 items I still haven't managed to restock) for 8 different faeries, plus several extras for many of them. That's less than 1k per item, on average. Next year, I'll keep better track of what I spent (and buy more of the items that inflated and sold faster this year).

Bedtime: 218k (running total 1.429k). A lot more than I was expecting today. Maybe I'll get a little more tonight? It'll be nice, but I'm not expecting it. I also had a few good REs (secret lab map piece, spooky treasure map piece, increase in stats for Grainne, reset bank interest, a few lottery tickets...) and 3 reset-to-utterly-depressed-takes-50+-refreshes-of-playing-with-a-toy-to-get-them-not-sad REs to my poor pets.
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Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:34 pm

Day 16:
Bonus: Faerie Party Planning Book
Quest: Dark! (999nps), +3HP for my battle pet.

...I thought today was the last day? Was there no "visit every day" prize this year?

Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:19 pm

Just checked in with the faeries, and the event is over. Guess there was no bonus (or at least I didn't get one).

Woke up to another 35k in my shop. I guess I'll leave it stocked at the current prices for now, see if anything else sells. I'll just have to empty it before charity corners or the next quest event... Final(?) total 1.464M. I really have no idea how much I spent; I know it wasn't much more than 2M, but it could have been less because I was having a losing streak in Food Club while doing the majority of my purchasing, and that was an approximately 200k additional hit to my bank account (I still ended the month with 72% profit and am now at 157% profit for March... FC is profitable but varies day-to-day, like stocks).

Edit: Sold another 34k today. *shrugs* Maybe a lot of people bought cookies when they were half-off and still have quests to do... It doesn't hurt to leave the things in the shop at their current prices for now. New total: 1.498M. Maybe I'll get that last 2k overnight.

Edit 3/14: 20k in the morning... I'll keep checking twice a day until I run out of stock. Total: 1.518M. Pretty close to recovering all I spent at this point, and I still have (just about) one of every quest item ready for next year (or any random quests in the meantime).

Edit 3/14 Bedtime: 10k; total: 1.528M
Edit: 3/15 Evening: 33k; total: 1.561M
Edit 3/16 Evening: 12k, total: 1.573M... Can I make it to 1.6M? Doubtful, but who knows...
Edit 3/17 Evening: 24k, total 1.597M... 1.6M is looking more hopeful all of a sudden.

Edit 3/19 Evening: 22k, total 1.619M. Woot! Soared past 1.6M. It's surprising some of the more ridiculously overpriced (for non-quest event) items are still selling occasionally. I'll just have to remember to check my till each day as part of my evening Neopets routine.

Edit 3/21: 33k, total 1.652M
Edit 3/22: 7k, total 1.659M (haven't had time to restock since Sunday...)
Edit 3/23: 5k, total 1.664M (and finally restocked, woot!)
Edit 3/24: 8k, total 1.672M
Edit 3/25:13k, total 1.685M
Edit 3/26: 8k, total 1.693M
Edit 3/28: 5k, total 1.698M... and a1NP air faerie quest
Edit 3/29: 2k, total 1.7M (woot!)
3/30: 3k, total 1.703M (1.8's looking difficult now...)
3/31: 7k, total 1.71M
4/1: 2k, total 1.712M
4/2: 5k, total 1.717M
4/4: 7k, total 1.724M
4/5: 2k, total 1.726M
4/6: 10k, total 1.736M (plugging along...)
4/8: 11k, total 1.747M
4/9: 6k, 1.753M
4/12: 7k, 1.760M
4/14: 4k, 1.764M
4/17: 5k, 1.769M
4/18: 4k, 1.773M
4/19: 7k, 1.780M
4/21: 6k, 1.786M
4/24: 7k, 1.793M
4/27: 17k, 1.810M (woot!)
4/30: 5k, 1.815M
5/1: 5k, 1.820M
5/4: 11k, 1.831M
5/26: 26k, 1.857M
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Re: Faerie Quest Event 2016

Sun Mar 13, 2016 3:56 pm

It's done? So it is. I think I did rather well this year. Plenty of pet "upgrades" for not much NP.
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