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 Post subject: General Chat Rules and Strike Policy
PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:57 am 
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1. All global forum rules apply.

2. All posts must be on-topic, and somehow related to Neopets. Please make sure that there isn’t a sticky for your topic first, and that your topic wouldn’t be better suited to another Neopets board.

    Neopian Plot Council
    Discussion of ongoing and past plots and their prizes, speculation about future plots, and anything plot-related goes here.

    Any and all discussion of the Battledome itself, including challengers and where to find them/how to beat them, advice and discussion of weapons, training help, and any helpful resources you’ve found.

    Neopets Help
    Requests for help with a Neopets issue specific to you. For example, threads about your frozen account and how to get it back, why your Wocky’s suddenly headless in customization, and help with Faerie Quests all belong here. If it’s a site-wide problem, like a glitch with the Advent Calendar, it belongs in General Chat. Traditionally, discussions of how to win Lenny Conundrum, Mystery Pic competitions, and their ilk also go here.

    Neopets Games
    If it relates to a game, it goes here. This includes discussion of glitches, beta testing, requests for opponents in multi-player games, and tips. If AAA’s up to something, it generally belongs here.

    Neopets Polls
    Questions about others’ opinions and experiences on the site that don’t lend themselves to discussion. A thread about which KeyQuest token is shiniest goes here, as would a poll about how long PPTers have been playing Neopets. A discussion of which six-icon weapon is the most cost-effective would go in the Battledome board.

    Neopets Advertisements
    Advertisements for various things on the Neopets site. If you’re trying to buy or sell something on Neopets, post it here. You can also get advice on pricing an item (or bidding on one) here. Ads for guilds, other Neopets help sites, and the Beauty Contest are welcome here. This is also the place to get or give Premium invites--check the sticky there.

This leaves us with…

    General Chat
    Anything that doesn’t belong in a more specific board. Frequently, this includes Neopets news, discussions of site problems, real-life Neopets events, moaning about banner ads, site events that aren’t plots or game-related, debates about site features, Neopets merchandise discussions, Neoboards chatter, posts about Neopets as a business, or just nifty things about the site that you’ve just noticed. It’s pretty open-ended.

    The Neopets Dailies and Alarms sub forum is there when you just need to make everyone aware of the fact that you won at Qasalan Expellibox, or if the Turmaculus is awake.

3. Flaming and personal insults are not permitted. This is covered in the global forum rules, but it bears repeating. There’s no need to insult another PPTer (or anyone who might become a PPTer) over a disagreement about a game.

4. Do not post any topics or posts that are begging for or requesting items or neopoints.

5. Do not post or link to anything that goes blatantly against the Neopets Terms and Conditions. This includes, but is not limited to: information on how to cheat on Neopets, information on how to hack someone's Neopets account, requests for a neositter or offering neositting services, any request for anyone's Neopets password, links to autobuyers or other programs that "help" you play games or do Neopets activities, or any scams, cheats, or hacks. To clarify, asking if something is against the Terms and Conditions is fine (we all know it can be vague on many topics), but a post saying "I cheat on the flash games, here's instructions on how to do it!" is not. Check out the Ultimate Neopets FAQ for more info on this.

6. Please make sure all your posts are coherent, and that you have spelt all words to the best of your ability. Also, please try to use correct grammar.

7. Backseat moderating is frowned upon. General Chat gets a fair few spam posts, scam posts, and other rule-breaking every week, unfortunately. It’s not your job to post replies to these to reprimand the poster--it just bumps the thread to the top of the forum page, bringing more attention to it. Rather then replying to a bot, a spam post, or anyone whose generally trying to be horrid on these boards, PM a moderator or use the Report Button (which looks like this: Image and is located at the bottom right corner of every post).

If you're not sure whether or not it would be acceptable to post something or you're not sure where a particular topic goes, please feel free to contact a moderator through the private message system before posting. The General Chat moderators are Pudding and Twiz.

(Cheers to former mods iconoplast and ahoteinrun for their contributions to earlier versions of these rules.)

 Post subject: Re: General Chat Rules and Strike Policy (updated 1/3/2009)
PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:58 am 
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Honorary Member
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Location: At sea.
Gender: Female
Strike Policy

These forums operate a system to dissuade members from abusing the forums and/or each other. Abuse can take many forms and some of us have had first hand experience of this.

The Moderators of this forum have been empowered with the ability to award 'strike' points to members who don't follow the Terms & Conditions of the forum and any other general etiquette expected when taking part in this Community.

Therefore, if members fail to heed the Terms & Conditions of the forum, as we have seen in the past, or ignore requests from Moderators, they can expect to be jumped on.

The Moderators do not have to tell you if you have been awarded a 'strike', but they will regularly report any abuse of the Forum to the Administrators who will take action against repeat offenders.

Incase you're wondering just what might await you if you don't abide by the Terms & Conditions, then there is a simple guide below.

One strike will bring your future actions under close scrutiny by the Moderating team.

Two strikes will interest the Administrators, who will then pay special attention to you, and not in a good way.

If you manage to get three strikes, then you will find yourself banned from the forum for a set amount of time. This amount of time will depend on what you have done to earn those strikes in the first place.

Each strike thereafter, up to a maximum of six strikes will get you banned, again for a certain length of time to be determined by the Administrator dealing with you. When you reach six strikes, you're history. No discussion, no argument. The Administrator's decision is final.

Serious offences against the Forum or other users will result in an immediate ban.

All strikes will be wiped at the end of every month, apart from those with six strikes who will be permanently banned from the forums. The reasons for the strikes being awarded will be kept on file for future reference.

The vast majority of members will never get a strike as they conduct themselves perfectly respectably on the forum. The odd double post or less than three word response is not going to get you a strike. You will get a polite reminder from the Mods that you may want to carefully consider for next time, but if you respond badly to that advice, then they are perfectly within their rights to award you with a strike because of it.

We understand that people who are new to the board may make mistakes without realizing it, so minor offences for those that have been here for a week or less will also be given the benefit of the doubt.

Thanks for reading.
The PPT Moderator Team.

Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates. - Samuel Clemens

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