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The Ultimate Neopets F.A.Q. (Check here BEFORE Posting)

Sat May 05, 2007 8:25 am

Come one, come all. Gather around and gaze in awe, for tonight, just for you, PinkPT is proud to present...

The Ultimate, Totally and Entirely (Partially) Complete F.A.Q.!

That's right, over many weeks, monkeys have slaved to create the ultimate, definitive resource for your use! In this F.A.Q., you will find a large selection of commonly asked questions, as well as questions that aren't necessarily "frequently asked", but are highly relevant for your day to day Neopian life. The best part is, every statement in the F.A.Q. is backed up by AND, links to the statement from TNT themselves.

If ever you needed weight to your argument, you merely peruse this list. You'll find everything in nicely organized topics such as "Guilds" and "Neoboards." However, as some things fit into more than one category, or didn't fit into any categories, you may find you need to use search function on your browser by pressing Ctrl+F, then searching for a key word.

Before you actually read the F.A.Q. I would like to thank one particular person who made this project possible. That person is Q (qbureau on Neopets), from our very own Forums.

Without qbureau's amazingly complete Pet Page, which lists practically every question asked in practically every Editorial, in a very simple, easy to use system, this F.A.Q. would probably never have got off the ground. You can bet that any question not in this F.A.Q. can be found on that petpage

Thank you so much qbureau, without your ground work, this F.A.Q. would not be here.


And now, without further ado...


The F.A.Q.

Disclaimer: Please note that this F.A.Q., although backed up by Neopets' statements, is not an official rules list. A "rule" listed here is not guaranteed to be law on Some of the quoted sections are from old editorials, and the rules may since have been changed. Bear in mind that this F.A.Q. does not cover every rule on (far from it), but it gives a good indication of the rules.

The F.A.Q. is a living document, which can be added to or removed from at any stage. If you think a particular point needs to be added, removed, expanded upon, update, explained fully or altered in any manner, do not hesitate to PM myself or any moderator with the ability to edit this thread.

Finally, please make the best use of this F.A.Q. Check to see if your questions aren't answered here before asking them, or check to see if you can answer somebody else's question by using this thread. The information in this F.A.Q. does not have to be used only on the PinkPT Forums, it is free to be used on the Neoboards, or anywhere else on the site. Spread the word, spread the knowledge - help give the editor a break by helping stop the recurring questions being asked to the Editorial.

Right then, without further ado (for real this time), here's the F.A.Q.

Side Account Questions

The overriding policy

On Neopets, you can have one "main" account. This is the account where you do your dailies, earn Neopoints, and most likely spend the majority of your time. You can also have up to 4 side accounts where activities are more limited. You may not earn Neopoints or play dailies or games on these accounts, and don't even think about entering Mystery Pic or Lenny Conundrum with them. ;) They CAN be used to adopt more Neopets, be made into additional galleries, store items, or join different guilds. However, they must all be funded through your main account, as you may not earn NP on them. Hope that clears things up. :)

  • You are only allowed to have 5 accounts per person! (IE: Regardless of Email or IP address) [2] [3]
  • Things you are allowed to do on your Side Accounts:
    • Complete dailies/activities that have absolutely no Neopoint or item gain from them (EG: Count Von Roo's Deadly Dice, Soup Kitchen, Healing Springs, Neolodge) [1]
    • Search the shop wizard for a faerie quest item for your main (though it is frowned upon) and purchase items from other players’ shops (provided the Neopoints were sent to the side account from the main account) [2]
    • Use the same email address for all of your accounts [3].
    • Complete the Faerie Quests you receive through random events [4]
    • Send items and Neopoints from your main account to your sides [5]
    • Send items or Neopoints you receive from Random Events on your side accounts to your main [6]
    • Collect your Newbie Packs [7]
    • Create pets and use the Neopoints gained from creating them [8]
    • Train your pets [9]
    • Use the Lab Ray on a separate pet to the one you zap on your main (provided the funds for the Lab Map Pieces were acquired on the main account) [10]
    • Be in, or run a different guild than that of your main [11]
    • Complete the Defenders of Neopia Series [12] (EXCEPT the Brain Tree [13])
    • Access two different accounts on two different browsers [14]
    • Make the occasional accidental mistake which breaches the rules as long as you attempt to rectify it [15]
  • Things you are not allowed to do on your Side Accounts:

    • Partake in any daily/event/plot/activity/game/quest that rewards you with items or Neopoints. The two exceptions are Random Event Quests and the Healing Springs [1] [2]
    • Play a daily on your side account instead of on your main [3]
    • Use a shop, make a profit through things like the Stock Market, play games (including Neoquest), participate in any plot or receive items from promotional offers (including those from the toolbar) [4]
    • Have two "main" accounts even if they do not interact [5]
    • Use a side account as a main account whilst your main account is suspended or restock banned [6] [7]
    • Spam, cheat, scam, break any rules in order to "prevent" your main account being punished [8]
    • "Swap" which account is your main account more than once or twice [9] [10]
    • Restock in the Main Shops [11]
    • Vote in polls on the site [12]
    • Vote in the Beauty Contest or enter the Beauty Contest [13] [14]
    • Bid on an auction in order to inflate prices [15]

IP Addresses

Please note, any users that use the same computer or have the same IP address should differentiate themselves from each other in as many ways as possible (without lying). You should have different Email addresses from each other, different names, secret words etc. The staff do have other ways of telling the difference, but it is best to differentiate the accounts from each other. [1] [2]

  • You are allowed to have multiple people using the same IP address [3] [4]
  • You are allowed to log on from multiple IP addresses [5]

Sharing Accounts

  • The only time this is allowed, is if you are assisting a somebody (preferably a family member) who is physically unable to play their account by themselves (EG: They are too young to play, or they have a physical disability) [1]
  • You are absolutely, no excuses, not allowed to "baby-sit" accounts for others, complete plots for others, partake in events such as the Advent Calendar for others [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
  • You are not allowed to give an account to another person when you quit. It is absolutely forbidden [7] [8]

    Your account is yours and yours alone, and your only option when you're done with it is to let it sit or deactivate it!

Trading, Selling, Banking, Restocking, Lending and Borrowing and other Related "-ing"s
  • Under no circumstances are you to enter somebody else's account to assist them, or allow anybody else into your account to have them help you. [1]
  • Clicking your Neopoint total will lead you to your Inventory
  • You are allowed to lend pets to other people. However, there are things to be aware of:

    • All pets in the pound are fair game. If somebody else picks the pet up, they are under no obligation to return it to you in its current state, if at all.
    • If there is an agreement between two people for the lending of a pet, and one person deliberately breaks the agreement in order to "steal" the pet, it is a reportable offense. Additionally, if somebody deliberately waits until the pet is pounded, then snatches it, it is a reportable offence.[2]
  • It is against the rules to make an agreement with somebody to borrow an item from them, then not give it back. Additionally, it is against the rules to keep any collateral if the item is returned. [3]
  • You are not allowed to offer "secrets", artwork, neofriendship, pets, items, coding etc in exchange for Neopoints or items. [4]
  • It is against the rules to sell Neofriend invites in order for people to partake in Neofriend only auctions [5]
  • It is against the rules to sell anything you receive on Neopets (be it Pets, Petpets, Accounts, Items, Art, "Cheats" etc) in real life. [6] [7]
  • You are not allowed to create item pools where multiple users "chip in" to purchase an item together. [8]
  • You may not loan a pet to a friend's account so they may zap it with the lab ray for you. [9]
  • The bank will never issue loans. They originally used this system, and it was abused, so Neopets have stated it will not be coming back. [10]
  • Disabling Javascript or images other than ads while restocking is against the rules as it makes it easier [11]. You are allowed to block the ads however [12]
  • You may not deliberately conspire to artificially inflate the price of a product [13]

  • There are no "freezing bots" or "warning bots". Any locked board, deleted board, warned account or frozen account is the direct result of a moderator's decisions, not a program. [1]
  • You are not allowed to post a chain letter, scam or spam the Neoboards. This includes posting a chain letter (including starting a joke one saying things like "and it won't get you a paint brush) or scam you have received to advertise that it won't work. [2].
  • Chain letters do not work. [3]
  • Harassment will not be tolerated on the boards. Neither will retaliation upon those harassing you or other parties. [4] The rules of harassment, including several examples are described here.
  • Neosignatures must abide all of the rules of the site [5]
  • Testing the Neoboard filters, or encouraging people to do so is forbidden [6]
  • You should only report people for spamming if they repeatedly are posting irrelevant posts or posts in the wrong forum. Posting things like, "You're spamming, so I've reported you," constantly is also counted as spam. [7]
  • Posting things like, "Oh, and the Dark Battle Duck does 8 Icons," at the end of an off-topic post does not make the post "relevant to the board" and can result in punishment. [8]

  • You are not allowed to make invisible boards or to make your posts invisible. [9][10].
  • "Party" boards are not allowed on the Neoboards [11]
  • Roleplays should be entirely Neopets related and should abide by all the rules of Neopets. [12]


Journey to the Lost Isle (Finished): Plot Center
Daily Dare (Finished): Prizes
Tale of Woe (Finished): Prizes
Altador Constellations Plot (Open): Walkthrough | Prizes (Click King Altador)
Altador Cup (Finished): Prizes
Lost Desert Plot (Finished): Prizes
Curse of Maraqua (Finished): Prizes

  • The prize shops should remain open indefinitely unless Neopets gives an otherwise stated warning [1]. However, Neopets have stated they may remove a prize shop a few years after its release [2]
  • Plot prizes do not "sell out" of the prize shop [3]

User lookups, Pet Lookups and Pet Pages

  • You must not edit the page to cover your true statistics [1]. This means your text stats, Neopets and Trophies must be visible and clearly the only real ones on your lookup [2]. You may cover your shield, but not with a different, official Neopets shield. [3]
  • Retyping your stats yourself is not an allowed way of bypassing the previous rule. [4]
  • You are not allowed to post a photo of yourself anywhere on the site, however, Neopets will allow "cartoony" drawings that is a non-identifiable representation of yourself. [5]
  • You are not allowed to post your email or anything that may reveal your full name, address, location, school or identity anywhere on the site. [6] [7]
  • You are allowed to add "fake" sections to your lookup (Extra pets, extra petpets on Pet Descriptions etc) provided it is clearly recognizable that they are fake, and you do not attempt to trick people into believing you have something that you do not [8]. However, any fake pets you place on your user lookup must belong to you on a side account. [9]
  • You are allowed to have a user-lookup that isn't Neopets themed provided it abides by all the other rules of the site. [10] However, it will not be eligible for the user lookup contest [11]
  • You are not allowed to use anybody else's coding or artwork without their permission. [12] Even if you credit somebody, if you do not ask permission, it is against the rules. [13]
  • You may not create fake random events that appear to be real. You may have ones that are clearly not real random events, but ones falsely claiming to give people items etc are forbidden [14]
  • Your shield will often update at the wrong time as the system assumes there are only 30 days per month [15]
  • It is a reportable offense to create false images and pass them off as official Neopets images. [16]

Games / Spotlights
  • You cannot deliberately slow games down in order to make them easier [1]
  • All work submitted to Neopets in contests and spotlights (random contest, user lookup, gallery, pet page spotlights etc) must be Neopets related [2]
  • Including a Copyright symbol on your artwork submitted to contests will guarantee a rejection. Neopets cannot legally display copyrighted (even jokingly copyrighted) items on the site [3]
  • You may not submit anybody else's work to any spotlight or contest, even if they give you permission [4]
  • Do not resubmit your entry to the Gallery/Neohome/User lookup Spotlights if your entry is "held over for judgment" unless you have made major changes to it [5]. Additionally, do not resubmit if you don't receive any reply. This will simply place you at the back of the submission list [6].
  • When entering contests, you should ensure that your user lookup does not link to a page off-site or have anything the judges would take offence to as it will lower your chances in the contest [7]
  • If you win a contest such as the Mystery Pic or Lenny Conundrum, you will be neomailed at the end of the contest, and the prizes you qualified for will be automatically added to your account [8]
  • Neopets does not permit the sharing of answers with those who have not had to do any work in an attempt to find the answer. [9] [10]
  • It is against the rules to pretend something is the answer to a contest such as the Lenny Conundrum in order to trick people into submitting the wrong answer [11]
  • Occasionally clicking on the Mystery Pic/Lenny Conundrum answer box brings up a message about being reported, this is a joke message that occurs when Neopets forgets to update the answer boxes to allow people to open that link. This message also appears when you edit the URL in an attempt to display the answers to the current week's contest. [12] [13]
  • You may submit more than one entry to the Caption Contest, but you are not allowed to spam the contest by submitting the same caption over and over again [14] (in fact, spamming the contest repetitively is likely to get your submission ignored [15])
  • If you have already won a contest with a piece of work, you may not submit the piece to a different contest [16]
  • The species of your pet must match the species you submit for a beauty contest while that contest is still active [17]
  • It is against the rules to advertise somebody else's Beauty Contest entry [18]
  • Coltzan's Shrine can actually give out one million Neopoints if you are incredibly lucky [19]


  • Guild contests of any form are not allowed [1]
  • It is alright to lead or be a member of multiple guilds spread across several side accounts. [2]
  • If you are the Guild Leader, you are allowed to create a "clan account" to run the guild. This Guild Account can run a shop which sells items [3] however, this account must be clearly labelled and must only be accessed by you, the Guild Leader [4]
  • Any text you submit anywhere on the site can be read by the staff members. This includes Guild Message Boards and Neomail. [5] [6]
  • Ranks are not allowed to be decided by how many Neopoints a user has donated to the Guild. [7]
  • There is no way to allow a banned member back into a Guild. [8]


  • Any avatars that involve using a daily that rewards the player with items or Neopoints cannot be obtained on side accounts [1]
  • Only official Neopets accounts are able to use the "TNT Asplode!" avatar [2]
  • You can only receive an avatar for a game if the score you send is within the first three scores you send that day [3]. (NB: Certain events may cause you to be able to able to send your score more than three times daily, in this case, provided you can still send your score to receive Neopets, you can receive the avatar)
  • Editorial questions do not count towards the Neopian Times Writer avatar. [4]
  • Each part in a Continued Series will count towards the Neopian Times Writer avatar [5]
  • The Cellblock is not random, nobody has worked out the exact method for it yet. [6]


    Please note that the technology available to Neopets Inc. isn't good enough to distinguish between some of these cases easily. To be on the safe side, vary your refresh times and do not hold down the F5 Key for too long a time.

  • Holding down the F5 Key for an extended period of time is allowed.
  • Leaving an item on the F5 key, or taping the F5 Key down is not allowed.
  • Using any program that refreshes the pages for you is not allowed.
  • Opening multiple tabs and clicking the "refresh all" button is not allowed. [1]
(AKA: The Miscellaneous Section)
  • The only thing that affects the likelihood of receiving Random Events is the Neopets Birthday sidebar [1]
  • Neopets will always remain free to use [2]
  • It is against the rules to claim your Neopet is in a romantic relationship with another Neopet [3]
  • There will not be a pet renaming option anytime in the foreseeable future [4]
  • New flash maps created will not have the option to use an HTML mode [5]
  • Neopets often has times when the site is in its Xth year, but it only celebrates its (X-1)th birthday. This is because Neopets started on November 15, 1999. This was its first year. Thus, on January 1st 2000, Neopets entered its second year. However, it did not celebrate its first birthday until 366 days after its opening, on November 15, 2000. This means, it was in its second year of operating, but only one year old. [6]

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