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Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:43 pm

Snowball Club and golden compass come to mind. You might be able to find both for somewhere in the 90k range.


Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:30 pm

anyone else??


Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:36 pm

Golden compass is a solid choice, also what fairy abilitys do you have ?


Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:28 pm

*Casts resurrect on thread*

Right now my Maraquan Elephante has:
207 HP
202 Str
125 Def
Lvl 108
All relevant faerie abilities.

Is equipped with:
Virtupets X-514 Super Shield
Elephante Unguent
Honey Potion
H4k Helm
Ring of the Lost
Dusty Magic Broom
Sword of Skardsen (just aquired. used to be ylanas blaster)

I'm solely a 1P battler, with the additional approach of making sure I have as many HP as possible at the end of the battle, leading to a higher battledome score. If an opponent is causing me to score less than 100, I consider myself maxed out on that one.

Typical approach is:
Drain, Ring of the Lost, H4k
Berserk, HP, Sword
(If needed: Ring, Sword, Elephante Bump)
Ring, Broom, Burrow
Sword, Ring, Sink

And of course it varies a bit. Sometimes I'll have a need for the unguent. Downsize and the shield get almost no use currently. They're more useful in wars when I'm battling more aggressively.

I'm sort of edging toward focusing on training, though I'm often too lazy to bother searching for 5 codestones, and so little progress is made. I'm also torn between whether to improve defense now or leave it forever at 125. I want to get strength to 250 before I go much higher with health.

I'm thinking the next upgrade will be a Ghostkerbomb. That'll be a while in saving. I've got a couple million in the bank, 3 million invested in stocks (my main income source), and I like keeping items (e.g. haven't sold the ylanas)

Anything you think I'm doing wrong?



Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:46 am

I agree with training more. Yes its a pain and day to day it doesnt seem like your gaining, but over time it adds up.


Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:29 pm

I finally edited my first post on page one of this thread to include some of the new cheap, good weapons and remove some that are now overpriced or obsolete. If I forgot anything, let me know! I haven't been keeping up with the BD as well as I should lately.


Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:40 pm

^^^ Thanks a bunch :)


Fri Sep 30, 2011 4:51 pm

It may be a good idea to upgrade the front page again, because Faerie's Ruin released two powerful BD items that changed the market a bit (and they are cheap for what they do as well). Not only that but...IDB has been down for a long while. And finalhit has stepped down from the project. Ouch? :o


Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:33 pm

Ooh, bumpity-bump-bump-bump! (Not really, since this is a sticky. But whatevs.)

With the new battledome leaving your pet's health as it was at the end of battle, I foresee a better healer being important for the next plot/war. And I have a feeling others will foresee this need, too, sooner rather than later, escalating the cost of healers. Right now, my healer is a puny "greater healing scroll." My pet's stats are currently (but I'm actively training, via Secret Ninja school, lab, and quests/armoured neggs when I can get them):
Lvl : 269
Str : 523
Def : 469
Mov : 534
Hp : 508
Intelligence: 974

My other weapons: double Ylanas blasters, Hanso charisma charm, heavy robe of thievery, downsize!, parasol of unfortunate demise, devious top hat and cane, leaf shield, and some of the medium (semi-fragile) reflectors (50%), some of the altador cup weapons... mostly stuff I just picked up for free or for site event points. My battling is exclusively 1p: DoN, plots, wars, daily rewards. I have (had?) all the faerie abilities, and my usual battle strategy is double Ylanas blasters +(sink/burrow/drain life), though obviously I'd change that up for the tougher baddies -- and even now for the easier ones, just so I don't lose as many HP/battle.

My battle pet will eventually be an Island Mynci, and I'm not willing to change the species. From what I can tell, my best options are leaded elemental vial, jade scorchstone, {I could sell everything in my SDB and gallery and still not have enough NP for either of those} ice scorchstone (full heal, but only 24% chance of success, 3M HT), crisp blue tunic (steals 100HP from your opponent and adds it to your HP, 6.5M Brightvale Armoury), bag of healing dust (50% heal, 10M Magic Marvels), and/or everlasting crystal apple (30HP multi-use, 4M, cooking pot from HT items).

The ice scorchstone looks like a relatively quick way to fully heal between battles. During the last couple of plots, the big healing potions were ~1k apiece, and it would take 2-3 of them to heal my pet completely right now. So the ice scorchstone would pay for itself in ~1000 plot battles, assuming no additional inflation, just by healing between battles, even if I didn't use it in battle -- and I had more battles than that in TFR alone (though they didn't all need healing afterwards, obviously). Relying on it against big-bads would be risky, but if I don't care about my win record and just want the wins, it could get the job done, just a bit inefficiently. The everlasting crystal apple seems like it would also work for healing between battles (but take longer); I don't think it'd be useful against big-bads because if I'm really struggling, 30HP is not going to be worth sacrificing a weapon slot repeatedly.

The crisp blue tunic does take a decent bite out of the enemy (while giving it to you), though 100 HP is less than a 20% heal right now (and gets worse as I continue to train); it would also be a bit tricky (but doable) to use as a between-battles healer. It is only half the cost of the bag of healing dust. The healing dust, of course would work well between battles and in battle. But it's of course the most expensive option, too (it would take a large portion of my bank account). I managed to hit the caps in all TFR battles, but I had to use some of the battle freebies to do so (1-use full healers, thick smoke bombs, etc.), but Grainne was at least 2, maybe 3 or 4, boosts below where she is now, and I didn't have most of the defensive weapons I have now.

So... what should I buy? Ice scorchstone? Crisp blue tunic? Spring for the bag of healing dust?


Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:30 pm

Hmmm..choices. I am not a gambler, so I wouldn't go with the scorchstone.

Blue Tunic is a good intermediate healer, but not really suitable if it is only giving about 20% heal (less as you train).

Apple, sounds good in theory, but if your battles only last 2 or 3 rounds, then 30 isn't a lot to heal at one time.

Healing Dust is my pick. Actually with your analysis here, I am determined to get one for myself as well (currently using a Greater Healing Scroll! LOL )

I understand taking the risks on the most expensive, I went crazy and bought multiple big weapons, (hence the small healer), and now only have a few mill. But I decided that battling is what I wanted to do more than anything else on the site, so I saw it as an investment. (RoTL, springs to mind as a fantastic plot prize, due to having a good battle pet).

If you are not really saving the nps for anything in particular, then don't hesitate to spend it on weapons. :)

Good luck deciding Siniri. :)
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Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:27 am

Oh no, we're going to drive up prices against each other! :P Just kidding, hopefully we'll both be able to find one without ruining the market. I had basically talked myself into the bag of healing dust, but I figured my analysis was useful to me, so I'd post it anyway in case others found it useful. Thanks for confirming my instincts; it makes me feel better about dropping that many NP.

ETA: Ouchies! The price is already ranging from 15M to 25M on the TP (a 50% to 150% increase over TDN's price, though I've no idea when it was last updated on its site).

ETA (again): And I won one, for 15M. I think it's worth it. At least I hope so. Now to try to build my ravaged bank account again. Might be time to sell some things from the SDB.


Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:36 am

I say Bracelet of Kings would be the best option for all, because it's an everlasting healing item throughout a long fight. But I'm biased, so... :evil:


Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:38 am

Help! I need more weapons advice given that today is HT discount day and there's a war on. I'm a little scared of getting put in a high tier with my relatively cheap set against people who've done way more 2p battling than me (because I've done enough to get avatars and that's about it).

Current stats:
Level: 297
Health: 580 / 580
Strength: ULTIMATE (595)
Defence: ULTIMATE (590)
Move: ULTIMATE (585)
Intelligence: ULTIMATE GENIUS (1009)
(I train in Ninja School and w/ lab ray, though I try to keep things balanced. Cancelled a training today because zed codestone prices had doubled in 4 hours. Need ~10 days of training to get everything to the next boosts/training level.)

My current weapons:
2x Ylanas blasters (att 5F 2A 3E 3P each)
Hanso charisma charm (att 5L 5E, def all D)
Heavy robe of thievery (def 2L, 100% steal - if stealing is active during the war, 1x/battle)
Bag of healing dust (heal 50% of max HP, 1x/battle)
Randomly Firing Freeze Ray (50% freeze or 50% att 2W 2A, 1 freeze/battle)
Downsize! (def half of everything, 1x/battle)
Parasol of unfortunate demise (def all L 3W 2-5E)
Devious top hat and cane (att 2A 2P, def 3L 3E 3P - if attacked w/ air, def +3P)
Leaf shield (def 5E 5W 3P)
Earthen scorchstone (def 5A 5D)
Yooyuball goal net shield (def all A if attacked w/ E, def all F if attacked w/ A, or nothing)

I've also got a few of some 1-use/fragile items:
ornate fighting fan (att 5A 5E 5P) - 1 use
amulet of darkness (ref 75% D 25% F) - 1 use
amulet of reflection (ref all F all D) - 1 use
jade elixir (full heal) - 1 use
thick smoke bomb (def all) - 1 use
double dryer (ref 50% A) - fragile
turbo flame reflector (ref 50% F) - fragile
dual battle mirror (ref 50% L) - fragile
expert lens (ref 50% L) - not sure if it's fragile?
artisan lens (ref 25% L 25% E) - not sure if it's fragile?
ultra dark reflectorb (ref 50% D) - fragile
only 25% reflectors for earth and water - fragile
scroll of freezing (freeze 100%) - 20% fragile
several of the 15-icon attacking muffins (various combinations of icons) - 1 use
fire jug (att 3F 2L, def all W 2E) - 1 use
slippery floor potion (att 2A 2W 2P, def all F all W) - 1 use
stream of light (att 2A 2L, def all D 2E) - 1 use
several magic potions that def all of a single icon - 1 use

I do have a lot of TFR plot points left, so I could buy Brynns legendary sword, but it doesn't seem all that different from the blasters (or another Hanso charisma charm, but I don't need two of those). I don't want to overpay, so I'm only looking at HT items, mostly a shield or bomb, but maybe an upgraded attack weapon? Not sure what's best to round out my set. I'm looking to spend 8M, but it's flexible.

ETA: I bought a Kelpbeards Trident. I would have bought a Pirate Captains Hat, too, but you can only buy 1 HT item per day. I'll have to see how I'm faring in the war to decide whether it's worth paying full price (or if it's better to save a bit more for a better shield). The KT plus the now-working random freeze ray are awesome! I was able to handily beat the Snowager, whereas in the past I've struggled against him. I might even be able to beat him on medium now!
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