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 Post subject: A Case of Mistaken Age
PostPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2004 9:03 am 
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So the girls and I are just chilling in the living room, they are playing on the computer and watching tv while I am cruising the forums and playing Pyramids, and we hear a knock at the door. I wasn't really in the mood to see who it was and since I wasn't expecting anyone, decided to wait until they called out or went away. The person keeps knocking, which peaks my curiousity, so the girls and I sneak over to the window and peek out to see who it is. There was a man we didn't know standing there knocking. In the past, this has only meant trouble, so we just sat on the couch quietly hoping he'd leave. This man keeps knocking, so I give up and go to the door and open it. This is what the man says to me:

"Are your parents home?"

I just started at him, not believing what he just said. He repeated it since I had obviously not answered. I didn't feel like explaining that I was 26 and had 4 young daughters inside and just went along with it to get this man moving. So I answered:

"No, they aren't."

He then said that he was selling frozen food and asked if my parents would be home later and if they'd be interested. I told him that I didn't think they'd be interested. He stood there for a bit like I was trying to pull one over on him, then said thank you and left.


Are my parents home? What's with that? I know I'm short (5' 2.5") and all, but I'm 26! Am I ever going to look old enough where someone won't ask if my parents are home? I know I can call it a compliment and I've always been told it's a good thing to look younger than you really are and that I will enjoy it when I'm older and blah blah blah, but it's a lot different when you're the one dealing with it. My parents always made me say I was younger than I was so they'd only have to pay the child's price for me at amusement parks and restaurants. I didn't mind that too much because it benefitted them. Now I practically always get carded when I go to a bar or club, though. If we go out dancing, my younger sister won't get carded, but they'll ask me for mine. You'd think by the age of 26 I wouldn't have to deal with this anymore, eh?

Sorry for ranting, but this just happened and it hit a sore spot. :(

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