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Just a heads-up...

Tue Jun 01, 2004 7:13 am

Starting from Wednesday, until the weekend most probably, I'm away for a holiday somewhere in Devon. In the meantime, I've hired a robot to write posts for me while I'm away.

*blip* *whirr* Hello. I am Chris. If you eat coffee, you have an addiction to it. I have a dictionary of over ten thousand puns. *bip bip bip* *bleep* *click* *clank*

Tue Jun 01, 2004 8:13 am

Have fun on your holiday! :)

Are bots allowed on the forums? :P lol

Tue Jun 01, 2004 8:34 am

Heh. I want a modbot for when I go away! (Of course, that might put me out of a job...) In any case, have a great time while you're gone!

Tue Jun 01, 2004 12:03 pm

Haver a great time Chris ... *follows bot around*

Tue Jun 01, 2004 1:07 pm

Have fun! See ya later! *click* *beep* *whirr* Robin, why am I pretending to be you while you are here- SHUT UP- sorry *beep* *whir*

Tue Jun 01, 2004 2:50 pm

Have fun on your vacation :) Bots are fun to play with *randomly pokes bot*

Tue Jun 01, 2004 3:02 pm

Have fun! That bot could use some...adujestments...*Gets out power drill*

Tue Jun 01, 2004 5:24 pm

Have fun on your vacation!

I know I could use one right about now... :(

Tue Jun 01, 2004 8:08 pm

Lucky thing, I want to go away!

Have fun on your vacation though :D

Tue Jun 01, 2004 10:38 pm

Speaking of Vacations on the week of the 20th to the 26th I will be going on an Appalachian service project even though it's not really a vacation.

Tue Jun 01, 2004 11:12 pm

Alisquid wrote:Have fun! That bot could use some...adujestments...*Gets out power drill*

Chris has just generated a Chris-bot with his Box of Infinite Chris-bots!

*blip* *whirr* clank* I am Chris-bot no. 2. Bleep bleep.
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