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So, youve heard a heap about the stock market but are totally confused about how to play it? Well heres a little something that you might want to consider reading:

There are three main ways in which you can play the Neopian Stock Market. But first a few general tips.

Dont listen to what that Chia guy has to say cause he is always wrong J
Try and buy 1000 shares per day to maximize your profits
Keep an eye on your shares by visiting the market once a day at least.
The stock market should not be your only form of earning nps. Personally I play a few games and what not every day to make sure I have enough spending money.

Meet Nigel the Commodity Broker Chia. He will be helping you learn the ins and outs of the Neopets Stock Market. Hopefully you will end up as successful as him 🙂 Currently, there is a limit of 1000 shares per day for all players.

Yes, the stock market game can bring you in quite a lot of neopoints. I know some people who make over 40,000 np each day just from the stock market. However, even the stock market can break the nest of players and no one wants that to happen! So here is an in depth stock markets tips written by Kaori Chan

Stock Market Tips

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Fail Proof Profit

As soon as you go to the stock market click on bargains. When the page comes up buy a stock that is the lowest (usually 6) and if there are multiple stocks of say 6, buy the stock that has gone down the most. This stock is bound to go up because not only cant go much lower to what it is, but it will almost definately recover from its fall. By doing this everyday you will make huge profits and then you’ll be able to conquer the stock market! – Henry White