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Today I saw that I had a lot of items in my shop… good, right? No. All of these items were set at 99,999 neopoints, and I wanted to make money, not just show off my items, seeing as they were the most random things in the world. So what do I decide to do? Go through the tedious process of pricing my items.

I get in a good rhythm; copy an item name and paste it into Microsoft Word. Copy the next item name, paste it. And so on and so forth until I have my first thirty items in Microsoft Word and can now look up their prices. Now I have to copy the names of all these same items again and paste them into the Shop Wizard search box. After refreshing many times, I find the actual lowest price and decide to put my item a few neopoints below that one. Looking at the clock, I realize all of this has taken me eight minutes, and what do I have to show but the price of one item?

1. Opening Your Shop

Dont rush into opening your shop. You could take all of the time you need. The best time to open a shop is when you have above 5,000 neopoints because then youll have enough to restock at least once in 2 weeks.

2. Greeting Message

Your greeting message should be something welcoming and not commanding. For example, Come in and buy something, or else… is not a good greeting message. Along with messages that beg people to donate and messages that sound cheesy, like, Buy, Buy, Buy! A good greeting message is something like, Welcome, come in and look around. Or just simply, Welcome to my shop Good greeting messages are short and simple.

Now how could that be? Everyone knows that to have a good shop you have to have it big, with rare items, and not too cheap. Oh, and of course a nice background and plenty of dolls.

Au contraire.

Backgrounds and small doodads are hard to load, and many of us have small, outdated machines. Something that takes about 2 seconds for you may take almost 5 minutes for them! A background is okay, and maybe one or two dolls, but leave it at that.

Bigger isn’t better. Don’t waste all your money on this. Although it says “The bigger your shop the higher it is on the list” it’s not true. The shop wiz works for prices, not size. So even if your shop is size 2, you can still make as much money as those with a size 500.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Starting out
Chapter 2 – Good items to sell
Chapter 3 – Specialty Shops
Chapter 4 – Where to get items to sell
Chapter 5 – Hints and tips
Chapter 6 – Legal stuff

Chapter 1

So, you’ve just joined Neopets and you want to venture into the wild world of shopkeeping, eh? It won’t be easy. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day having a successful shop won’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make your shop big and successful. In case you don’t know how to create a shop, here’s how to create one. Click on the shops section on the Neopets sidebar. You should see a banner that says “The High Street” and there should be a group of icons near the top of the screen. Click on the wizard hat and it will take you to the Shop Wizard screen. Click on Create/Edit a shop and you’ll be able to type in a name for your shop as well as a description for your shop and you can choose a Shopkeeper and also give your Shopkeeper a name. After you do all that, click on the button above upgrade (the upgrade button may not be there when first creating a shop) to complete your shop. If you had the 150 neopoints required to create your shop, then congratulations! You are now a merchant! The next chapter of this FAQ will cover what items you should sell.

Neopets shop window

As you may know getting neopoints now-a-days isn’t that easy! Sure you can spin the wheels, and play Tombola, or fruit machine, and unless you have extremely good luck that can’t make your rich! One of the best ways to make neopoints is building a shop! It’s cheap to build and it is very quick and effective.

At first I thought this would be a lot of work but I was surprised on how easy it was! In the shop area click on the little shop icon to get started. There you can put in a shop description, shop name, and over 200 different shop owner pictures! The problem is what are you going to sell?