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Big thanks to AGENT 009 for providing us with the solutions!

There are a total of 6 stamps. Instructions on how to gain them all is below.

Start the game 3 times.
Complete the hard level.
Visit the website 2 times.
Send score twice.
Visit about page twice.
Send a challenge card.

It is quite annoying that you are not allowed to use the shop wizard when you are on a quest. You have to try your luck with the shop galleries to find the items you are looking for and if you are lucky you will find it, but at what price? Sometimes the items in the gallery are heavily over priced than the shop wizard. The trading post also requires luck. Some quests have to be completed within a short period of time like within 15 minutes or so.

Chances are that you will not get your item within the time limit from the trading post. There are several forums apparently where people help you out by searching the user names of people who have the item and give it to you but I have never bothered with doing that as it is too time consuming for me. I am sure you will agree with me that we all are here for an easy way out in what ever we do.

The Brain Tree is located in the upper middle right of the Haunted Woods. If you choose to except his challenge you will be asked to find out were and when a certain person died. The only way to find the answer to his question is by feeding the Esophagor twice. The Esophagor is located at the bottom left of the Haunted Woods. This greedy (whatever it is) has a huge appetite consisting mostly of Halloween food. The best way of getting this Halloween food is by looking on the shop wiz. If the wiz is too pricey you could help Edna in the Witch’s Cave ( located above the Esophagor) by finding the missing ingredients for her spell. Edna will reward you with anywhere from 200 to 2,000nps and a Halloween food. The more times you help Edna the higher your reward becomes. Once you feed the Esophagor once he will tell you when the person you have been looking for died. Feed him a second time and he will tell you were he died. After getting this information you will be able to answer the Brain Trees Questions. If answered correctly he will give you a handsome amount of nps and a rare battle dome item good for fighting with or worth bundle of nps.

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The Fire Faerie wants you to get her “Red Satin Collar”!!

Ever wonder why the faeries want these things? Or perhaps your imagination has dared you to think up new ideas for faeries. However it may be, there are wonderful things that happen when you come across a faerie. Fyora and elemental faeries give out random quests, but they don’t let you use the Shop Wizard (there are boards if you need help)! Illusen, Jhudora, and Taelia give quests where they tell you to get an item and certain set time to receive them in. Unfortunately, most of these quests aren’t profitable and therefore deemed unneeded, but they can be rewarding sometimes.

– First of all, you want to make money out of this quest, so set a budget for yourself. I think 5,000 np is reasonable, since her paybacks are rarely a lot more than that.

– If you think that her quest items are too hard to get, then DO NOT go and get them, she will not hurt you in anyway. Just wait until the time is up for the quest, go back, reload the page and do another quest.

– I always try to do 1-5 quests per day. Therefore, I have stored in my Safety Deposit Box 50 or so chocolates. I know people tell you not to keep expensive things in your deposit box, but buy chocolates directly from the chocolate factory and store about 1-2 of each type in your deposit box. Trust me, if you want to do a lot of Snow faerie quests, in the end, it will pay off.