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This is a guide to make you rich! But you must averaging good score returns at TONS of the games! This method is also a little time intensive. Without further ado, Here is the guide!

First play Ultimate Bullseye! This is EASY! Score 35 or higher and then send your score! If you get 34 and below, RESTART THE GAME! After you play you should have nearly 800 nps!

Now play Volcano Run. This is a bit tricky! You need to score 1200 each round! So this may-be one tricky one for some people! After you play, you should have nearly 2000 nps!

Then play Usuki Frenzy! This is probobly the simplist one! Score 195 each round! You should get about 290nps each round! After you play you should have nearly 2870 nps!

Neopets rules have always been a bit grey. Sometimes you can do this. Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you can have multiple accounts but just what can we do on these multiple accounts? What if I have brothers and sisters who also play Neopets? Will we both be frozen? How can you tell the difference? All these questions are answered with reference to Neopets editorial articles themselves so you’ll never question yourself again. (After all, it came straight from Neopets themselves.)

Click here to read The Ultimate Neopets F.A.Q.

Tips to help you get three magical plushies a day, and at least 2400 neopoints!!!

Being a Grand Master at Chomby and The Fungus Balls is difficult, but you only need 800 points to get a magical plushie. The most common plushies are red and blue, green is uncommon, and gold is really hard to get. I sell my plushies in my shop according to rarity. They seem to sell quite well.
But enough about that. You came here for a strategy guide.

Level 1: This ones pretty simple. You’ve got two mushrooms circling around this square with a turning door in it with a fungus ball inside, along with the star you need to get inside the portal. Notice that mushrooms move on a fixed path. This makes them easy to avoid. So just get past the two mushrooms, and try to get the fungus ball beside the lower right or upper right opening of the turning door. You’ll need to push the rotating door so that it forces the fungus ball out of the square, giving you a better chance to grab the star, and just get to the portal.

Ahh yes. These are the questions that boggle the mind and leave us gaping in awe at the wisdom of any who can answer them. Can you?

– Why does the igloo where Mika and Carassa live have an attic? More importantly, how did they ever fit that much stuff into their attic? Even if you only assume 1 single item per restock, and 7 average restocks an hour, that’s over 180,000 items in the last 3 years! Now, when you figure in that there’s usually at least 20 unique items, per restock, that brings you to about 3.7 million items, and when you figure in a minimum of 3 of each item, we get to over 11 million items… and that’s just a minimum. I’ve never seen an attic that big, and an igloo’s attic has to be smaller than a normal one, right?

Hilary Duff game, you are given a time limit in which you have to match Hilary’s song clips to the right description. Points for when you’re right and points taken away for when you’re wrong.

There are 7 tabs (2 fact files) which you drag and drop into the correct labels. Like most sponsor games, this game is incredibly simple and a great way to make quick neopoints. – Shoyru_Lover