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Neopets has been a fabulous experience. I have never played such an enthusiastic, enjoyable and exciting game. With loads of quizzes, puzzles and games, you will never get tired of it. Everyday there’s new parts to explore with learning experiences every step of the way!


You have the choice of easy, medium or hard. There are loads of different types to choose from and all different. Each one gets harder, so the harder it gets, the more neopoints you receive!


With over 20 different types of topics to choose from, they give you the chance to say what you want and when you want to say it. I often advertise my shop or say my opinion on games.

So, you’ve just created an account. You’re standing there with a couple hundred neopoints, wondering what do to. First off, create a neopet – any pet will do, they are mostly just for appearance and some special ineffective weapons.

Now, immediately after creating your neopet, go the Neolodge (located in the Neopia Central). Put him in a Cockroach Lodge (with no extras). As odd as it is, he’ll love it.

Now around the site you should see some banners, buttons, saying “get free neopoints when you…”. For now, ALWAYS participate in these offerings. They will increase your daily neopoint income greatly.

Now, take some of those hard-earned neopoints and donate around 150 – 200 neopoints to the money tree. Yes, you’re throwing your money away, but it makes you more “generous”, allowing you better luck in your daily rituals. Along with donating money, you should also donate any useless items you have. This will further increase your luck and fortune.

NUMBER ONE RULE!!! Be careful!!! There is no way to cheat, there are no Neopoint simulators, no one who asks for your password and name are going to leave empty handed. There is no possible way to cheat!!! You have to work hard and earn your points. Now that we have that out of the way…

1. First thing’s first…make a lot of neofriends and join rich guilds! People warm up to you quickly in guilds and it is possible to make friends in high places…if you know what I mean!

2. Take your time. Don’t feel that you HAVE to make 100,000 in 10 days, or 1,000,000 in a year. It is better not to rush and be careful and have fun with it. There is no NEED for neopoints at the very second. You can go slow and pace yourself. It will be a great accomplishment in the end!

Edited by Kristy West

When you first start, don’t start playing until the next day because you can’t do much.

1. Go to the soup faerie to feed your pet.
2. Go to the boards if you need advice and go to the newbies section.
3. On the boards DO NOT BEG or you will be unpopular.
4. Go to the games section and play destruct-o-match II.
5. Send your score and you will have a bit of np.
6. Play it 3 times and send your score 3 times.
7. You should have at least 900 np.
8. Next pick another game to play to make more money.
9. Go to the boards again but go to shop ads.

Strawberry Jelly for only 500np? I must buy it before someone else does!

Sound Familiar? Maybe not for strawberry jelly, which I thought was so good, but perhaps for another inexpensive Neopian item that, as a newbie, you paid too much for. When I first started playing Neopets I bought many foolish items from the top shops in Neopia for way more than they are worth. While Ive still kept a few of the things, like the ball of blue yarn (800np), Ive certainly learned my lesson as to how to make the most of the Shop Wizard, Auction House, and the Mystery Island Trading Post. Once I became familiar with Neopets I also discovered the greatness that is PPT. This website has taught me everything I know about Neopets and that is why I am now writing a guide for PPT and its other visitors about how to overcome the inexperienced newbie experience. So to all newbies: