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1. Open a bank account: The first thing you should do when you visit the bank each day is click the “Collect Daily Interest” button. Any time you earn NP, put it in your bank account. The interest will continue to grow. Never deposit or withdraw before you collect your interest or you won’t be able to collect your interest that day.

2. Open a shop: Sell your freebies and check the till often. Try to sell your items slightly below the lowest price you can find, using the Shop Wizard. If you sell items a few NP less than the lowest price, you should make a good profit fast.

Follow these simple steps to get AT LEAST 15k a day!

1. Do your dailies, Tombola, found on Mystery Island, Fruit Machine, Coltzan’s Shrine, both in the Lost Desert and try at the Shenkuu Lunar Temple and Geraptiku and the Wheel of Slime. You never know what might happen at the meteor crash site, for those who don’t know, just copy and paste,

2. Now, I know it’s annoying when reading a guide that says play these games, when half the games they list your not good at! So, make a list of games you are good at! (can get 1000 neopoints at) so, if you’re good at 5 games, you’ll get 15k within less then a day! Also, don’t just stick to those games, play others you’re NOT good at! If you’re not good, that’s ok, because there are games everybody is good at but if you play a hard game with good payouts, practice makes perfect, right?

Let’s face it, you are not the laid back easy going neopian. You are also not the type of neopian that finds it neccessary to spend more than 2 hours every day on neopets. Well then this guide is for you! This guide will tell you how to make it big time, considering how much you have currently =]

300+ Neopoints! *Note: This depends on your performance on this game
Name: Meerca Chase
Genre: Action
Difficulty: Easy
Average Time Taken: 3-5 minutes

To play Meerca Chase you must move the Meerca around the maze eating the Happiness Neggs using the arrow keys. The more you eat, the longer your tail gets! If you bump into the walls, or hit your own tail then you lose. The more Neggs you eat, the more points. Good Luck! Remember, stay away from the Red Neggs. If you pick up one of those, you lose!

Hi there! Im akemiakiko and Im going to tell you a quick and easy way of making lots of neopoints. I know some of those guides say that but sometimes they dont really help much or are nearly impossible. But Im going to tell you my way, which I know works. Lets get started.

Usually when I log onto Neopets, the first game I play is Meerca Chase. I dont know why I usually start with that one, but I just do. So lets start with that also.

1. Meerca Chase is a fairly simple game and is a great way to get neopoints. You may recognize it as Snake. You can either play at low, medium, or high level. When I first started Neopets I played it at low, but as I got better at it I moved to medium, then to high, which I play at every day now. I try to aim for at least 350 points, so I will get 350 np each time I send the score, and dont send my score unless I get that or higher. If you arent the best at this game you may want to have a lower standard at first but as you get better, youll want to increase that.

For those who want a quick 3000nps, read this.

Do remember that the games on Neopets are supposed to be fun. But if you’re like me and the fun has been zapped coz of all the overpriced items by greedy little munchkins, then this would be considered as a helpful hint.

Yes, yes, we all know ‘The Castle of Eliv Thade’. It’s really easy to score 1000np per game. Thus being 3000np for the whole 3 games. Wooo!

1) Open game
2) Open a new browser window and search for ‘word unscrambler’ or something
3) Use the word unscrambler to free yourself from frustrating jumbled words.

Sometimes a jumbled word comes out with different answers for it. For example: