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Hello Mr. (or Ms. or Mrs., whatever) “Looking-For-NP”. You’ve more-than-likely seen other guides that make you painfully get high scores in games, and make you sell items at incredible prices. They may say it takes a very short time to get 100,000 np, but it actually takes quite a while. This is guide is here to help you get a good amount of np (from 100,000 to 1,000,000) in about say, a month in a half (depending on how much time you spend on Neopets). Let’s Begin

Step One: The Games

Ok, first you must score 500 in Extreme Potato Counter… HA! Kidding. What you really need to do is play games that you’re good at, and try your best. I’m not forcing you to play games you’re not familiar with, or not good at. Take it easy, like the title of this guide says. You favorite game may end up being the featured game of the day, earning you double the NP from each play.

Okay so you want to know how to get more money well so do I.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to get a few things and they add up so over those weeks I’ve had to get my hands on all the neopoints I could and found out a few things.


Even if your not good at them at lest play they (you’ll win something) and don’t be afraid to try over again so you get a better score.


* Don’t be afraid to try the game of the day you get double what you win.

* Hannah and the ice/ Pirate Caves is a good game to play and in the pirate one you have a guide for the first few levels but you do get points (so do them even if you know how to play).

1. Play! Some people attempt to play hard games like Deckball when they want to get rich. Easy games are a good source if played enough times! Games like Chemistry for Beginners, Are You Toon Enough?, and Frumball are some of the best!

2. Risk it! Start to do free things and go to these places one or more times a day: Coltzan’s Shine, Guess the Weight of the Marrow, The Neopian Fruit Machine, Snowager, Tiki Tack Tombola, and Turmaculus if you have a petpet! These things are great sources also!

3. Cheap! A lot of people go out and by paintbrushes and other expensive things when they get to have around 50,000 NPs. Don’t! Feed your pets free and re-useable food like from Jelly World ( and omelette from Tyrannia. If you want to be rich, a lot of time where you don’t buy anything is going to be needed!

K, for making money, here are the simple steps to doing it:

1. Buy tons of green apples at the shop, usually the first time you feed them in a day, a wriggling grub will be in it. Sell it for 1,00 NP in your shop

2. Buy ANY competition that you have, like lets say you had a faerie for 3,777 and there’s one in the shop wizard for 3,667 NP, well buy his and sell it, too, and easy way of making a profit!

3. Always keep on checking back at the shop, because there are neggs there for only 60-100 Np. Buy them for a couple more NP to make sure, or try to make sure you get it. Then sell it for 1,000-2,000 NP.

In the Neopian bazaar, there are the Neopian shops. Every 10 minutes or so, they WILL restock. When they restock, there are often some items that you don’t see often, and those cost a LOT on the shop wizard. They are sold for very cheap at the Neopian bazzar shops though, so click on it and don’t haggle at all! If you get it, you often profit a lot! Even if you don’t want the item, buy it cheap and sell it at shop wiz price in your shop! You need to be very quick since the items are in great demand!