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After reading tons of get rich guides, I’ve decided to make my own.

I’ve read and re-read the printed out guides I have and I’ve found something they’ve all left out.

Do not spend your neopoints the second you get them! Remember, put at least half of your profit in the bank, the of half is for you to spend 😉 Now, I shall begin.

After you’ve made an account that suits you, you need to make four pets, you will receive 50 Neopoints per pet, it’s not much but that’s 200 added to what you start off with.

Next, don’t get your newbie pack and buy an item, and never have more than 10 items, if you do this, everyday you can get a cracker or a nerkmid, they sell for hundreds and thousands.

Rich has many different meanings. You could want 100,000 NPs or 100,000,000 NPs. Either way, here are ten easy hints to help you gain as many neopoints as you want, as long as you’re dedicated enough.

First and foremost, you must SPEND TIME ON NEOPETS. The more time you spend playing, the more random events you will have. Random events can be nothing, or you might get a paint brush worth two million neopoints. (Hey, it happened to me.)

Always play games. There are certain games on Neopets that I’m really good at. Other ones I’m not very good at, so I practice. Sure, I might only be able to get 300 NPs every time I play Meerca Chase, but that’s 900 NPs a day. That’s 27,000 NPs a month! 324,000 NPs a year! The point is, I’m not good at this game, but the more I play it, the better I get. For example, when I first started playing Volcano Run, I couldn’t get more than 100 NPs a try. Completely pathetic, I know! But now I score an average of 1,500 points each time I play. Practice is not overrated.

Heres a little experiment. I wanted to see what happens if you make my 15+K Per Day guides minimum 15,300 every day, plus you get daily interest from the bank and raise your account at every chance, and sell a scratch card every day for 50 np profit. How long would it take to get 1,000,000 nps with just the bare minimum, assuming you start with zero np and a bank account, and have no other income? Lets see…

Day 1
Bank Account Update: Super Gold Plus

Day 2: Bank Account Update: Platinum Extra

Day 3

Day 4: Bank Account Update: Double Platinum

Day 5: Bank Account Update: Triple Platinum

So, you’re just starting out on Neopets, or you’re an old-timer and looking for a way to earn some extra neopoints. Here are some simple things that you can do that will help you on your way to ultimate riches. Good luck!!

Tip 1

Save, save, save!! Always put your money into your bank account, and remember to collect your interest every day. Currently, I can collect 86 NP per day of interest. Over a 30 day month that’s 2,580 NP at least! Times that by 12 calendar months, and that’s 30,960 NP. Every bit helps!

Tip 2

Give your neopets a comfortable life, but not extravagant ones! There’s no need to buy that 500 NP toy for them, when a 100 NP key chain will do just fine. They get the same reaction from it, so why wouldn’t you just save the 400 NP? Also, with food, the daily omelette, daily jelly and soup kitchen (only if you’re really poor) do a great job. These are all free, and you get food for your neopet without spending any loot.

Most neopians get frustrated at the thought of getting large amounts of neopoints while enjoying themselves, there are a few simple tips to make sure that one can have the most fun as possible on neopets and still having enough extra cash for emergencies, or just to say you have a large amount of cash, if you’d like.


  • Play sponsor games; they are short, easy, pay more than decently, and some of them are actually really fun.
  • Keep track on your spending when playing chance games. These games are highly addicting, and thought they do sometimes pay out, it’s wise to keep a daily budget for games suitable to your income… for instance, if you earn 5,000 neopoints from action games in one day, put 4,000 in the bank and use the other thousand for wheels, dice and cards – when you run out DO NOT withdraw from the bank, ignore the itch until tomorrow.
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