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Whether you are a newbie, or a long time user, everyone wants to know the secrets to getting rich… and quickly. Before I begin, let me say that there is no magic way to earn neopoints. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Now, the first thing you want to do is go to all the freebies. Coltanzs Shrine, Fruit Machine, Tombola, and the Snowager are great ones to use. Once a month you can go to for 2,000 neopoints and free food for all your pets.

Next, play the sponsor games, because more often than not they don’t require any skill, and are fast. When they have a full load of games, I can usually make over 14,000 neopoints in a day. Another easy game is Fashion Fever, because all you have to do is start and end the game. Then, play the easy games, like Ice Cream Machine, Kiko Match II, and National Neopian, because they can get you a lot of money, even if you aren’t good at them. So, try to play as many games as possible, because, believe me, it can get you a lot.

K, for making money, here are the simple steps to doing it:

1. Buy tons of green apples at the shop, usually the first time you feed them in a day, a wriggling grub will be in it. Sell it for 1,00 NP in your shop

2. Buy ANY competition that you have, like lets say you had a faerie for 3,777 and there’s one in the shop wizard for 3,667 NP, well buy his and sell it, too, and easy way of making a profit!

3. Always keep on checking back at the shop, because there are neggs there for only 60-100 Np. Buy them for a couple more NP to make sure, or try to make sure you get it. Then sell it for 1,000-2,000 NP.

Here are some useful tips

Buy tons of bitten green apples at the food shop; usually the first time U feed your pets today, a wriggling grub will be in it. sell it for 1,000 NP in you’re shop. Or U could just sell the bitten green apple. You could also buy organic green apples; let your pet take a bite out of one, and it’ll turn into a bitten green apple, which can sell for at least 100 NP.

Buy ANY competition that U have, like lets say U had a faerie for 3,777 and there’s one in the shop wizard for 3,667 NP, well buy his/her’s and sell it, too; this is an easy way of making a profit because you buy the same item for less then what you R selling it for, yours should be the cheapest now in the shop wizard, and there will be plenty to go around!

If youre looking for a guide to tell you to do the freebies and play games, read one of the other neopoints guide on PPT, which ALL seem to be the same. Hope you like my guide, I tried to make it as different as possible from the other guides.

Easiest Way [I Know]

There are some items that can be used more than once such as omelettes. Some items are worth more after you use them once e.g. two dubloon coin costs about 3980 np to be precise, when you spend it on something worth one dubloon at the Golden Dubloon [a restaurant located in Krawk Island] you get one dubloon coin change, and a one dubloon coin is worth about 4500np [last time I checked], see where Im going with this? Another type of item similar to this are 1/3rds of pizzas, eat one piece and they usually end up selling for quite a bit more.

To get 100,000np is really easy. I don’t know why people grumble about it. Take these straight forward tips from the beginning and you will soon become a neo-millionaire!

1. Open up an account. You get 200np.

2. Make four pets. You get another 200np.

3. Open up a bank account to store your money in. Put the money you already have in the bank.

4. Play these games. Of course, there are a lot, but hey, you do want to get 100,000np?

Game Name Play it 1 time Play it 3 times