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Many Neopians claim that they do everything for their pets– playing games, selling items in their shops, raising their levels. In reality, most play for their own entertainment and later, as they become more immersed in the community, reputation. I don’t blame them. Though Neopets is intended to be all about raising your pet, it’s simply impossible to really care about a pet when to most Neopians, it’s just a picture on a screen that occasionally wants to be fed mointangible images or play with a new graphic. This is a slight fault of the game-makers, but with an imagination, you can take care of it easily.

This is one of the most useful solution for people like me who practically live in the battledome and aren’t lucky enough to have their pets fully healed at the healing springs every time.

Strangely enough this tip is so obvious I’m surprised no one ever noticed it before. It’s simple, fast, and has no strings attached.

1. First your pet must have the ability ‘Magic Berries’. You can get this useful move by giving your pet enough Earth Faeries. (It must be over level 6 or the faerie will just fly away.)

2. Now bring your pet to the healing springs. Even if the water faerie only raises your pets health a little bit this will still work.

When your neopet gains its abilities from faeries, it is automatically set to level 1. These abilities, however, are able to be upgraded. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a neopet with a level 10 ability? Here’s how.

Eat a Radioactive Negg

The Radioactive Negg will raise the level of a random ability that your neopet has.

Eat a Plaid Negg

The Plaid Negg has the same effect as the Radioactive Negg. Note however that eating a Plaid Negg can change your neopet’s colour.

Spin the Wheel of Excitement

If you land on the air faerie at the Wheel of Excitement, she’ll increase one of your neopet’s abilities. The ability she increases is random.

Ever wanted to become a Neopets hero? Im here to help you become that person, with this useful guide that I have written, to help you set up your own Adoption Agency. Creating it is very simple, but maintaining it, its challenging depending on your profits and youre Staff. A lot of people have asked me how to start your own Adoption Agency (or AA), so I came with these steps to help you. Enjoy!

First Step

Take a piece of paper and write down your Menu categories. This may include any Activities, Contact Form sections, etc. The more events you have going on, the more interesting your Agency will be! Heres a list example of what you could have:

So at the time of writing, there are 171 263 709 pets in Neopia. Admittedly, not all of these pets are in active accounts and not all of those active pets have owners that roleplay. Still, Id say about, what, 15%? 20%? of those 171 263 709 pets are roleplayed on a regular basis. While this is, admittedly, pretty darn cool and means that there are usually tons of roleplayers online, it also means that roleplayers are at a bit of a disadvantage. Point being: with that many unique and interesting characters being roleplayed out there, how can somebody make sure that their pet is a unique and interesting character?