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Kym Huynh —  March 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

Quick steps to a successful guild

Are you sick and tired of creating a guild that you have your heart set on making successful, then your heart is broken because you are having problems with getting people to join, well read these tips and bask in the glory of having a successful guild.

* Choose a theme. The first thing you want is a good theme so you can build your guild around it thus making it easy to build, e.g. battledome, Harry Potter etc.

* Choose a name. Once you have a theme it is easier to choose a name, Make the name a small but effective names that stick in your head, bigger names are really hard to get used to and are a put off towards guildless people.

In this guide I will walk you through the steps of running a successful guild. In particular, I will highlight 10 things that you need to consider when starting your very own Neopets guild.

I will tell you now it is not going to be easy. Most guilds that are started on Neopets do not progress beyond the initial first day. Want to know why? It all comes down to planning.

I have put some topics below which will help you plan out your guild so that it can start you off on your journey to becoming the best guild master on Neopets. Each topic will contain questions that you should ask yourself and reasons for those questions.

Basic Guild Vocabulary

This vocabulary list will help you better understand the parts of a guild, and terms that I will use on this page (and that are used frequently on the guild chat board).

Advertisers = People who advertise guilds on the guild chat board. They often use premade “copy-and-paste” ads with general guild information.
Council = The 5 people who lead the guild. The first is the owner, and the others are appointed by the owner.
Layout = The general appearance of the home page of a guild. It often consists of a background, a main image, and text concerning the guild.
Message Board = A place where guild members chat with each other.

Has it ever been your dream to be the leader of a successful guild? Well it was my dream and I succeeded so I am here to help you. I worked long on my guild and finally I got it just right. In nine easy steps you can have a good guild!

First You are gonna need a theme for your guild like Harry Potter or Paint Brushes or Avatars (mine is Paint Brushes)

Second You need a unique name for your guild and preferably not one with chatspeak (my guild name is Paint Brushes Etc.)

Third You need a layout to match your name. Your layout can be pre-made at first but after a while it is a good idea to get a custom one (somebody on the guild board can probably help you on a layout)


First things first. You will need a name for your guild, Make it flashy and original, for instance say you were to make an anime guild, you might try the name, ~The~Anime~Club~. Flashy original, and catchy. Then you will need a good description of your guild. Don’t say something like, “LOoKIng 4 a gR8 GuILd? TheN lOOK nO fuRtHer!” That is hard to read and not very descriptive. Try something like, “Looking for a great guild? Why not try our guild? We have giveaways, contests, MOTW, POTW, PPOTW, and so much more!” That attracts a lot of people by telling them a little about your guild, and making it sound like a really good guild :)