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Basic Guild Vocabulary

This vocabulary list will help you better understand the parts of a guild, and terms that I will use on this page (and that are used frequently on the guild chat board).

Advertisers = People who advertise guilds on the guild chat board. They often use premade “copy-and-paste” ads with general guild information.
Council = The 5 people who lead the guild. The first is the owner, and the others are appointed by the owner.
Layout = The general appearance of the home page of a guild. It often consists of a background, a main image, and text concerning the guild.
Message Board = A place where guild members chat with each other.

1. Never say: ‘If you join my guild you will get a great newbie pack!’ Trust me, it NEVER works!

2. Don’t ask anyone who has already got a guild.

3. Never say: ‘I’ll add you as a neofriend if you join my guild!’

4. Try to make a sensible deal with them.

5. Search for newbies without guilds on the Newbie Board.

6. Don’t ask anyone who tells you that they have blocked guild invites on they’re lookup.

7. Ask your neofriends.

8. Don’t bother asking anyone in the Guild Advertisements Board.

9. If your guild is private, and you are not the leader, then ask the leader first before inviting anyone.

The series of articles I am planning to write are similar to the show on MTV, but its me who is going to become the topic of the week.

This past week, I have tried to create a guild of my own, which was run under the username liv4damusic, where I and a couple people I found in chat rooms created a guild that teaches specific classes that help with travels throughout Neopia. The guild was called University of Neopia Central or UNC for short.

Day 1: I went into the guild chat room and tried to advertise my guild and the great idea of teaching classes. After advertising for an hour, I decided to work on the guild layout so its appealing to the eyes. At the end of the day I ended up creating 4 custom signatures for the 4 council members, as well as a new logo and a new banner.

In this guide I will walk you through the steps of running a successful guild. In particular, I will highlight 10 things that you need to consider when starting your very own Neopets guild.

I will tell you now it is not going to be easy. Most guilds that are started on Neopets do not progress beyond the initial first day. Want to know why? It all comes down to planning.

I have put some topics below which will help you plan out your guild so that it can start you off on your journey to becoming the best guild master on Neopets. Each topic will contain questions that you should ask yourself and reasons for those questions.

Has it ever been your dream to be the leader of a successful guild? Well it was my dream and I succeeded so I am here to help you. I worked long on my guild and finally I got it just right. In nine easy steps you can have a good guild!

First You are gonna need a theme for your guild like Harry Potter or Paint Brushes or Avatars (mine is Paint Brushes)

Second You need a unique name for your guild and preferably not one with chatspeak (my guild name is Paint Brushes Etc.)

Third You need a layout to match your name. Your layout can be pre-made at first but after a while it is a good idea to get a custom one (somebody on the guild board can probably help you on a layout)