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Basic Guild Vocabulary

This vocabulary list will help you better understand the parts of a guild, and terms that I will use on this page (and that are used frequently on the guild chat board).

Advertisers = People who advertise guilds on the guild chat board. They often use premade “copy-and-paste” ads with general guild information.
Council = The 5 people who lead the guild. The first is the owner, and the others are appointed by the owner.
Layout = The general appearance of the home page of a guild. It often consists of a background, a main image, and text concerning the guild.
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If you are having trouble getting members, then a good way to get people interested is by increasing your guild’s page views.

I know from experience that before I had my own guild and I was looking for one to join, one thing that would stand out was how many page views a guild had.

The more page views your guild has, the more that visitors will think your guild is popular because so many people have looked at it.

A guild with page views into the thousands is good. Most people like a popular guild because they know it will always be active.
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The series of articles I am planning to write are similar to the show on MTV, but its me who is going to become the topic of the week.

This past week, I have tried to create a guild of my own, which was run under the username liv4damusic, where I and a couple people I found in chat rooms created a guild that teaches specific classes that help with travels throughout Neopia. The guild was called University of Neopia Central or UNC for short.

Day 1: I went into the guild chat room and tried to advertise my guild and the great idea of teaching classes. After advertising for an hour, I decided to work on the guild layout so its appealing to the eyes. At the end of the day I ended up creating 4 custom signatures for the 4 council members, as well as a new logo and a new banner.
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Has it ever been your dream to be the leader of a successful guild? Well it was my dream and I succeeded so I am here to help you. I worked long on my guild and finally I got it just right. In nine easy steps you can have a good guild!

First You are gonna need a theme for your guild like Harry Potter or Paint Brushes or Avatars (mine is Paint Brushes)

Second You need a unique name for your guild and preferably not one with chatspeak (my guild name is Paint Brushes Etc.)

Third You need a layout to match your name. Your layout can be pre-made at first but after a while it is a good idea to get a custom one (somebody on the guild board can probably help you on a layout)
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First things first. You will need a name for your guild, Make it flashy and original, for instance say you were to make an anime guild, you might try the name, ~The~Anime~Club~. Flashy original, and catchy. Then you will need a good description of your guild. Don’t say something like, “LOoKIng 4 a gR8 GuILd? TheN lOOK nO fuRtHer!” That is hard to read and not very descriptive. Try something like, “Looking for a great guild? Why not try our guild? We have giveaways, contests, MOTW, POTW, PPOTW, and so much more!” That attracts a lot of people by telling them a little about your guild, and making it sound like a really good guild :)

PART TWO: A Layout

Another thing you need badly is a good layout. A layout has maybe one or a few pictures, similar to a blog, word boxes for contests, updates, and links. Maybe you have a guild about faeries, you won’t want a guild with a Darigan layout, as promising as that sounds ;) Also try making the colors of your guild match the colors of the layout, or the theme. A faerie guild should have bright colors, while a Darigan guild should be a dark purple theme.
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