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Budgeting Wisely by David

Kym Huynh —  September 24, 2016 — 1 Comment

When Ogling a certain item or thinking about buying your pet that toy think hard about how it will affect your budget, here are some wise tips to maintaining a healthy budget and keeping your pets happy and full… Neopets DON’T need toys, to eliminate ever needing to have toys and the such simply save up enough to buy each one (or how many you have) a PetPet. They keep your pets happy and the whole NP wasting toy thing is done, A tip though that is sure to keep your pets very happy every now and then Switch PetPet’s and watch the effect. Now if your Neopet Doesn’t like the PetPet you supply it with that is fine (I take the example from a recent incident with an Angelpuss and a Gelert) just sell that Neopet (Or Trade) and with the money acquire a new one.

Please note: ALL contests are now banned from Neopets. Please do not read this article (even though it is quite good).

Looking over as usual, I came across an article of how to choose the best contests to participate in, and how to run a good one too. I read the article, and got very frustrated with what it said. It was saying that the only contests you should join are the ones that are where you spend the most. It was also saying that the shop should keep a running total of who is winning, etc. etc. Now this is reasonable advice, but seriously, I think that this person was putting out in valid information. I do not participate in any sort of contests on neopets. The only contests I would participate in, are ones where all you do is simply post a message in a chat or something and your name gets put in a hat to win a prize, or the ones where you guess someone’s middle name, and so on. The only contests I would participate in are those kinds, where you don’t lose anything. I would encourage no neopet users to join in on contests where you have to BUY expensive items to win something. I would also discourage them for running contests. Here is why. Participating in a contest can cause you to lose thousands of NP. For example, say someone is running a contest where as if you spend the most you win, say, a faerie paint brush. 1. This person may not even have a faerie paint brush. Don’t be tricked if they say they have one, and display it in their shop. This “paint brush” could be an image, and is fake. They also could really have a faerie paint brush, but is not actually going to give it away. Even if they display a rare item or say they have it, don’t be fooled, you have been warned, LOL. 2. You have to spend thousands on something simple such as an apple! It is an easy way to lose all of your NP, and end up with nothing but useless items and a scammed self. 3. Say this person really IS going to give away a rare item. There is a chance that it might not be you. You could end up spending 5,000, but someone else spent 7,000, therefore, you would have spent alot of money on nothing. Concluding Quote: ~Even though some people have honest contests, still, you may not win. And 7/10 of them are really scammers, pretending to hold a contest. Please, I would advise you not to participate in any sort of contests where you have to spend NP, give away items, etc.~ Why not to hold a contest: Ok, so you want to do something nice and hold an honest contest. You have a disco fever paint brush on hand that you don’t really need. So you decide to hold an innocent contest where whoever spends the most NP gets your paint brush. 1. Others might think this is a scam. They could report your shop, and then, well, “Goodbye Account!” You would end up frozen or disabled. Remember, the neopets team discourages shop contests, so they would be glad to freeze an account holding a contest. Closing Quote: ~It’s best not to hold contests in your shop. If you have a rare item on hand, instead of putting it in the spot of 1st place for your contest, put it in a spot for your shop. Then you can get that item off hand and make some good honest NP~ Frankly, I think it is a stupid idea to join in on contests, and even riskier to hold them. It may seem like a fun or good idea at first, but after you do your homework like me, you can figure out pretty quickly that it is a not so great idea, ending up to scams, lost NP, and sorrowful selves. Please take this information for your further neo-life on the wonderful, yet at times cold and brutal, *~*Neo World*~*

The good Neopian lifeWhen I first started to play Neopets, it took me awhile to figure out what I should do daily. Here is a guide to a healthy Neopian life.

Every day, when I first log in to Neopets, I go to some areas that offer free items. I first go to Tombola, which is located on Mystery Island. It hands out things like bottled faeries, codestones, and neopoints. After that, I go to Coltzan’s Shrine, which is in the Lost Desert. Coltzan can raise your pets level, defense, intelligence, or she will give you neopoints. Then I visit the Giant omelette, Jelly World, and the Fruit Machine for free food.

Increase Random Events

Kym Huynh —  February 24, 2016 — Leave a comment

Play web-based games by xOperaGhostx

If you want to get random events where you find free neopoints or codestones on the floor, play games like cellblock, neggsweeper, cheat or bilge dice. Basically any non-flash game where the page is refreshed numerous times. I usually find that while I’m playing those, I get a lot of random events. I wind up finding two or three codestones plus a map piece each day!

Please note: ALL contests are now banned from Neopets. This article remains online for archival purposes.

Everyday on the chat boards (I primarily lurk in Help chat board but I am sure these happened in all the other chat boards) we can see player advertise about “NEW COMPETITIONS – WIN SO AND SO” Granted it’s very annoying to see all these boards. (but where else can they advertise?) Sorry, but I digress. However it’s very hard to see any competition worthy of participating. I will never pay a lipstick for 500NPs. It’s really a matter of principle. I mean why would you want to pay for so much something that is virtually useless? Here are some of my tips of making a contest worth participating or simply showing a guideline of which contest is worth participating.