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Food Tips

Kym Huynh —  September 5, 2017 — Leave a comment

Food Tips

1) Instead of waiting for food at the food store, click on the Art Gallery. There’s a coffee shop in there, and coffee feeds your pet a little bit more than a regular food item would have. Although it’s a bit more expensive (rounding 60 Np-500 Np), its worth your while.

2) Why even feed your pet when there’s an even more efficiant way to feed? The Neolodge will house you pet for about and month for just 140 np! Simply go to the Neolodge, book you pet into Cockroach Towers for 28 days and you’re done for a month! – shoyruhotte

Sometimes, Standing Still is Good!
On Treasure Planet, I would suggest playing the actual levels as you normally would. However, if you find yourself heading toward a rock that you cannot avoid, try NOT MOVING;
there’s a chance you’ll just go right through it. When you get to the part of the level where the pirates attack, DO NOT MOVE AT ALL. Jim dodges some of the barrels on his own. Even so once he stops dodging, if you do not move, the barrels pass right under him without even touching the solar surfer – maconsucks

Had problems making money? Are you mad at the super rich for not sharing their wealth? Well, so was I. Then I realized that the super rich aren’t going to up and give you the Rainbow Scorchstone or Tiki Amulet you always wanted. So, you have to make it on your own!

1. Visit the Fruit Machine, Coltzan’s Shrine, and Tombola in the beginning of each day. In order to visit the Shrine and Tombola your account has to be 2 days old.
3. If you had items in your shop then check your shop till.
4. Collect interest at the bank.

A Brush With Fate Tips

Gaby —  August 8, 2017 — Leave a comment

Basic Tips

  • Stay away from the plaque and food. If your low on life get the blue “Oral-B” signs.
  • When you are down to the red in health, get the lighter teeth first so it doesn’t take as long! – Ash

Gain extra points

If you reach a point where you’re totally surrounded by enemies who are going to crash into you on their next move, press the space bar to fire, even if it isn’t your move. Sometimes, if you’re quick enough, you will score points for shooting some of the enemy fighters before they crash into you. – fruitrach

General tips to keep in mind

When you first start the game there is a gem somewhere on the field to grab. If it not a purple or white gem I suggest starting the game over. Points are hard to earn so purple gems are important to grab. White gems are rare is grabbing them will also help.