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Cocoa Puffs Solutions

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Group 1 Solutions

How Sonny feels when he eats Cocoa Puffs – SATISFIED
Cocoa Puffs has a great _____ flavor – CHOCOLATE
‘Right ____ rain.’ – AS
Cereal ___, in Neopia Central – ADVENTURE
Frosted ___ Puffs – CORN
Cocoa Puffs is a ____ come true – DREAM
Cocoa Puffs is usually eaten in a ____ – BOWL
General ____ – MILLS
___ Corn Puffs – FROSTED
Neopets ____ com – DOT
To float – HOVER
You ____ go cuckoo, too! – CAN
What you breathe – AIR
_____ helps your bones grow strong – CALCIUM
Fluffy Petpet with large mane – NOIL
A type of gem – RUBY
Pour this on your Cocoa Puffs – MILK

Group 2 Solutions


(Black + Belching) + Stir = Black + Foaming
(Black + Boiling) + Add a Lump of Felrum Jelly = Green + Still
(Black + Burning) + Add Noil Hair = Cyan + Burning
(Black + Burning) + Add Scabergy Juice = Black + Bubbly
(Black + Foaming) + Add Blue Juice = Orange + Foaming
(Black + Foaming) + Add Cactopus Juice = BANG
(Black + Foaming) + Add Froiler Juice = BANG
(Black + Frothy) + Bring To Boil = Blue + Smoking
(Black + Milky) + Add Herbs = Black + Frothy
(Black + Milky) + Simmer = Tartan + Burning
(Black + Noxious) + Add Herbs = Cyan + Noxious

Mia’s Makeover Solutions

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Are Princesses allowed to squeal in public or scream things like ‘Hey, girl!’ when they see one of their friends?
No way, that’s totally rude for a Princess to do

As a royal, especially when it comes to the art of conversation, it is your duty to…
Keep the conversation going

As a royal you can put your guests at ease by asking them what kind of questions?

How should you address fellow royals?
Your Majesty

How should you dress if you are a representative of your country?
Modestly and with style

How would you address an ambassador?
Your Excellency

If the conversation lags, which of the following topics will your guests be more interested in?

– Ranveig Belt

13 Going on 30 Solutions

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Thanks to Mermaid Hil for her contribution to these solutions! If Jenna is 30 years old in 2004, in what year was she 13? 1987 In which film did Jennifer Garner appear with Ashton Kutcher? Dude, Wheres my Car? In which film did Jennifer Garner appear with Leonardo DiCaprio? Catch Me if you Can What does Jenna think of her parents when shes 13? Theyre dorky What enabled Jenna to skip all those years? Wishing dust What game does Jenna play at her 13th birthday party when everyone deserts her? Seven Minutes in Heaven What is appropriate attire for a magazine editor while at work? A suit What street does Jenna live on in 2004? Fifth Avenue What type of magazine does Jenna work for? Fashion What TV show features Jennifer Garner as an international spy? Alias What year was Jenna born? 1974 When Jenna wakes up to discover shes 30, what is her occupation? Magazine editor When Jenna skipped from age 13 to age 30, how many years did she skip? 17 Where does Jenna live when shes 30? New York Which artist did not have a hit in 1987? No Doubt Who does Jenna mistake for candy? Eminem Who does Jenna try to find in 2004? Matt Who is Jennas best friend when she is 13? Matt Who is Jennas best friend when shes 30? Lucy Who lives with Jenna in 1987? Her parents Who lives with Jenna in 2004? Her boyfriend Who sang the 80s song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Cyndi Lauper Who sang the 80s song Thriller? Michael Jackson Who was the President of the United States in 1987? Ronald Reagan