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A quick cheat for Faerie Caves II: Fyora’s Quest

Typing the word quaglor at any point during the game, allows you to skip a level, but any points scored will disappear.

General tips and walkthrough

And now we move onto the general tips and walkthrough section for Faerie Caves II: Fyora’s Quest!

  • Most levels have multiple solutions.
  • Be careful where you walk because is very easy to push a boulder or balloon onto you.
  • Don’t carry a torch when you walk near dynamite. If a stick of dynamite goes off near another stick of dynamite, it will cause a chain reaction. Boom BOOM Bo Bo Bo BOOOM.
  • (more…)

Cocoa Puffs Solutions

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Group 1 Solutions

How Sonny feels when he eats Cocoa Puffs – SATISFIED
Cocoa Puffs has a great _____ flavor – CHOCOLATE
‘Right ____ rain.’ – AS
Cereal ___, in Neopia Central – ADVENTURE
Frosted ___ Puffs – CORN
Cocoa Puffs is a ____ come true – DREAM
Cocoa Puffs is usually eaten in a ____ – BOWL
General ____ – MILLS
___ Corn Puffs – FROSTED
Neopets ____ com – DOT
To float – HOVER
You ____ go cuckoo, too! – CAN
What you breathe – AIR
_____ helps your bones grow strong – CALCIUM
Fluffy Petpet with large mane – NOIL
A type of gem – RUBY
Pour this on your Cocoa Puffs – MILK

Group 2 Solutions


(Black + Belching) + Stir = Black + Foaming
(Black + Boiling) + Add a Lump of Felrum Jelly = Green + Still
(Black + Burning) + Add Noil Hair = Cyan + Burning
(Black + Burning) + Add Scabergy Juice = Black + Bubbly
(Black + Foaming) + Add Blue Juice = Orange + Foaming
(Black + Foaming) + Add Cactopus Juice = BANG
(Black + Foaming) + Add Froiler Juice = BANG
(Black + Frothy) + Bring To Boil = Blue + Smoking
(Black + Milky) + Add Herbs = Black + Frothy
(Black + Milky) + Simmer = Tartan + Burning
(Black + Noxious) + Add Herbs = Cyan + Noxious

Mia’s Makeover Solutions

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Are Princesses allowed to squeal in public or scream things like ‘Hey, girl!’ when they see one of their friends?
No way, that’s totally rude for a Princess to do

As a royal, especially when it comes to the art of conversation, it is your duty to…
Keep the conversation going

As a royal you can put your guests at ease by asking them what kind of questions?

How should you address fellow royals?
Your Majesty

How should you dress if you are a representative of your country?
Modestly and with style

How would you address an ambassador?
Your Excellency

If the conversation lags, which of the following topics will your guests be more interested in?