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Overview: Your character has to go through 20 levels collecting parts worth anywhere from a measly 1 point to a whooping 250 points! In some levels the main point-gaining method will be collecting the parts, but on certain levels there are good opportunities for you to smash Moon Rock Monsters for a lot of points!

Max points: I am sure I haven’t found the way to get the maximum amount of points from this game, but I have gotten to the top of the High Score board, so I’ve done something right : I don’t usually spend my time trying to smash as many monsters as I can. I know it is possible to smash monsters on all levels, but I’ve only listed it under the ones I use. Also, you will want all three of your lives in level 20, so if you lose a life anywhere in the game you will have to start over if you want one of those top score! I’ll explain more on that near the end.

If you get a question on the game that isnt listed here, please neomail pets_from_pound60 with the question, the answer options, the answer you chose, and whether it was correct or not. Thank you to these people, who found the answers to two questions that I needed: lilythemonkey, siennacat13. Thanks!

Notable Neopets

Of which Neopian Species is the maitre d at kelp a member?
– Scorchio

What is the name of Iscas sister?
– Caylis

How many limbs does Gnarfas, the Werelupe Kings minion, have?
– Six

Which of these petpets is not featured in Extreme Herder
– Harris

Which of these Faeries is not featured in Faerie Cloud Racers?

Picture 1

The is one suitcase
Orange hearts on chair (answers 2 questions)

Picture 2

There are 5 suitcases (1 is a purse, I guess)
Santiago is holding the plane tickets
Abuela is holding Paco

Picture 3

The car is red
Abuela is NOT in the picture
There are 2 suitcases NOT in the trunk
There are 5 suitcases IN the trunk

Picture 4

They are near a Coffee Shop
They are near a Grocery Store
Paco is NOT in the car
Santiago is driving

Picture 5

There is a blue truck in front of the family car
The helicopter is green
Santiago is driving

Picture 6

The sign is green
The plane is orange
Miguel is pointing at the plane

Picture 7

The luggage tags are orange

A big thanks to Sean Awning for providing us with the answers!

Clues/ Matches

Comes with a Polly doll!/ Costume Party Bag
Customize your stuff with stickers YOU design!/ Stylin Sticker Maker
Decorate your room with this fountain!/ Fountain Falls Playset
Design your own stickers!/ Stylin Sticker Maker
Hang n display your stuff!/ Costume Party Bag
Her pink jeans are oh so stylin!/ Shani
Her pink sneaks are super sweet!/ Lea
Her sassy pigtails are totally cute!/ Lila
It bubbles n swirls!/ Bubble/ tastic Lamp
It glows in four different colors!/ Bubble/ tastic Lamp
Pollys swimsuit lights up in the falls!/ Fountain Falls Playset
She looks splash/ tastic in her swimsuit!/ Polly
She loves her fab purple mini!/ Lila

Q. How many brothers does Kenai have?
A. 2

Q. How many songs did Phil Collins compose for Disney’s Brother Bear?
A. 6

Q. If Tuke is a moose, what are Tuke and Rutt?
A. Moose

Q. In Brother Bear, who is Tanaha?
A. The Shaman woman of the tribe.

Q. Sitka, Kenai’s brother, recieved a totem representing guidance. Which animal is it?
A. Eagle

Q. What is another name for the Aurora Borealis?
A. The Northern Lights

Q. What is the name of Rutt’s brother?
A. Tuke

Q. What is the name of the song that Tina Turner sang in Brother Bear?
A. Great Spirits

Q. What is the name of the young bear that befriends Kenai?