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Q. How many brothers does Kenai have?
A. 2

Q. How many songs did Phil Collins compose for Disney’s Brother Bear?
A. 6

Q. If Tuke is a moose, what are Tuke and Rutt?
A. Moose

Q. In Brother Bear, who is Tanaha?
A. The Shaman woman of the tribe.

Q. Sitka, Kenai’s brother, recieved a totem representing guidance. Which animal is it?
A. Eagle

Q. What is another name for the Aurora Borealis?
A. The Northern Lights

Q. What is the name of Rutt’s brother?
A. Tuke

Q. What is the name of the song that Tina Turner sang in Brother Bear?
A. Great Spirits

Q. What is the name of the young bear that befriends Kenai?

Helpful links: (Maps, skill information, levels to fight bosses, monster stats, and other information) (Maps, boss guides, monster stats, etc)

This is not a skill or boss guide, and the above links have very detailed information about both. I will tell you what good levels are to fight bosses as they come along, and mention specific points about bosses, but Im not going to break it all down. Refer to one of the links above for detailed information about bosses, like there hp, and all of the abilities they have. Also, all levels given are meant for normal mode games, as thats usually the people who need walkthroughs.

Thanks to Brenda for the solutions!

At the beginning of April, Chelsea was crushing on (but became just friends with): River
At the end of April, Hudson helped Barbie: Decorate her place for spring
At the end of March, what kind of ‘outrageous’ store did Nolee take Chelsea to? Candle store

Chelsea and the girls went to see River: Play with his band

During the trip with her dad, where did Madison meet that crush-worthy cutie? On the plane ride home

In April, Madison’s dad suggested she volunteer at the: Animal Shelter
In her purse, Madison keeps tickets for: Shows
In her sketchbook, Chelsea drew a vanilla suede: Football stitch bag

A big thanks to 53_robin for providing us with the solutions!

There are 6 stamps to collect. It is quite easy to complete it and you can earn 500np from completing it.

First stamp: Play the game three times to obtain it.

Second stamp: Complete the game once to obtain it.

Third stamp: Send your score twice to obtain it.

Fourth stamp: View the trailer twice to obtain it.

Fifth stamp: Visit the ‘About’ section to obtain it.

Sixth stamp: Visit the website twice to obtain it.

For each question, you will listen to a short clip from a popular holiday song, and then you must choose what the next line of the song will be. Try to get all of the questions correct! taken from Neopets. This is a Quiz and Words game.

In this seasonally colored guide, I want to help you get the max score, 400, from the game! Songs are alphabetized, according to the first word in the song, answers are bolded.

Its a 1:1 ratio for neopoints, meaning what you score is what you get. Answering before the song finishes will give you 40 points for the round. Answering after the timer begins will only bring you 30 points for the round.