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Max Keeble Bonus Moves

Kym Huynh —  August 1, 2016 — Leave a comment

Extra huge sausage – 19 points
Chilli + Cheese + Hot Dog + Bun = Chilli Cheese Hot Dog – 10 bonus points

For two years, Jesse was part a daytime drama TV show. Which one? All My Children

How many band members made up the group Dreamstreet? 5
How many songs has Jesse released as a duet with another artist? 1

Jesse has the same number of brothers and sisters in real life as he does on TV. How many? 1 brother, 1 sister

Three song titles on Jesse’s album have the same punctuation mark. Which one? Question Mark

What exotic food did Jesse like as a toddler? Smoked Oysters
What is Jesse’s favorite season? Summer
What is Jesse’s favorite sport? Baseball
What is Jesse’s favorite winter sport? Downhill Skiing
What is the name of the character that Jesse plays on the hit TV show, Summerland? Bradin

Level 1: A water level!!! It’s not too hard though, because the water doesn’t start flowing right away. Run to the right and collect the treasure, avoid the enemy of course. If the water fills up a bit where the next few treasures are, swimming up and avoiding running into the Pawkeet might be tricky! Jump up and go right, there are some boxes of treasure there. Go up the platforms, and go left. Collect the treasure, if it says 17/18 treasures don’t worry! Go right, and right beside the exit door is the last treasure. Get it, and there you go 🙂 If you decide to go into the secret area and collect the gem, the only way out is coming out of the one wall. But if you do that, you missed quite a few treasures. Go back and get them! Be careful, by then the water level might be up quite a ways! Very easy level.

Written by Magenta
Finally a game for us puzzle lovers! (Well, other than Faerie Caves). The great thing about this game is that you can lose as often as you want, and it doesn’t count against you. That leaves you free to explore and try out new things.

The game becomes easier once you learn how the Guards move, so you can better avoid and outsmart them. The first rule is that if you are within their “awakening distance” the Elephante guards will move up and down the screen to follow you unless there is something to block them from moving up and down. At this point they won’t move left or right any more unless you come back into line with their left or right. I will refer to an elephante stopped at a block as being “trapped” and as walking in line with a trapped elephante as “releasing” him. The elephante will also move left or right if he manages to catch up with your position on the “up/down” axis as you run from him.

In this game you are Orrin the Nimmo whose job it is to collect items and Snorkles for the Shenkuu Lunar Festival celebration.

The game consists of three timed stages, with less time allowed per round (clarification: time doesn’t speed up on each round, but the time allocated is dependant on how fast you completed the previous round). You must collect 6 items on the first round, 10 on the second and 12 on the third. You are given bonus points at the end of each round dependant on the time it took you to complete. If the time runs out it’s game over, you have no ‘lives’. The locations of the items change so there is no set solution, but here are some tips.