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It is very simple to win 390 points each day just answer the questions 10 times each game. There are no wrong answers.

For the Collection Quest you will find the stamps with these actions:

Gold Stamp – Finish Quiz one time
Red Stamp – Send Quiz Score twice
White Stamp – Start Quiz three times
Yellow Stamp -Visit “about film” section
Orange Stamp -Watch Trailor twice
Green Stamp – Visit Website twice

This will get you a one time prize of 500 neopoints! – deanna

King Arthur play buttonCerdic and Cynric are from the invading __________ forces in the movie KING ARTHUR. Saxons
Guinevere is an expert______ in the movie KING ARTHUR. Archer

In the movie KING ARTHUR, Arthur is half British and half ______. Roman
In the movie KING ARTHUR, Merlin is a, master of guerrilla warfare and also the leader of the _______. Woads
In the movie KING ARTHUR, Pict or pictus actually means the Painted People. What do the Romans call them? Woads

The actress who plays GUINEVERE also starred in an action adventure blockbuster in 2003. Which movie is it? Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
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This step – by – step guide will tell you how to complete each level perfectly, with added advice in getting bonus points. Neomail me if you have any suggestions for this page, or if there is anything you think I should add or change.
World : Neopia Central
Game Type : Puzzles
NP Ratio : 50 NP per 100 pts scoredOooh… what a wicked Ruki. He has stolen all the dice from all the board games in Neopia! Think of all the children on Christmas morning who won’t be able to play their christmas presents! No more Adventures in Neopia, no more NeoQuest: The Board Game… just boring old TV :(

You must enter his evil dimension and free the dice! Control each dice by using the arrow keys. The topmost face of the dice must match the exit tile in order to finish the level. Every move that you take will make your bonus smaller, so try and complete the levels as quickly as possible. You will lose a life if time runs out, and you only get three lives.


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To get the Dice Escape avatar, just send a score of 1,000 points or more; it must be one of your first three submitted scores of the day. It’s easy with the help of this guide!

Thanks to hintswen for providing us with the answers!

Who performs the song “Move it Like This” on the Radio Disney “Move It!” Album? Baha Men
Who performs the song “Gonna Make You Sweat” on the Radio Disney “Move It!” Album? C+C Music Factory
What song does 2 Unlimited perform on the Radio Disney “Move It!” Album? Get Ready For This
What is the name of the Bahamian music and dance tradition that heavily influences the music of the Baha Men? Junkanoo
What song does Los Del Rio perform on the Radio Disney “Move It!” Album? Macarena
Who performs “Macarena” on the Radio Disney “Move It!” Album? Los Del Rio
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In this game you are Orrin the Nimmo whose job it is to collect items and Snorkles for the Shenkuu Lunar Festival celebration.

The game consists of three timed stages, with less time allowed per round (clarification: time doesn’t speed up on each round, but the time allocated is dependant on how fast you completed the previous round). You must collect 6 items on the first round, 10 on the second and 12 on the third. You are given bonus points at the end of each round dependant on the time it took you to complete. If the time runs out it’s game over, you have no ‘lives’. The locations of the items change so there is no set solution, but here are some tips.
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