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This is a guide to Edna’s Shadow. This isn’t a complete guide, but the levels listed so far should be a little easier if you read it.

You move around with the arrow keys and attack enemies with the space bar.

The levels vary a little with every game, like which ingredient is where or how the enemies move. There are no major changes.

The premise of the game is to collect all ingredients in the level and have both Edna and her shadow touch the cauldron AT THE SAME TIME.

Careful: If either Edna or her shadow touches an enemy, the other half cannot collect items until she touches the trapped one.
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Thanks to Stacey for providing us with the solutions!

First Picture

Where does Aquamarine spend her nights? Water Tank
What colour are Claire’s Sandals? Pink
Where do the girls first see the mermaid? In the pool

Second Picture

Who is calm when the girls meet aquamarine? Aquamarine
What’s on the ground next to Hailey? Backpack

Third Picture

Whom do the girls consider themselves experts on? Ray
What colour is Claire wearing? Yellow

Fourth Picture

What happens to Aquamarine at sunset? She gets her tail back
What is in the backround? Caution Tape

Fifth Picture

What colour is Aquamarines tail? Silvery Blue
Where does Aquamarine spend her nights? Water tank

Sixth Picture

What is Aquamarine eating? Ice cream
What colour are the streaks in Aquamarines Hair? Blue

Seventh Picture

Who walks in on Aquamarine while she’s in the tub? Ray
What colour are the curtains in the Bathroom? Pink

Eight Picture

What is Ray Holding? Inflatable Dolphin
What is Aquamarine hoping to find? True Love

Ninth Picture

Ray is amazed to find out what? Aquamarine has a tail
How many necklaces is Ray wearing? 2

Tenth Picture

Why are they out in the ocean? Aquamarine was pushed into the water.
What colour are Rays shorts? Brown

“We’ll keep stepping up and just won’t stop”… according to what song? “Bop to the Top”
According to “Stick to the Status Quo”, it is better by far to… Keep things as they are
Everyone sings, “We’re all stars… and we see that…” We’re all in this together
Gabriella says that she “never believed in” what? What I couldn’t see
Gabriella sings, “It’s like you were floating…” While I was falling
In “Bop to the Top”, Ryan sings that “to be number one, you’ve got to…” Raise the bar
In “Get’cha Head in the Game”, Coach says to fake right and then do what? Break left
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Q: If Jenna is 30 years old in 2004, in what year was she 13?
A: 1987

Q: In which film did Jennifer Garner appear with Ashton Kutcher?
A: Dude, Where’s my Car?

Q: In which film did Jennifer Garner appear with Leonardo DiCaprio?
A: Catch Me if you Can

Q: What does Jenna think of her parents when she’s 13?
A: They’re dorky

Q: What enabled Jenna to skip all those years?
A: Wishing dust

Q: What game does Jenna play at her 13th birthday party when everyone deserts her?
A: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Q: What is appropriate attire for a magazine editor while at work?
A: A suit

Q:What street does Jenna live on in 2004?
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Toy Box Escape can be a very simple game; if you use the codes you get. But with using the codes, its not possible to get a good High Score =/ So to help you make the levels, I have written a little guide :)

Level 1:

This one is simple; Use one of the Myncis to climb up and take the coin, while the other one climbs into the finish. Then let the other one get to finish too. :)

Level 2:

Pretty simple too. Use the red Scorchio and burn the wall that goes to the coin, and just use the green one to just burn a wall, and walk into the finish. When the red one has taken the coin burn the other wall so it can come into the finish too :D
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