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Cheeseroller Solutions

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Thanks to lclbubble, chocolatetoes, dragoneye808 and DarkS7ar for the information.

Cheese Name

Alkenore Cheese – 1200np
Angelpuss Cheese – 3600np
Big Beefy Cheese – 750np
Brain Cheese – 1050np
Brick Cheese – 1950np
Bubbling Blueberry Cheese – 1500np
Furry Chocomint Cheese – 3000np
Fragrant Ummagcheese Cheese – 2850np
Gooey Snot Cheese – 2100np
Heavy Bark Cheese – 2550np
Honey Cheese – 600np
Mummified Cheese – 3150np
Mutated Cheese – 1350np
Nimmo Tube Cheese – 3300np
Overgrown Cheese – 2400np
Peppermint Cheese – 2250np
Purple Spotted Cheese – 900np
Quadruple Fudge Cheese – 1800np
Smoked Snorkle Cheese – 300np
Space Cheese – 3450np
Spicy Juppie Cheese – 150np
Triple Mustard Cheese – 450np
Tyrannian Dung Cheese – 1650np
Warty Blue Cheese – 2700np

Make it down in a minute and you’ll also receive a free avatar.

Big thanks beapbop, Frstflower, ChloeBlack101 and catfreak14 for the solutions!

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From the start, go all the way left, collecting the diamonds, then go all the way right until your over a balloon. Press down 1, then quickly go 1 up and 1 left/right. Which ever way you went push the balloon to the other corner. Now go back, there’s a boulder above you, go one up, then go all the way down and quickly 1 left. Get the torch and light the TNT (stay well clear) and get the other torch

Go right to the key, go one up, one left, then one right. Get the chest, push the boulder of the sense pad and go left to the balloon (in the picture) when your under the TNT, press up. Now get underneath the boulder, go one up then quickly go one down one left, now push that boulder onto the sense pad.

Faerie Cave Solutions

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A big and warm thank you to Sabrina for all her contribution for the solutions! More of Sabrina’s work can also be seen on the Mutant Graveyards Walkthrough on PPT!


[ View Solution Here ]


[ View Solution Here ]


[ View Solution Here ]


[ View Solution Here ]


[ View Solution Here ]


[ View Solution Here ]

A big thanks to broken.vinyl and psyco.chick32 for the answers!

To save you time and a few points, get a glimpse of the description and immediately click on “Guess the Character,” search below for your clue and select the character name.


-She’s always dreaming of her prince charming.
-She must battle the forces of evil to ensure her fairytale ending.
-She is forced to shed her damsel-in-distress trappings in order to seize control of her own destiny.
-She is leader of the resistance.
-She discovers that fairytale endings aren’t what they used to be.
-She wants to restore the balance of Good and Evil.

Prince Charming

-He’s always a winner.
-He helps defeat the forces of evil.