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For each question, you will listen to a short clip from a popular holiday song, and then you must choose what the next line of the song will be. Try to get all of the questions correct! taken from Neopets. This is a Quiz and Words game.

In this seasonally colored guide, I want to help you get the max score, 400, from the game! Songs are alphabetized, according to the first word in the song, answers are bolded.

Its a 1:1 ratio for neopoints, meaning what you score is what you get. Answering before the song finishes will give you 40 points for the round. Answering after the timer begins will only bring you 30 points for the round.

The Search for Princess Lunara is a simple, Question Orientated game. I normally play it in between Healing Spring Visits before returning to the battledome.

All you need to do is find the Kidnapped Princess Lunara – simple enough, except that Lunara’s guards won’t let you pass unless you prove yourself worthy to them.

Each guard has a specialist subject for you, which you then have to answer questions before they will let you pass. Answer correctly and you advance a little, answer wrongly and you have to pay out a bribe or they’ll arrest you as the kidnapper.

A buzz will never sting you
A chia who is a mocker dances without a tamborine
A chia who is a mocker dances without a tambourine
A journey of a million miles begins on the marketplace map
A kyrii will get very upset if its hair gets messed up
A miss is as good as a mister
A neopoint saved is a neopoint not enough
A scorchio is a good storyteller if it can make a Skeith listen
A tuskaninny named colin lives on terror mountain
All neopets can find a job at the employment agency
All roads lead to neopia
An air of mystery surrounds the acara
An idle mind is the best way to relax

The following are mapped solutions on how to complete the game Marblemen :)

The blue dot is where the bumper should be placed. This solution will give you the coin which will give you 10 points and get you in the goal fast enough to give you 9 points, making your overall score 19 .

In this one place the bumpers in the following order to get a whopping 16 points: Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Weird Blue, Weird Red.

Put the bumper down on the first regular red dot, then the dark one, then the red one, then the dark one. This should get you about 8 or 9 points, I keep getting both for some reason .

This solution only work on the intermediate level of the game.

After you select the intermediate level you get a 4 by 4 grid with ‘jelly pops’ either ‘lit up’ or not ‘lit up’.

Start in the top row, if there are any non-lit spaces click the jelly pop below it, regardless of if that pop is lit or not. Then do the same thing with the following rows.

Once you get good at it you can score about 470 – 480 each round giving you around 240 neopoints each time. And this game takes about 10 seconds to play. So in 30 seconds you can make a quick 720 neopoints.