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(Black + Belching) + Stir = Black + Foaming
(Black + Boiling) + Add a Lump of Felrum Jelly = Green + Still
(Black + Burning) + Add Noil Hair = Cyan + Burning
(Black + Burning) + Add Scabergy Juice = Black + Bubbly
(Black + Foaming) + Add Blue Juice = Orange + Foaming
(Black + Foaming) + Add Cactopus Juice = BANG
(Black + Foaming) + Add Froiler Juice = BANG
(Black + Frothy) + Bring To Boil = Blue + Smoking
(Black + Milky) + Add Herbs = Black + Frothy
(Black + Milky) + Simmer = Tartan + Burning
(Black + Noxious) + Add Herbs = Cyan + Noxious
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Picture 1

The is one suitcase
Orange hearts on chair (answers 2 questions)

Picture 2

There are 5 suitcases (1 is a purse, I guess)
Santiago is holding the plane tickets
Abuela is holding Paco

Picture 3

The car is red
Abuela is NOT in the picture
There are 2 suitcases NOT in the trunk
There are 5 suitcases IN the trunk

Picture 4

They are near a Coffee Shop
They are near a Grocery Store
Paco is NOT in the car
Santiago is driving

Picture 5

There is a blue truck in front of the family car
The helicopter is green
Santiago is driving

Picture 6

The sign is green
The plane is orange
Miguel is pointing at the plane

Picture 7

The luggage tags are orange
Paco is perched on a suitcase
The counter person is wearing a blue uniform

Picture 8

They are waiting at gate 12
LA is not on the departure list
You can see an orange plane out the window

Picture 9

Paco is the FIRST to board the plane
Abuela is the LAST to board the plane
There is a blue plane in the background

Picture 10

Miguel has a window seat
The drink is being offered to Santiago
Maya is sitting in front of Santiago

The following is a downloadable/print friendly solution chart for this uber-cool, puzzle game from Neopets. As Neopets releases it’s clues, make sure you keep up to date by ticking/crossing the relevant boxes. The chart is already filled with the first clue to start you off! The chart can be downloaded by right clicking on the image and selecting “save as”. Once it is on your computer, simply open it and print it out!

For a decent tutorial on how to solve logic puzzles, it is worthwhile to visit which has some great articles! – benserwa

If you get a question on the game that isn’t listed here, please neomail pets_from_pound60 with the question, the answer options, the answer you chose, and whether it was correct or not. Thank you to these people who found the answers to two questions that I needed: lilythemonkey and siennacat13. Thanks!

Notable Neopets

How many limbs does Gnarfas, the Werelupe King’s minion, have? Six
How old is Judge Hog? 32
How old is Lilian Fairweather? 26
Of which Neopian Species is the maitre d’ at kelp a member? Scorchio
The Avabot, Neotrak, Wheelie, and Pinceron can be combined to create which robot Petpet? Ultra Mega Bot 2000
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First thing you must do is push the boulder to your right, all the way until it is over the balloon, it must be exactly over the balloon, you’ll find out why later. Now go all the way left, go down past the spike gate, all the way down, go two right, then up collecting all the diamonds. Then go down and push the balloon to the right, go up two and all the way right, lighting the two stacks of TNT.

If you want full points, go on the left side of the three chests and get the middle first, then the top, leave the bottom one for now. go one left and quickly down, lighting the TNT. Collect the extra key next to the yellow balloon and go through the chest underneath the spike gate, light the TNT and quickly press down as far as possible.
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