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Firstly, I’ve found that the castle you gain after defeating level 5 is the best to use for this game. It’s a dense castle, so it forms dense rubble with its pieces as they come down. Since the castles don’t rebuild between levels, this is perhaps the best measure of a castle’s quality for defense.

Placing your treasure: Always place your treasure at a 90-degree corner. Do this because it’s behind a thin wall, which is harder to hit accurately. Further, the blocks that are open to Skarl’s attacks will tumble overtop of the treasure, which makes it harder to move. I usually place mine outside my castles, but that’s up to you.

To get the level three or five castle, just play once through that level, and go back and start again. That’s what I did, anyway. Play for points once you’ve put yourself in a good position to succeed.

At 1000 points, which is usually after level four if you’ve been pretty good about beating up on Skarl’s castles, your own castle is rebuilt, which is nice.


One thing that’s very important is that in the high-stack castles like you get after level 3 and level 5, you can’t aim low. If you do, the cannonball will strike your own facility, and you’ll lose the game. To hit front walls, just use less power.
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Food Club Solutions

Kym Huynh —  April 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

Big thanks to Simian for providing these solutions!

This is a complete list of all the pirates, their weight, strength (stamina) and their favorite foods, and allergies. These do not change
from match to match and are always the same.

Admiral Blackbeard

Strength: 76
Weight: 171
Favourites: Vegetables, Fruits
Allergies: Dairy

Bonnie Pip Culliford

Strength: 76
Weight: 116
Favourites: Candy, Smoothies
Allergies: Spicy foods

Buck Cutlass

Strength: 89
Weight: 189
Favourites: Candy
Allergies: Vegetables

Captain Crossblades

Strength: 66
Weight: 185
Favourites: Slushies, Pizza
Allergies: Salty foods

Fairfax the Deckhand

Strength: 71
Weight: 151
Favourites: Vegetables, Fruits
Allergies: Salty foods

Federismo Corvallio

Strength: 81
Weight: 166
Favourites: Gross foods, Pizza
Allergies: Smoothies

Franchisco Corvallio

Strength: 81
Weight: 165
Favourites: Spicy foods, Meats
Allergies: Candy

Gooblah the Grarrl

Strength: 93
Weight: 199
Favourites: Meats
Allergies: Slushies

Lucky McKyriggan

Strength: 82
Weight: 182
Favourites: Gross foods
Allergies: Pizza

Ned the Skipper

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Thanks to incisive for the answers!

Kidz Bop 11, like it’s predecessors, is a very easy game of luck if you know the solutions. The solution to each puzzle is the name of a song on the Kidz Bop 11 album. To figure out which solution is correct, count the number of letters in each word and match it up to one of the solutions below.

walk away
my love
over my head
too little too late
far away
black horse and the cherry tree
chasing cars
hanging on
what hurts the most
a public affair
waiting on the world to change
come back to me
it ends tonight
put your records on
lips of an angel
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A big thanks to broken.vinyl and psyco.chick32 for the answers!

To save you time and a few points, get a glimpse of the description and immediately click on “Guess the Character,” search below for your clue and select the character name.


-She’s always dreaming of her prince charming.
-She must battle the forces of evil to ensure her fairytale ending.
-She is forced to shed her damsel-in-distress trappings in order to seize control of her own destiny.
-She is leader of the resistance.
-She discovers that fairytale endings aren’t what they used to be.
-She wants to restore the balance of Good and Evil.

Prince Charming

-He’s always a winner.
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The following are mapped solutions on how to complete the game Marblemen :)

The blue dot is where the bumper should be placed. This solution will give you the coin which will give you 10 points and get you in the goal fast enough to give you 9 points, making your overall score 19 .

In this one place the bumpers in the following order to get a whopping 16 points: Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Weird Blue, Weird Red.

Put the bumper down on the first regular red dot, then the dark one, then the red one, then the dark one. This should get you about 8 or 9 points, I keep getting both for some reason .
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