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The goal of Snow Wars II is to build walls of snow around your snowmen and to protect them from attack by rebuilding walls in each round and using your catapults to attack enemies. Working against you are enemy catapults, which knock holes in your walls, and enemy Lupes, which can damage your unprotected snowmen.

At the start of the game, you are given 30 seconds to build walls using various shapes of snow blocks. Then, you have 15 seconds to place catapults within walls. You are given one more catapult than the number of your protected snowmen. At the start of each round thereafter, you are given 15 seconds to build and repair walls and 15 seconds to place catapults. You are given as many catapults as you have protected snowmen. At the end of each round, you have 15 seconds to fire your catapults at enemy catapults and Lupes. Both the enemy catapults and the enemy Lupes move, so you may need to fire multiple shots to hit a certain enemy.

GRAND CANAL – Luigi, Mario
Which of these can you not find on the board? Bowling Alley.
What is Blooper juggling? Balls.
What is on either side of Blooper? Water fountains.
How many balloons are on the board? Four.
What is it he name of the Orb Shop? Orbistro.
What does Bowser use to destroy the bridges? Bob-ombs.
What happens when you’re on the leaning tower? You fall off.

PADOGA PEAK – Peach, Bowser, Toad
What special vehicle does Toadsworth operate? Bottle rocket.
What is the maximum price for a star? 40 coins.
What do you do at the flaming statue? Put out the fire.
What type of Kung-Fu does Master Koopa practice? Mushroom style.

The following pictures of the cell block strategies, are the methods I use. It makes it so you have 3 going two different ways and has not failed me once. It is a fail-proof system as far as I know.

Horizontal Win

Diagonal Win

– coris_minime_24_7

Grand Theft Ummagine is an Action-packed, gun-slinging game full of mystery and intrigue. No, really. Oh all right, you got me. It’s a Flash-based adventure game where you, as Stan the Kyrii, must out wit, out steal and out la… whoops, treading into copyrighted territory there. 😉 Basically, you have to steal everything that isn’t nailed down in each deserty-flavored level before you can progress to the next, and all the while the guards are hot on your little Kyrii tail.

Luckily, you have Potions of Transmogrification and Rings of Invisibility to help you out – the potions disguise you as a Guard for about 8 seconds and the rings…

Food Club Solutions

Kym Huynh —  May 22, 2015 — Leave a comment

Big thanks to Simian for providing these solutions!

This is a complete list of all the pirates, their weight, strength (stamina) and their favorite foods, and allergies. These do not change
from match to match and are always the same.

Admiral Blackbeard

Strength: 76
Weight: 171
Favourites: Vegetables, Fruits
Allergies: Dairy

Bonnie Pip Culliford

Strength: 76
Weight: 116
Favourites: Candy, Smoothies
Allergies: Spicy foods

Buck Cutlass

Strength: 89
Weight: 189
Favourites: Candy
Allergies: Vegetables

Captain Crossblades

Strength: 66
Weight: 185
Favourites: Slushies, Pizza
Allergies: Salty foods

Fairfax the Deckhand

Strength: 71
Weight: 151
Favourites: Vegetables, Fruits
Allergies: Salty foods

Federismo Corvallio

Strength: 81
Weight: 166
Favourites: Gross foods, Pizza
Allergies: Smoothies

Franchisco Corvallio

Strength: 81
Weight: 165
Favourites: Spicy foods, Meats
Allergies: Candy

Gooblah the Grarrl

Strength: 93
Weight: 199
Favourites: Meats
Allergies: Slushies

Lucky McKyriggan

Strength: 82
Weight: 182
Favourites: Gross foods
Allergies: Pizza

Ned the Skipper

Strength: 79