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A simple page made for a walkthrough to the game ToyBox Escape on I have included an image with each explanation. I have tried to make the explanations as helpful and easy as I could. But remember – there are other ways of doing these levels. I’m just giving to you the way I use. If you know of any other ways, by all means, do them! :) Any info or comments should be sent to the username Poisonous46 at Neopets.
Let’s begin:

Level 1

Level 1 – Simple stuff. Doesn’t matter what Mynci you use. Click on one to climb up the wall to grab the coin, and click the other one to climb the blocks. Don’t forget to reclick the wall climbing Mynci to climb those blocks too!

Level 2

Level 2 – Yet again, simple stuff. Click on the Red Scorchio so he burns the block to get to the coin. Click on the Green scorchio to burn the block heading towards the door. Click on the Red Scorchio again to burn the block in his way.

Level 3

Level 3 – I always go to the Yellow Kougra first. Click on him so that he digs the orange block just above the coin. You can click the other Kougras at any other red blocks so they dig themselves out.
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There are 12 pictures and 3 possible questions per picture.

Picture 1 of 12

  • What colour is the spider on Spider-Man’s chest? Black
  • Which of Spider-Man’s shoulders has Venom injured? His right
  • What colour are the eyes for the Spider-Man costume? Silver

Picture 2 of 12

  • What is on the wall in the top left corner? Fan
  • What colours are on Spider-Man’s costume? Red and blue
  • What pattern is on Sandman’s shirt? Stripes

Picture 3 of 12

  • What colour are Eddie’s eyes? Green
  • What is on the front of Eddie’s T-shirt? A Stain
  • What is Eddie wearing over his T-shirt? Hooded sweatshirt

Picture 4 of 12

  • What colour is the wall behind Harry? Gold
  • What colour is Harry’s suit? Black
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Since some questions are timed, it is strongly recommended for you to pick a category and stick to it throughout the game, for always being questioned by the same guard, you are more likely to remember the answers which will ultimately help you complete the game at a faster speed.

Below are the answers to the questions you will be asked during the course of the game. Each question and answer is sorted by category (Not How They Appear In The Game).

All About Neopia

1. What do the Natives of Mystery Island call the stone circle at the top of the Deserted Tomb in Geraptiku?
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A big thanks to wolfgirl1826 for providing us with the answers!

What number is on the hallway wall? 32.
What animal is pictured on the painting on the wall? A horse.
How many people are shown in the photo in the middle? 2.
How many glasses are visible in this image? One.
What is the man in the background holding? A shopping Bag.
What is subject of the statue on the top of the bookcase? A Man.
What is hanging on the wall to Clouseau’s right? A Lamp.
What color are the chairs in front of Clouseau? Blue.
What color is Lt. Dreyfus’ shirt? Blue.
How many tripods are visible in the picture? Three.
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Overview: Your character has to go through 20 levels collecting parts worth anywhere from a measly 1 point to a whooping 250 points! In some levels the main point-gaining method will be collecting the parts, but on certain levels there are good opportunities for you to smash Moon Rock Monsters for a lot of points!

Max points: I am sure I haven’t found the way to get the maximum amount of points from this game, but I have gotten to the top of the High Score board, so I’ve done something right : I don’t usually spend my time trying to smash as many monsters as I can. I know it is possible to smash monsters on all levels, but I’ve only listed it under the ones I use. Also, you will want all three of your lives in level 20, so if you lose a life anywhere in the game you will have to start over if you want one of those top score! I’ll explain more on that near the end.
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