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A big thanks to benserwa for supplying us with the chart and all relevant information!

The following is a downloadable/print friendly solution chart for this uber-cool, puzzle game from Neopets. As Neopets releases it’s clues, make sure you keep up to date by ticking/crossing the relevant boxes. The chart is already filled with the first clue to start you off! The chart can be downloaded by right clicking on the image and selecting “save as”. Once it is on your computer, simply open it and print it out!

For a decent tutorial on how to solve logic puzzles, it is worthwhile to visit which has some great articles!

Q. How many brothers does Kenai have?
A. 2

Q. How many songs did Phil Collins compose for Disney’s Brother Bear?
A. 6

Q. If Tuke is a moose, what are Tuke and Rutt?
A. Moose

Q. In Brother Bear, who is Tanaha?
A. The Shaman woman of the tribe.

Q. Sitka, Kenai’s brother, recieved a totem representing guidance. Which animal is it?
A. Eagle

Q. What is another name for the Aurora Borealis?
A. The Northern Lights

Q. What is the name of Rutt’s brother?
A. Tuke

Q. What is the name of the song that Tina Turner sang in Brother Bear?
A. Great Spirits

Q. What is the name of the young bear that befriends Kenai?
A. Koda

Q. What does Kenai’s totem represent?
A. Love

Q. What is Kenai searching for?
A. the place where the light touches the earth

Q. What kind of animal is Kenai turned into?
A. a bear

Q. When does Disney’s Brother Bear open in Singapore cinemas?
A. 4 December

Q. Where is Koad trying to go?
A. The Salmon Run

Q. Which character says “I’m a raging ball of brown fur?”
A. Koda

Q. Which animal is Kenai’s totem?
A. Bear

Q. Which Disney animation prior to Brother Bear was Phil Collins involved in?
A. Tarzan

Q. Who is Koda hoping to meet up with?
A. his mother

Q. Who provides the voice of Kenai?
A. Joaquin Phoenix

Q. Who sings the theme song in Disney’s Brother Bear?
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Hole 1

Forget aiming. See the little hand thing on the screen? Put the fingertip at the bottom between the H and E of the “MOVE THE” text at the bottom of the screen. Click – hole in one.

Hole 2

See the border around the hole? Go to the left corner, put the finger tip on the ‘Top lip’ of the border, click – hole in one.

Hole 3

Just aim the ball to the left of the bunker and once over the hill putt it in. No trick here, easy but just a par.

Hole 4

I like this one… Put the fingertip at the top of the word “MOVE” midway between the top of the “V”. Click – hole in one.
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3. This is the normal pattern your opponent will choose.

4. Again this is a typical move. It may vary slightly. Just remember to not let him get five in a row.

5. If he goes here block between his pieces. *

6. This is an automatic win by now.

7. Continue your three in a row.

8. Make that four in a row.

9. We have a winner.

*6. This is a slight variation from before. Follow steps 1-4. Here he blocks your 3. However continue with the same pattern.

*7. Continue as follows.

*8. Block his move. He will block yours.

9. He will attempt to get 5 in a row. Be patient and continue the strategy.
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A simple page made for a walkthrough to the game ToyBox Escape on I have included an image with each explanation. I have tried to make the explanations as helpful and easy as I could. But remember – there are other ways of doing these levels. I’m just giving to you the way I use. If you know of any other ways, by all means, do them! :) Any info or comments should be sent to the username Poisonous46 at Neopets.
Let’s begin:

Level 1

Level 1 – Simple stuff. Doesn’t matter what Mynci you use. Click on one to climb up the wall to grab the coin, and click the other one to climb the blocks. Don’t forget to reclick the wall climbing Mynci to climb those blocks too!

Level 2

Level 2 – Yet again, simple stuff. Click on the Red Scorchio so he burns the block to get to the coin. Click on the Green scorchio to burn the block heading towards the door. Click on the Red Scorchio again to burn the block in his way.

Level 3

Level 3 – I always go to the Yellow Kougra first. Click on him so that he digs the orange block just above the coin. You can click the other Kougras at any other red blocks so they dig themselves out.
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