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After swinging by the ticket booth, you can come here to check out the hottest bands in all Neopia. = Concert Hall

Are Mika and Carassa ever going to move out? Oh well, might as well take advantage of the bargains while you can… = Garage Sale

Arr! Keepin’ yer little wooden boats afloat in these waters will be requirin’ that ye have quick wits an’ a solid strategy. Ahoy, mates! = Armada

Collect all the passwords by working your way through the ranks and defeating the mysterious Jetsam by pulling him into the river. = Tug-O-War

Dr. Sloth keeps the secret ingredients for his transmogrification potions here. Avoid the Korbats and Spyders to foil his evil plot! = Korbat’s Lab

This step – by – step guide will tell you how to complete each level perfectly, with added advice in getting bonus points. Neomail me if you have any suggestions for this page, or if there is anything you think I should add or change.
World : Neopia Central
Game Type : Puzzles
NP Ratio : 50 NP per 100 pts scoredOooh… what a wicked Ruki. He has stolen all the dice from all the board games in Neopia! Think of all the children on Christmas morning who won’t be able to play their christmas presents! No more Adventures in Neopia, no more NeoQuest: The Board Game… just boring old TV 🙁

Lizzie McGuire Solutions

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Lizzie McGuireThanks to Comradebuh, Mayanais, Mermaid Hill, GromittZ, leeloodallas22, fordperfect, faerie_22fantasy, Cinzia, sunisfun1 and hannahope2001!

Q: In one episode Lizzie switches bodies with what other character?
A: Her brother Matt

Q: In the episode ‘Lizzie in the Middle’, Lizzie becomes friends with what star?
A: Frankie Muniz

Q: Italy is said to be shaped like what article of clothing?
A: A boot

Q: Lizzie and Kate both think the cutest guy in school is:
A: Ethan

Q: Lizzie’s annoying little brother’s name is:
A: Matt

Q: Lizzie’s parents’ names are:
A: Jo and Sam

Q: Matt’s friend Lanny doesn’t call Lizzie by name because:
A: He never talks

Q: On Lizzie’s Rock ‘N Roll Christmas Float, what rock star played Santa?

zYou have three minutes to get the voice activated neopets to safety by getting them to the doors in each level. Do this by using their abilities. Shoyrus jump, kacheeks push, scorchios burn, and myncis climb. Click on their icons in the bottom left corner to use their abilities. If one of the toys dies, then you can retry the level, or send your score. You have three continues (retries). When you get to around level 17 and 18, the levels start to switch around, so just look a little higher or lower. I put the directions for those on the map so it will be easier to use on short notice.

Thanks to thrtnturtles for the solutions!

In the action game, BIC: Back to School, there is a Stamp Collection Quest. If you collect all stamps without closing the game’s browser window, you receive 500 neopoints (only once per user). In order to get the stamps, you must visit different sections of the game.

1. To earn the stamp on the far right with a blue and white pen, visit twice using the link in the game’s browser window.

2. To earn the stamp second from the right with a light and dark blue pen, view the “About BIC” section twice using the link in the game’s browser window.