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Shrine Cheats

Kym Huynh —  March 26, 2015 — Leave a comment

There’s a shrine called Coltzan’s shrine! I figured out what times to go a day to get the prizes! You can only do this once a day! so choose wisely:

To raise speed its every five minutes after an hour but remember you can only use the shrine once a day! to get up ten you must click exactly on the fifth second none above or below if it is one above or one below you’ll only get stat raised by 1.

That goes with the following times

Speed: Every fifth second of the hour
Defense: Every tenth second of the hour
Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour

Mootix Drop Cheats

Kym Huynh —  March 23, 2015 — Leave a comment

View the Entire Map

While free falling during any mission in a campaign (not the Single Drops) click restart until you run out of lives and it’s game over. Harry will keep falling and eventually bounce. Harry will then fly up again and reveal the whole room! – Dongocat85

Mootix Surprises

Upon selecting your difficulty level, you are brought to the screen where you select your drop. Using the arrow keys, push up and down. You will notice that one of a variation of 6 petpets appears. If you enter the correct combination of characters a surprise will happen! – Mootix

Mootix Drop Secret Combinations


Make the jelly move faster

After you’ve eaten the fish negg and rainbow negg type bignegg and the jelly will move faster. – sakhee

Easter egg

Type ‘marissa’ (without quotes) at the screen that says ‘Press Space Bar to Continue’ for an easter egg (surprise)! The easter egg is a caption that says, “Are you happy now?” – Maketakunai

Moonwalking Chomby

If you’re bored, here’s something fun to do. When there is a lot of space to move around, press your left arrow and begin to move to the left side of the board. Then, press your right arrow key while holding down the left. The Chomby will turn around, yet continue to move to the left! Walla! You have yourself a moonwalking-Michael-Jackson-imitating Chomby! It doesn’t help your game any, but it sure is funny to watch! – Anita Laff

Secret combinations

Roll – z, x, z, x
Torpedo dive – x, z, x, z – Yukio

JubJub Blackjack Cheats

Kym Huynh —  March 14, 2015 — 1 Comment

Raise the maximum bet

Don’t know if you already knew this or not… if you own a JubJub, they let you raise the maximum bet: “Awww… since you own a cute little JubJub, we’ll raise your max bet to 500 NP (instead of 400)!” – takemeaway10