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Gain a time bonus

Type in caperiffic and gain a time bonus (only used once per game). – Grace Nicholas

Meerca Chase II Cheats

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Change your levels on ferocious mode

When you type in ferociousneggsareontheloose, you automatically start on medium level. To change the level, type in the cheat (ferociousneggsareontheloose) and then purposely run into the wall or into a ferocious negg. Then press restart. Then you can change the difficulty. – chiclet0831

Make the tail fall off

I got this secret in classic hard mode, but I bet it would work in any level. I was fooling around, and I tried to make the Meerca go diagonally. So I pressed right-down-right-down etc very very fast. My tail (of one or two neggs) flew off. (Yes, I know it sounds crazy but it happened.) Then every time I caught a negg, I got the points, but I didn’t have a tail anymore. – Lydia

Attack of the Revenge Cheats

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Gain an extra life

Type in ‘blackpawkeet’ for an extra life but this can only be used on level three or higher. – by Shadow and Grace Nicholas

Random exploding dude

If you click on the purple Bruce’s left eye (so, the one on the right side of the screen, from the player’s perspective) on the home screen, then you hear an evil laugh, and the orange-shirted programmer guy shows up with twin sabres. Interesting, huh? What game is that guy going show up in next?! – by Puppy1L and draghalberdsrock

To use this strategy, you have to label the Cellblock board with numbers 1 10 across the top and letters A J down the side. You can also make the numbers on the side and the letters on the top for four other variations of this strategy which are actually just mirror versions of the other four.

This strategy deals with forcing the computer to move in a predicted way and ending up with two lines of your pieces (meaning your have three or four pieces in a row) on the board so that there would be no move that the computer could make to block you from winning. To read the chart, start with the blue square on the far left and put your first piece on D7. All of your moves are colored and the computers moves are white. If the computer puts a piece his piece on D4, you should follow the arrow up and make your next move: D6. If the computer puts his piece on G7, your next move will be E7. Keep reading the chart from the left to the right.

Feed Florg Cheats

Kym Huynh —  August 16, 2016 — 1 Comment

Use a slow computer

The very EASIEST way to get some major NP off of this game is to find a friend who owns a VERY old, slow computer (or be lucky enough to own your own). Preferably something running windows 93 or 95 OLD. The graphics are too much for many old, slow machines, and the movement of the petpets will be greatly hampered. I play on an old machine (I actually only keep it around for this purpose!) that is so slow that after 3-4 petpets are on the screen, Florg is eating them faster than they can move to the edges of the table. Then I just leave it run for 3-4 hours, and when I’ve reached over 1,000 points, I click quit game. Easy 3,000 neopoints a day, or a great way to get the avatar. If you’re really dedicated and can leave it all night or a couple of days I suppose you could even make in onto the high scoreboard eventually, but I’m NEVER that patient! Perhaps that is how some of the incredibly high scores got on the board in the first place! (17,000 pts??!!) Happy Gaming! – DrummerGirl