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Cheaper first quest

I figured out how to get one of the Brain Tree Quest answers from the Esophagor for next to peanuts! Instead of going to the Brain Tree first and getting your quest, go to the Esophagor, and offer to feed him. He will always ask you for a really cheap item (e.g. Slime Sundae). Before you buy and give the item to the Esophagor, go and get your quest from the Brain Tree. Then, when you give Esophagor the item, he’ll tell you the first answer to the quest! Unfortunately, this only works for the first answer; the second answer’s items will be harder to come by usually. – by Caitlin

Gain a life after losing one

Enter drfranksloth to get an extra life after losing one life already. – kiwi7272

Secret Programmer

TROTRODS (pronounced troh-trods) for short). Anywho, on the main screen, the secret programmer appears strapped to rockets! Simply click the teeny white speck in the eye of Dr. Sloth in the background image. (The green version of Sloth, not the black one.)

General Game Cheats

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Pausing flash games

This secret applies to all flash games. Isn’t it annoying to lose games because you needed to do something else? I know that I have this problem a lot when multi-tasking. Never fear for I have found a way to pause any flash game! Simply right-click the flash object, and select ‘Print.’ When you’re ready to continue your game, just click on ‘Cancel’. Note that this only works on older versions of flash games. – frazzydee

Flash games in full screen

If you go on a flash game, click the cross to exit, and then go into history and find the game (it will not have Neopets in front of it), click on it to play a game in full screen. – toataly_kool

Kiko Match II Cheats

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Add more time
Type ineedmoretime to add 15 seconds to your time. – knd1994123

Gormball Cheats

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Trick the game

Pick a character then start a game. When you get to the screen thats tells you to enter how long you want to hold the ball, enter 1 second and hit throw. When the new screen comes up, hit the back button and enter in 5 seconds. Keep doing this until it is your turn again. then enter 1 second and repeat the steps. What this does is the computer thinks your opponents hold the ball for 5 seconds and you only hold it for 1. This increases your chance of winning. – LiLShOrTy21299

Avoid getting hit

If it’s your turn, click the refresh button. It will skip your turn, and you will receive one point. Not very good if you want to get neopoints. Also, press enter when you click on the ‘Next >>>’ button. If a page comes up saying you are not playing Gormball at the moment, check your items. If you have a new item, you won! – Ratman