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Gain a time bonus

Type in caperiffic and gain a time bonus (only used once per game). – Grace Nicholas

Secret Level

If you click the bottom left-hand corner of the title screen window, you’ll load a level with structures spelling out, “weepit was here”. – Grace Nicolas

Gain an Extra Life

In Crisis Courier type “KINGALTADOR” for an extra life. – KeAiMatty

Spy Kids Cheats

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Secret Level

Okay well the first thing to do is let your character lose in the first level. No I’m not crazy. This will actually take you to a secret level. After you lose, the window that says game over will briefly say continue for about 2 seconds. Click this. It will take you to a link where you are a man running across the desert its like all the other levels, but much faster! – Pompus Van Der Lee

Hasee Bounce Cheats

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Ollie the Phantom Shirt Guy

Although he is rarely seen, Ollie the Phantom Shirt Guy appears. He is worth 42 points, so grab him once he suddenly enters the screen. Note: The Hasees will not say when Ollie will appear however. – Job Buds Marata

1,000,000 neopoints for a little bit

Typing in pleasegivemeonemillionneopointsthankyouhasees will give you 1,000,000 neopoints but only for a little while. – KeAiMatty

Reset the timer

you type in “doughnutfruit” while playing Hasee Bounce, the timer will be reset. This code only works once per game. – mrfudge37

Can’t type the ‘Reset the timer’ secret fast enough?

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Secret messages

Did you know that in Hannah and the Ice Caves, there is a secret message in the background on every level? – Sparkiness

The hidden programmer

In the last bonus level (Muahaha), you can sometimes see a blonde guy in the background, where a hidden message would be on the normal levels. He’s about three times Hannah’s size and impossible to miss (this usually happens if you have to restart the level). – spacecat7n