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Secret messages

Did you know that in Hannah and the Ice Caves, there is a secret message in the background on every level? – Sparkiness

The hidden programmer

In the last bonus level (Muahaha), you can sometimes see a blonde guy in the background, where a hidden message would be on the normal levels. He’s about three times Hannah’s size and impossible to miss (this usually happens if you have to restart the level). – spacecat7n

Kiko Match II Cheats

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Add more time
Type ineedmoretime to add 15 seconds to your time. – knd1994123

Carnival of Terror Cheats

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Bonus points (5)

Shoot the first cart of the rollercoaster in the background. Points are tallied at the end of the game. – knd1994123

Add more time to the clock

If you need more time while playing Dr Sloth’s Carnival of Terror, type “custard”. If you typed it correctly, you’ll hear the sound it makes when you hit a clock. You should have more time. It works only one time, so spare it for the end! – Dragonsteel4

Crisis Courier Cheats

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Secret Level

If you click the bottom left-hand corner of the title screen window, you’ll load a level with structures spelling out, “weepit was here”. – Grace Nicolas

Gain an Extra Life

In Crisis Courier type “KINGALTADOR” for an extra life. – KeAiMatty

The Last Smiley Cheats

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Skip a level
Submitted by Grace Nicolas
Type 0:-) to skip a level in game play. Once per game.

Gain an extra life
Submitted by Grace Nicolas
Type *catfish* to gain an extra life in game play. Once per game.

Submitted by Cal Newlon
In the game the last smiley, type “:)” without the talking marks in the middle. It will make you go on the opposite side of the board (upside down), I think, because it will make you invisible and close up. Type the code again to turn yourself right side up. Helpful to get somewhere (can’t jump) that you’re having trouble with.

Updated Note: For the Last Smiley game secret, typing “:)” just makes you go into first person. No invisibility, upside down, nothing like that, just first-person mode.