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Secret messages

Did you know that in Hannah and the Ice Caves, there is a secret message in the background on every level? – Sparkiness

The hidden programmer

In the last bonus level (Muahaha), you can sometimes see a blonde guy in the background, where a hidden message would be on the normal levels. He’s about three times Hannah’s size and impossible to miss (this usually happens if you have to restart the level). – spacecat7n

Instant Teleporting!
When the in the game right click, this should bring a thing up and freeze the game, then move mouse to an open space, away from the ice cream, and left click. You get instantly warped to were you clicked! – mewtoo13

Petpetsitter Cheats

Kym Huynh —  June 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

Pick up the mop without holding down the mouse button

You can pick up the mop and actually hold it without holding down the mouse button.

First grab the mop using left click and hold it. Then right click as you’re holding down left click. A menu should pop up. Then let go of left click and left click on the mop again. You should be able to hold it.

This is useful in the later stages when all you’re doing is cleaning up. Just place the mop on one of the spill spots, relax and let the game rake in points for ya. Just keep the volume up though so you can hear any demanding petpets. – Thang

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Increase the change of dubloon falls
Type dubloon to increase your chance of having a dubloon fall. – knd1994123

Change the dice

Delightful: Type this during the game to change the current dice into a morph dice. Once per game.
Explode: Type this during the game to change the current gummy dice into bombs. Once per game.
Gummydice: Type this during the game to change the current gummy dice to a different random color. Once per game.