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Marblemen Game Passwords
Thanks to dothebest1 for the list!
Lvl 5 = 9CV81Z
Lvl 10 = 0381ZC
Lvl 15 = X969FC
Lvl 20 = D36GZC
Lvl 25 = VXE398
Lvl 30 = WF79ZC
Lvl 35 = 96VJZC
Lvl 40 = WFEE98
Lvl 70 = 38DZCE
Lvl 75 = ECVYZD
Lvl 80 = 7ZE29Y
Lvl 85 = D23CED
Lvl 90 = 2V113D
Lvl 95 = 38DF6E

Please note, if the above set doesn’t work, try this new set.
Lv1 = IL4HA8
Lv2 = 9CHA8L
Lv3 = 6IFIOL

Again, if the above ones don’t work, try these ones.
Thanks to dearkity2 for the following.
Lvl 5 = JM5IB9
Lvl 10 = ADIB9M
Lvl 15 = 7JGJPM
Lvl 20 = NDGQ9M

Pyramids Cheats

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Free Game Play the Following Day

Whenever you have reached your daily limit for the game, click on it again when it says play again. DON’T continue playing. The next day when you go back it will say you have a game already started and continue with that game. You aren’t charged the 50 NP for the first game of the day. It’s not much but 50 NP is 50 NP :) – by Lupinia

These are all the potions and other objects I have found so far in Korbat’s Lab.

Bag with $ sign: gives you 50 points if you catch it.

Blue potion, clear glass: makes the pad REALLY slow.

Blue potion, light blue glass: Makes the pad go really fast, responding to the lightest touch on the controls, which can be a blessing or a curse.

Bright red potion, brownish glass: makes the ball red until it hits the pad again. When the ball is red, it will ‘eat’ through anything, steel and wooden boxes (no matter how many points are on the boxes), without bouncing back.

Dark potion, green glass: creates a rocket you can control with the arrow keys. When it hits one of the boxes it will take away one point, and sometimes you can get it to hit in the middle of two boxes, subtracting a point of each. It cannot go through steel though.

Swarm Cheats

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Keep the power up for the next level

I don’t know if this is a secret, but when a power up is coming down and you beat the level and says “Press Spacebar to Continue,” press the spacebar really quick before the power up reaches the bottom of the game screen and the power up will still be there for you the next level! – xxxxkaoskexxxx

Never lose the power up

There seems to be some kind of bug in this game. I don’t know if this was intended or actually a mistake, but if you receive an orange power-up (high-power weapon) twice in a row, you will not loose the ability until you close the window. What I’m saying is that if you get an orange crystal and then get another orange crystal, you’ll be able to hit as many as six bugs at a time and will not loose this ability if you get another crystal or even if you loose a shield. I’ve tried it many times before and it has always worked. I am not kidding, you should try it out yourself. – Javier Vizcarra

Kiko Match Cheats

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Kiko Match, the refreshable game

As with the rest of the flash games, you can only send your score for this game 3 times. But, you can play as much as you want without sending the score. This means you can play until you get the highest score possible. The quicker you match the higher your score. Once you get a score of 250As long as you score over 110, your score is doubled. My advice is never send any score that is below 200. Anything above that, you will be guaranteed at least 400 np. Once you get a score of 250, you get 500 neopoints. Pretty amazing huh? –