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Trouble at the National Neopian screen shot

Easter Egg by Maketakunai

Click the doorknobs on the doors at the title screen, it takes you to the instructions page.

Test Your Strength Cheats

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Win without playing

If you load the page, but don’t hit the red button, on another page load your inventory. If you’ve won a prize it will already be there. The game decides as soon as you load it. You don’t even need to click the red button to win a prize!

Deadly Dice Cheats

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Deadly Dice: Exposed!

Did you know Deadly Dice is timed? Most people don’t!

A quick background for those that have never seen deadly dice.

It’s available through Roo Island mini world.

It is only open from Midnight until 12:59 NST i.e. it closes at 1am.

It’s a simple game; you get one go a day, against Count Roo, each rolling one dice.

If you lose your pet loses a level (Down to level 1. If you have a pet at level 1 they cannot play!).

If you win your pet gains a level

If you tie, you have the option of rolling for “double or nothing”. If you win, you gain double the levels, if you lose your pet LOSES all the levels.

Kiko blimp
Type in DIRIGIBLES to see a Kiko blimp fly overhead.

Appearing Turdle
Type in “TURDLE” to make a Turdle appear on your opponent’s side. Note that this can only be used once per game.

Grarrl Keno Cheats

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The sum of the difference of all answers is always 76

The sum of the difference of all answers is 76. Like if the answer was 4 19 24 38 62 69 71 78 79 80 the different of every number is 15 5 14 24 7 2 7 1 1 and the sum of that difference is 76, which it always is. – stupid.fo0l