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Kiko blimp
Type in DIRIGIBLES to see a Kiko blimp fly overhead.

Appearing Turdle
Type in “TURDLE” to make a Turdle appear on your opponent’s side. Note that this can only be used once per game.

Secret game mode?
In the start screen, click the center of the screen. The game will start. Could this possibly be a secret game mode? – wolfganginah

An extra five mines

If you use set your mines when you begin, then hit the rest button in the game side menu and start a new game, the mines you set before you restarted the game will still be there. However, if you try and set another (above the limit of 5 mines) the others will disappear. – by Shard

Bouncy Supreme Cheats

Kym Huynh —  April 11, 2015 — Leave a comment

Toggle radar on/off

Type in laser during the game. You can also toggle this by pressing the ‘r’ button. – knd1994123

Gain an extra life

Type in bouncebouncebounce with no spaces at any point during the game and you will win an extra life! – purplicious_account

Instant Teleporting!
When the in the game right click, this should bring a thing up and freeze the game, then move mouse to an open space, away from the ice cream, and left click. You get instantly warped to were you clicked! – mewtoo13