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Deckswabber Cheats

Kym Huynh —  June 15, 2016 — Leave a comment

Return to full health

Type in vitaminc during the game. This only works once per game. – knd1994123

Jump over your enemy

Well I found something about this Deckswabber. You know when there are enemies attacking you or they are in your way. Now there is a way getting across them without hurting yourself. When the enemy suddenly jumps right toward you right where you are then you should jump towards them. But the hard thing is when you jump you have to jump when your enemy is jumping. Don’t do this if they already landed because you’ll get hurt. Just get the timing right and you’ll end the game safely without hurting yourself. You’ll get used to it. – Lydia von Boode

Meerca Chase Cheats

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Meerca Chase Secret Levels

To access secret level 1, press shift then press play
To access secret level 2, click on the top right hand corner of the game screen then press play.
Secret level 2 gives you a bonus of x15

Please Note: Secret level 2 has been disabled. Thanks to nitey4ever for the information!

Meerca Chase Misc Secret

As you know, hitting shift makes the controls backward at certain times. Well if you think this is to hard because it is going at the Fast Speed, and that you’ll never get it right. Here is a good way to practice at slower levels. Basically, you just hit the shift key, and then click on the speed you want. If you hit shift then click slow., the controls will still be backwards, but the Meerca will be going at a slower speed. – Drew Foreman

Trouble at the National Neopian screen shot

Easter Egg by Maketakunai

Click the doorknobs on the doors at the title screen, it takes you to the instructions page.

Sutek’s Tomb Cheats

Kym Huynh —  June 1, 2016 — 1 Comment

Clear the bottom row of the board

When you see a gem with Oliver’s face, the one in the orange shirt, type the word “note”. You can bring it to the bottom row of the board, also, it will automatically clear the entire board & give you 500 neopoints! – lena_luv

Programmer guy!!

Go to instructions. You will see 4 pyramids, 3 small ones and 1 huge one. Click on the small pyramids door (the one next to the mute button) and the programmer guy will pop up!! – Hawienguy

New variation of pyramibread

At beginning of game, type pyramibread. Then to get all remaining moves hit CTRL + ALT after each move is made. It is the easiest and fastest way to find the next move. Buckle your seatbelt and have fun! – csod64

Magically appearing neopoints

When you’re playing that game called Adver-video, which seems to win you a ton of neopoints in just one spin, there is something that I bet probably you didn’t know.

First of all, open Adver-Video. Watch the video , then when the video is over – don’t spin the wheel just yet. Go back to the page where you clicked on the “Click to Play”. Look at how many neopoints you have, THEN refresh the page.

Don’t you see a difference in neopoints? Yes, and yet you haven’t even spun the wheel on Adver-Video. – by themoondropsmanavi