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Secret combinations

Roll – z, x, z, x
Torpedo dive – x, z, x, z – Yukio

Meriball Cheats

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Skip a Level

Type in kougra during the game. This will, however, reset your points. – knd1994123

Deckswabber Cheats

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Return to full health

Type in vitaminc during the game. This only works once per game. – knd1994123

Jump over your enemy

Well I found something about this Deckswabber. You know when there are enemies attacking you or they are in your way. Now there is a way getting across them without hurting yourself. When the enemy suddenly jumps right toward you right where you are then you should jump towards them. But the hard thing is when you jump you have to jump when your enemy is jumping. Don’t do this if they already landed because you’ll get hurt. Just get the timing right and you’ll end the game safely without hurting yourself. You’ll get used to it. – Lydia von Boode

Change your levels on ferocious mode

When you type in ferociousneggsareontheloose, you automatically start on medium level. To change the level, type in the cheat (ferociousneggsareontheloose) and then purposely run into the wall or into a ferocious negg. Then press restart. Then you can change the difficulty. – chiclet0831

Make the tail fall off

I got this secret in classic hard mode, but I bet it would work in any level. I was fooling around, and I tried to make the Meerca go diagonally. So I pressed right-down-right-down etc very very fast. My tail (of one or two neggs) flew off. (Yes, I know it sounds crazy but it happened.) Then every time I caught a negg, I got the points, but I didn’t have a tail anymore. – Lydia

Meerca Chase Cheats

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Meerca Chase Secret Levels

To access secret level 1, press shift then press play
To access secret level 2, click on the top right hand corner of the game screen then press play.
Secret level 2 gives you a bonus of x15

Please Note: Secret level 2 has been disabled. Thanks to nitey4ever for the information!

Meerca Chase Misc Secret

As you know, hitting shift makes the controls backward at certain times. Well if you think this is to hard because it is going at the Fast Speed, and that you’ll never get it right. Here is a good way to practice at slower levels. Basically, you just hit the shift key, and then click on the speed you want. If you hit shift then click slow., the controls will still be backwards, but the Meerca will be going at a slower speed. – Drew Foreman