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Skip a Level

If you press tab then spacebar in Mutant Graveyard of Doom, you skip the level and you keep your points. This can only be used once per game – mrfudge37

Brain Tree Quest Cheats

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Cheaper first quest

I figured out how to get one of the Brain Tree Quest answers from the Esophagor for next to peanuts! Instead of going to the Brain Tree first and getting your quest, go to the Esophagor, and offer to feed him. He will always ask you for a really cheap item (e.g. Slime Sundae). Before you buy and give the item to the Esophagor, go and get your quest from the Brain Tree. Then, when you give Esophagor the item, he’ll tell you the first answer to the quest! Unfortunately, this only works for the first answer; the second answer’s items will be harder to come by usually. – by Caitlin

Chia Bomber Cheats by Shard

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An extra five mines

If you use set your mines when you begin, then hit the rest button in the game side menu and start a new game, the mines you set before you restarted the game will still be there. However, if you try and set another (above the limit of 5 mines) the others will disappear. – by Shard

Dice Escape Cheats

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Bird’s eye view of the game

Type topdown during the game. – knd1994123

Extra time

Type helpmeplease during the game. – knd1994123

More extra time

moretimeruki during the game. – knd1994123

Wire view of the game

Type flybywire during the game. – knd1994123

This game is rather simple, blast away the petpetpets to help Eamann cure his petpets, right?


Well, it’s kind of right, but the catch, you have to keep your ammo level up. This guide will help you get through all six levels and get 1,000 (yes, 3 zeros) each time. People, you’re gonna wanna out this on your favorites list, ’cause this’ll get you 3k EVERY DAY! WHOO-HOO!

Now, when you play this game, there’s 5 kinds of bugs, and two types of robots. We’ll start with the robots, then go through the bugs.

Okay. Well the first kind of robot is pink, it comes up a few times a level, and it clears all the bugs. Let the robot come to you until a second line of bugs appear. Then shoot the pink robot and it clears all the bugs and leaves any robot on the second line alone. Don’t shoot anything until you shoot the pink robot.
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