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Gain a time bonus

Type in caperiffic and gain a time bonus (only used once per game). – Grace Nicholas

Meepit Juice Break Cheats

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Man with Meepit

On the title screen, If you click the eye of the green Meepit trying to hide behind the yellow one at the top, it plays a sound and shows someone (the programmer?) with a green Meepit on their head. – scruffiii and Maketakunai

Extra life

Type in meepits to gain 1 extra life! – Maketakunai

Reset Meepit timers

Type in juice-o-matic to reset ALL Meepit’s timers (make sure you include the dashes or it won’t work)! – Maketakunai

Shop Wizard Cheats

Kym Huynh —  September 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

How to use the Shop Wizard during a faerie quest!

If you keep a separate window open with the Shop Wizard on it while you’re doing other stuff, you can still use the Shop Wizard when you get a faerie quest. Then, if you use the back button instead of “try again” on the shop wizard you can search over and over again to get the best price and still not be told that you can’t use the Shop Wizard since you’re on a faerie quest. Hope it’s as useful for other people as it’s been for me! – Deidra Kunin
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Extreme Herder Cheats

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Freeze Balthazar

If you type in “freeze” it will freeze Balthazar just like a snowflake would. As far as I can tell you can only use it once per game. – Macjor

The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth

Gain a Life After Losing One

Enter drfranksloth to get an extra life after losing one life already.

Secret Programmer by kiwi7272

TROTRODS (pronounced troh-trods) for short). Anywho, on the main screen, the secret programmer appears strapped to rockets! Simply click the teeny white speck in the eye of Dr. Sloth in the background image. (The green version of Sloth, not the black one.)