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At certain levels (stages of growth and experience), your pet will gain certain powers. These range from the ability to hide to shooting fireballs or flying! Every couple of levels your pet will gain new abilities. This page allows you to view and activate these special powers!

Level: Light Dark Earth Air Fire Water
1 Magic Torch Magic Pebbles Spark Smoke Screen Heal
2 Night Vision
3 Tough Skin Fiery Roar Bubble Shield
4 Flash Nighttime
5 Air Shield
6 Magic Berries Fiery Gaze Water Jet
7 Bless Temporal Leak
8 Haste Fireball
9 Quench
10 Sun Ray Shroud Burrow Thunder Tail
11 War Cry
12 Demon Breathe Negg Flight Steam shield
13 Psychic Blast
15 Twisting Vines Lava Spit
16 Water Breathing
17 Mote Dance Shadow Health Dive
19 Great Feast Song of the Volcano
20 Water of Life
21 Drain Life Invisibility
22 Restore
23 Regeneration
24 Boil
27 Healing Vapor
28 Ascension Diamond Dust
30 Sink Stone Legion Meteor Shower
33 Watery Guardian
38 Teleport

Light Abilities

Magic Torch – Fire based attack and defence.
Flash – N/A
Bless – Heals 15-30 hp.

Abilities Explained

Kym Huynh —  April 28, 2014 — 1 Comment


What are abilities?

Abilities are special moves which your neopet are able to be blessed with.

What are they used for?

Abilities can only be used in the Battledome when battling another opponent.

How do I bless my neopet with abilities?

You must have in your possession some bottled faeries. These faeries can be found as a random event, be bought in the Magic Shop, be bought by doing a search on the Shop Wizard, traded in the Trading Post or by having a friend give you one. Once you have one, go to your inventory screen, click on the bottled faerie, and select ‘Bless Your NeoPet’. Your neopet should be blessed.

You take your pet to the battle dome with desperate hopes of winning just one battle. You give your pet it’s trusted Attack Fork and it’s lovely Improved Lightning Beam. How in the world could I lose this match? You wave good bye as your pet enters the dome…

The match is a total lost. Your opponent out did you by using abilities!!! He had some terrible items equipped yet he still managed to cream your pet into the dirt. Guess it’s time to go back to the drawing board, why not start with learning some abilities?

Abilities give your pet the upper edge in the battle dome. But how can you get abilities? Simply try to get a faerie. (There are six types- Fire, Water, Air, Light, Dark, and Earth) Then go to your items and bless your pet with the faerie. If your pet is at a high enough level, the faerie will bless it! If not, the faerie will fly away, all of your hard earned nps to get that thing will go down your neohome drain.

To start off we start at training for the long run you have 3 choices in my order of preference here they are

#1: Secret Lab
Great if you have 1m you will have enough for the best (low level) set it is risky but it is good you have a good chance of leveling hit points but if you have a loved pet that you like the species it can be a bad thing (e.g. you have a pirate Krawk and it turns into a blue Blumaroo) but it can change a blue Blumarooo into a pirate Krawk its good and bad but I think its worth it (cost 450k-550k(no more than that).

Lesson 3: Trading Punches

Unless the results of the First Turn Freeze and the After The First Turn Freeze is the death of one of the opponents, battledomers are going to have to trade punches. There are varied schools of thought on the best way to go about this, but these variants generally reduce down to one of two basic approaches to the Battledome.

The first of these is a high damage fast attack capability (which I call the West Coast Offense after an American football strategy). This approach utilizes high damage reusable fast attack weapons, the purpose being to inflict as high an amount of damage as possible, but sacrificing the ability to defend. Weapons commonly used in this approach include the Lost Desert Dagger, Plastic Halloween Fork, Battle Ducks, Zaptwig, Mono Claw, Mystical Fish Lobber, and Faerie Slingshot. There are many other weapons that fit into this style of fighting. Combatants in this fighting style will generally rely heavily on Fierce and Berserk Attack, Heal, and Drain Life.