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I know that a lot of you out there have been subject to many types of scams. Some are easy to spot, whilst others not so. In this article, I will be explaining some of the ways you can be scammed and how to avoid them, also recognizing common scams, and the things to look for in not-so-common ones.


Many scams are distinguishable because of what people will ask you to do, or telling you impossible things. Scams occur in many different forms, as I will explain later. Important note: Any non-Neopets site asking for your username & password is a SCAM! Also, players who ask you for your username & password are SCAMMERS! If you report these people to Neopets Staff, they will freeze that person.

As you all know, is a fun site, but it does come with its flaws. Nasty users, automatic freezing bots, games that dont work, plots and new features that take forever to be released, hideously expensive items, and so forth. But I have stopped playing Neopets for quite a while now, and my neopian adventure has just been getting better and better.

How did I do this? By spending the last thirty dollars I will ever give to neopets inc. and buying an interactive Shoyru plushie. Ever since I named her pezzini25 in honor of my first (wrongfully frozen) pet, I knew my neolife was about to get a whole lot better. For one, she is now a lot easier to fit around my schedule of school and work. No stopping in the middle of my homework to sneak online and check on her, oh, no. I just lean over in between writing paragraphs and give her a quick hug. She giggles, and all is happy. I also dont have to clog up our one phone line with what my father calls “useless goofing off.” Hes happy, Im happy, and pezzini25s happy. What can be better than that? I can tell you.

Neopets by dialup
Yes a large portion of Neopets users like myself are still using a dialup internet connection via a phone line and modem and slow connections through home or office networks with shared internet. How often is it that one sits in the Kadoatery for 3 hours straight constantly refreshing and waiting in the boards for refresh times to only ever see that one hungry Kadoatie wanting the unbuyable and never seeing a refresh as by the time the page loads the Kadoaties have already been fed. Or going to do a crossword with answers from a friend and only receiving 200np as it took over 15 minutes for the page to upload each of your answers. Yes it does seem that if your internet connection is slow it will take neopoints to make neopoints and a lot of obsessive stress to win trophies. But here I will tell you what to give up on, what’s worthwhile doing and what possible ways to earn neopoints even on a slow connection.

Ok for starters you will need cash for this but I will tell you how to get it IS THAT CLEAR!

Good now that that’s over the first thing is that you should only use the trading school if your pet is to strong for the academy. If not then your about to lose money because codestones range from 3000-7000 (well the normal ones at least) and the one you need is completely random while the last time I checked dubloons cost 2000-3000 if it’s 1 or 2 dubloons so if your pet can go into the academy but is in the training school then pay for the course and if you need to look below for the money making part then do so.

Mushroom Effects

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These mushrooms originate from the areas of the Spooky Wood where no sane neopet wander. However, some mushrooms can do wondrous things to your pet! It is up to you however to decide and take the risk. Well, maybe not really a risk as I will tell you what they do.

Bad Toadstool

Description: This is one ugly mean toadstool. It is most probably poisonous.
Effect: Eat this mushroom and you will find that it will it will make your pet feel bad and make it lose some hp. (temporary)


Description: Wow what a fat mushroom!
Effect: Eat this mushroom and you will find that it feeds your pet.