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The Lab Ray Explained

Kym Huynh —  November 20, 2017 — Leave a comment

What is the Lab Ray?

The Lab Ray is a machine invented by a mad scientist. Upon using it, your chosen neopet is experimented on which results in unforeseen circumstances.

Where is the Lab Ray?

The Lab Ray can only be accessed through completing of the ‘Secret Laboratory Map’. Once you have collected all nine pieces, simply head over to the games room, choose the puzzles group, and then scroll down to the last game option and choose ‘Treasure Map’. Once there, click on the laboratory link and it should take you to a page which states that you have completed the map. You are now able to proceed to the secret lab.

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Getting Neopets Premium does not mean you can’t get frozen. If you get frozen, Neopets Premium doesn’t automatically cancel. You will be paying for it unless you cancel it. It is possible to switch it to another account, however.

Neopets Premium users do not have access to special parts of the site (besides the Portal and Premium Boards) or special pets.

As you all know, is a fun site, but it does come with its flaws. Nasty users, automatic freezing bots, games that dont work, plots and new features that take forever to be released, hideously expensive items, and so forth. But I have stopped playing Neopets for quite a while now, and my neopian adventure has just been getting better and better.

How did I do this? By spending the last thirty dollars I will ever give to neopets inc. and buying an interactive Shoyru plushie. Ever since I named her pezzini25 in honor of my first (wrongfully frozen) pet, I knew my neolife was about to get a whole lot better. For one, she is now a lot easier to fit around my schedule of school and work. No stopping in the middle of my homework to sneak online and check on her, oh, no. I just lean over in between writing paragraphs and give her a quick hug. She giggles, and all is happy. I also dont have to clog up our one phone line with what my father calls “useless goofing off.” Hes happy, Im happy, and pezzini25s happy. What can be better than that? I can tell you.

1) First of all start games that are easy for you, for example: Advert Attack, 200m peanut Dash, Chia Bomber 2, Dubloon Disaster, Extreme Herder, Flycatcher, Jubble Bubble, Meerca Chase II, Mootix Drop, Petpet Rescue, Rink Runner, Trouble at the National Neopian, Typing Terror, Volcano Run, Whack-A-Ghost, Whack-A-Staff-Member and many more in Action. (Note that you can only play these games 3 times a day.)

2) Invest in stocks; start with cheap stocks because they are most likely to make you money. They can reach to the price of 15 to 20nps per stock.

3) Get rich items from Mystery Island; Tombola, Lost Desert; Coltzans Shrine, Maraqua in the Maraqua ruins, Underwater Fishing.