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Dont discard your pet! Have you ever stopped? Yes, just stopped for a little while, to think of whats going to happen to your pet when you dump it in a strangers arms, as your pet stares at you with eyes brimming with tears as you walk away? I guess not.

Here we take a look at some pets in the pound cafeteria. Look, how happy they are, drooling all over the food that the inexperienced chef is cooking. That firstly shows how hungry they are, and that means they might go very far for a mealthat explains the bones of a chia on the floor, with Lupes standing around, huh?

Brain Tree: I shall keep everyone else up all night…
Esophagor: Wwweeeeeeeeellllllllllllll, I caaaaaaan seeeeeeeee thaaat I won’ttt geeet to slleeepp annyyywaayyy, ssoooooooo, whhyyyyyy noot?
Witch: Oh, just shut up, it’ll keep down quest business!
Brain Tree: Why should I?
Esophagor: Riiiiiigggggggghttttttt, whhhhhhyyyyyyy shoooouullllldd weeee?
Brain Tree: I never invited you to join in!
Esophagor: Yyyouuuuuuu ddoooooonnnn’ttt wwwwwwaaaaaaaanttttt tooo seeeee meeeeeee ouutttttt oofffffff ttheeeee grrrrouuuuuuuundddddd…
Brain Tree: Why should I, of all trees, have to listen to YOU!? You DO give away all my answers…
Esophagor: Weeelllllllll, eeeeeeexxxxxxcuuuuuuuseeee mmmmeeeeeeeee!!!! HHoowwww eeellllllssseeeeeeee wouuulddd aanyyyyonnnnne kkknnnnnoooooooww?
Brain Tree: That’s the whole POINT of quests, hardness! I saw this ciamanager guy come up and finish two of your quests in less than one hour!

I was once just another Blue Wocky with no muscles or nothing. Now I am a cool Cloud Koi, at least for right now I am. And I am also stronger and tougher than I once was, at least for now I am, you never know with the Lab Ray, huh? I don’t remember much of my previous owner, or owners at that, guess the Neopian Pound thing was just too traumatizing thus causing me to block that part of my life out. All I remember is what seemed like weeks and months on in of laying curled up behind the bars of a cage, listening to other Neopets cry and beg for mercy and to be released from their prison. Seeing many Neopets get dropped off and taken to their cells and a few being adopted…as the ones left behind yelled to the new owner, begging him or her to please reconsider, and crying as the new owner left. It was depressing, really it was. Then one day all I remember was hearing a cage door nearby open up, I ignored it as I heard them constantly throughout the day all day every day. Then a shadow fell over me and I felt a strong and warm pair of hands slip underneath my armpits and left me up. “Hey there lil’ fella! What’s YOUR name?” he asked me. “Wocky_Dude78?” I answered. He turned to the mean old techo who unnervingly had a happy smirk upon his face, and my new owner said, “Yes sir, I will take him!” MY eyes grew bigger than my head and filled half-way with tears and I asked, “Really? Your gonna take me home??” “Yep! Sure am!” said my new owner. I uncontrollably thrusted my face into his shoulder as I burst out with tears of happiness. Finally, I was free again. He carried me in his arms towards the doors as I looked over his shoulder and saw the Uni and the Techo both staring at me with big wide smiles and I smiled back at them and I knew that everything was alright. When we got outside a very cold gust of wind hit us but it did not bother me, I was happy, happy to feel that nice cold gust of wind, that fresh air, that freedom. I looked down and towards the door where there sat three Neopets, a Red Ixi who stood at attention once she noticed us, a Mutant Cybunny who was sleeping and barely creeked open her eyes to notice me, and a Chokato Chia who wobbled over towards me and my new owner as he placed me down and the Chokato Chia started poking me in my forehead as he asked me, “Who are you?” “Wocky_Dude78.” I shyly answered. Then my new owner said, “Guys, this is our newest addition to our family, his name is Wocky_Dude78!” And the Red Ixi burst out with, “HI!!!…..My name is AngelAkashaAlukard!” And the Mutant Cybunny looked at me out of the corner of her eyes said, “Yes, quite. I am AbiahCodestone.” Then she proceeded to fall back asleep. The Chokato Chia walked up still closer and gave me a big ole’ hug as he said, “My name is KroniKK666! I love you!” “Come on guys, lets go.” my new owner said calmly. “Where are we going?” asked AngelAkashaAlukard and with the reply of, “Yeah!” from KroniKK666, trying to be funny as always, the jester that he is. “We are going to Krawk Island!” he answered. “Why? Is it time to play the Pawkeet Treasure Game again?” asked AngelAkashaAlukard. “No AngelAkashaAlukard, today is Wocky Day and thus, all Wockies get free training at the Training Academy, so thus I am taking Wocky_Dude78 to the Training Academy for some free training.” answered my new owner and KroniKK666 replied, “Oh…” “Krawk Island huh? Sounds NICE is it a cool place?” I said with enthusiasm as my voice trembled with excitement, knowing in the back of my mind that it was gonna but a tough yet fun challenge. Nobody really answered me though, guess they didn’t hear me…oh well hehe. That isn’t what mattered, what mattered was that I was FREE, free and in LOVE with my new FAMILY! A couple hours later we run into a large mass body of water and I am thinking, “Oh no! What do we do now?!” not thinking, “Duh, you dum dum! Krawk Island is an ISLAND!!” But anywho, a few minutes later, maybe about half an hour or so, give or take a few minutes and whatnot, a medium built ship pulls up and an old three-legged Eyrie walks down the plank to the main land and says, “All aboard to Krawk Island!! That’ll be 50 NeoPoints per family please!” So my new owner handed him 50 NeoPoints and was handed a ticket as we started walking up the plank to the boat. And when we got to the end of the plank I JUMPED onto the boat letting out a loud shout of JOY! We finally “shoved off” as we headed away from the terra firma. We went inside the boat and enjoyed a nice little dinner as we stuffed ourselves so full we had tummy aches hehe. By the time we were done with THAT it was already starting to get dark and I insisted upon lounging out on the deck. Man! The smell of the salty ocean breeze, the nice cold wind, and sent of food from the dining room as wells as the sounds of the crashing waves and calling seagulls, man was I loving’ it! I am guessing about an hour or two we finally arrive at Krawk Island, with all the places lit up, it was magnificently beautiful, know? My owner and the others t5ook me to yet another ship were, ironically there was that three-legged Eyrie again and he said, “ARR! How might I help ye maties?!” “Yes, I would like to enroll my Wocky into the Training Academy for some training, it IS free for him today, isn’t it? What with it being Wocky Day and whatnot?” “ARR! Yes, that it be!” “He looks at me and says, “And who might ye be lad?” Scared half out of my wits I managed to spit out, “Wocky_Dude78 sir.” “ARR Yes, well, jus’ go straight down that hall to the room where the others are training too, and I shall be there in a minute.” I looked at him, scared stiff, almost petrified, seemingly not acknowledging what him had just said as he stares at me with a mean look and then goes, “ARRR!!!!!!” which scares me into running the other direction in fright, right towards the training room and I hear him says two my owner, “ARR! He should be done in about 3 hours! ARR!” Yes sir, I shall be back sir!” says my new owner and I watch him turn around and leave. I rush out to the training deck to say goodbye to him and when I saw he I said, “HEY! You ARE gonna come back and get me, right?” “Of course I shall! I shall be back in a couple hours, I am just going sight seeing, ok? replied my new owner and I answered him, “Ok!” I then turned around and started making friends and playing fight with them, until the old Eyrie showed up, and we training all night, but that was pretty much a lot of fun too, know? Well Eyrie day has came and gone and I am free at last and my new owner says, “Now lets see, what shall we do with you now?” “Huh? What do you mean? Are you planning on getting rid of me now??” I asked franticly. And he answered, “Oh NO NO NO! Certainly NOT! I just got figure out WHAT I will do with you next, that’s all!” and I replied, “Oh, ok!” About a minute later he burst out, :I got it! You will be my new Lab Rat!” “Pardon me?” I replied and he answers, “There is this Lab Ray that will give you super powers and great strength!” I thought and said, “Oh cool!” And since then I have gained a little bit of strength, and a little bit of toughness, and gone from a regular old Blue Wocky to a more suiting Cloud Koi, a Cloud Koi named Wocky_Dude78. – deadsoulwithoutyou

MadiRaq and the Shoyru

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Chapter 1: Shoyru Dreams

Madison Raquel or MadiRaq for short, as she preferred to be called longingly turned the pages of her fully-illustrated Neopets Index, skimming the thick book until she found the chapter shed read countless times the Shoyru chapter.

More than anything, MadiRaq wanted a Shoyru, a cute dragon-like NeoPet. Since she was a little girl, MadiRaq had seen Neopians walking their Neopets, and very few of them were Shoyrus. But MadiRaq had seen them. On TV Shows, in magazines and books, and even once at the Neopets Pound. Why someone would abandon such a loving creature as a Shoyru she never could fathom, and MadiRaq had immediately asked her mother if they could adopt a Shoyru from the Pound.

Yellow Unicorn lived in neotopia central valley, at age 26, she wanted to change her color, because she wanted to conquer a blue Unicorn boy, but He only looked at the pink or violet unicorns ones, so picky, she had a good friend green Unicorn that loved her so much, and told her to stay they way she was.

But she was so obsessed with that unicorn that so she traveled around all neotopia to find that brush.

First she arrived to Terror Mountain, it was so frozen brr, thank God she was wearing a scarf, and there she asked a penguin named Pingui she found on the way for the paint brush.