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Yellow Unicorn lived in neotopia central valley, at age 26, she wanted to change her color, because she wanted to conquer a blue Unicorn boy, but He only looked at the pink or violet unicorns ones, so picky, she had a good friend green Unicorn that loved her so much, and told her to stay they way she was.

But she was so obsessed with that unicorn that so she traveled around all neotopia to find that brush.

First she arrived to Terror Mountain, it was so frozen brr, thank God she was wearing a scarf, and there she asked a penguin named Pingui she found on the way for the paint brush.

Jake and the Coconut Tree

Kym Huynh —  February 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

A young Lupe named Jake sat under the comfortable shade of the palm tree outside his house. The swift, salty air warmed him as he drew pictures in the light, airy sand. As he was drawing the last little fin of a Koi, he heard an excited Blurble of his Ghoti, Leopold. Jake was supposed to sell him, but no one wanted him, except Jake.

“What is it Leo? Huh? What is it?” spoke Jake nonchalantly. Just then, a strange sight appeared on the shore: an old Aisha. He was wrapped in palm fronds, and he plopped himself right down beside Jake in the sand. He was as strange as Sloth in Faerieland!

KroniKK666 sits down with you and begins to talk, “AbiahCodestone sure has been acting awfully funny lately. Ever since she learned the black arts of Life Drain all she eats are gross foods that have bugs in them, as well as her being more and more conceited and vain with each passing day, and even more-so cruel and mean. Her entire eyes as well as her eye sockets, have turned blacker than the blackest of souls. Once she loved to hang at Coltzan’s Shrine with all of her friends, now, she hangs around the battledomes, draining victim after victim of their life seemingly non-stop. And when she is hurt, its best to watch out, cuz that is when she kicks her life draining into over-drive, so much so that she has all the frequent battlers shivering when she appears on the scene. It has even caused some to stop battling, which is everybody’s best bet. One day me and Sour_Puss_28304 and 238472961 sat down with her to have a crisis intervention about the way she was starting to act and her new changes. Well she just flew off the handle and instead of draining the life out of us, she sucked the cuteness out of us, disfiguring us and turning us into freakish mutants. I WAS a Christmas Nimmo… but now I am a Mutant Moehog who has no energy to do anything including fight back. 238472961 WAS a cute little red Acara, now, she is a Mutant Techo. At least Sour_Puss_28304 got to keep his species but he became a Mutant as well, a Mutant Chia. I am scared though, for with the physical changes of 238472961 and Sour_Puss_28304 came the mental changes as well for they both seem to enjoy their new freakish bodies and have even sided with AbiahCodestone and joined her on her crusade of chaos and terror and destruction.”

Friends Forever by pikachupower13

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“Yes!” Akasha499 declared. “I have all the PetPet Laboratory Map Pieces now!” she looked at the full map with pride then looked at her owner. “Can I go with Maggie to the Lab Ray?” she looked at her owner with big balling eyes. “Oh all right.” the owner said” You can go only if you be careful.” Akasha499 looked at her owner and replied.” Of course I’ll be careful. I’ll protect Maggie from everything. “The owner looked at her with a tear in her eye and hugged her little Aisha. “but there’s one thing that’s very bad the ray can do. “The owner said very seriously. The little Aisha looked at her and asked. “Like what?” “Well she could get zapped by the ray and turn into…… “What turn into what?” the little interrupted. The owner gave her a quick glance and continued. “Well she could turn into….soot.” Akasha499 looked at her for a while and looked down at her petpet. “I love my petpet a lot though, I hope it doesn’t happen.” Her petpet looked up at her and cooed gently. “Well if anything does happen like that, then you have to go to the Soot Hole.” Akasha499 looked at her owner and then at her petpet. “I’ll be fine, I know where it is.” Maggie jumped off Akasha499’s lap and bounced away. “Now be back before sunset.” the owner said gently. “Oh and before you leave get clothes on.” Akasha grinned and walked away to her room. “I hope little Maggie doesn’t turn into soot or it will break Akasha’s heart.” The owner walked away to make a little picnic for them. Joint of Ham and a Bottle of Kau milk, Akasha’s and Maggie’s favorite food.

Once, 23 child Neopians went for a day trip to the Haunted Woods. At the end of the day, the teacher told the children to go to the fairground to spend their neopoints. He told them that he would be going back to the school and would come to collect them at 5:00 pm, so they had one hour in which to play. All Neopian children would divide into pairs and go to different activities, so without the teacher, there would be 11 pairs altogether, exactly how many activities there were at the fairground. Each pair was happy with the activities they were about to do first. This is where each pair went and what happened there: