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  1. Korbatman
  2. Finding Flotsam
  3. Petpetpets: The First Movie
  4. The Tyrannian Village
  5. Kougrawoman
  6. The Princess Usuki Diaries
  7. Riding Grarrls
  8. Ghost Pets of the Abyss
  9. Techo Soccer
  10. Red Pteri Down
  11. Bill and Ted’s Down For Maintenance Adventure
  12. Neo Wars: The Red Pteri Menace
  13. Attack of the Sloth Clones
  14. Boochi’s First Movie
  15. Auto-Buyer Beware
  16. Wheel Of Monotony: The Movie
  17. Freddy Kougra
  18. Spyderman
  19. What Ever Happend to Dr. Sloth?
  20. Dude, Where’s my SDB?
  21. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turdles
  22. I, Korbat
  23. Mortal Korbat
  24. Krawkzilla (The Dubbed-loon version)
  25. My Fair Ixi
  26. Grarrl: The Musical
  27. The Noil King
  28. Bruce Almighty
  29. Sloth Wars: The Auto-Buyer Menace
  30. Harry The Mutant Moehog and the Prisonor Of Darigan
  31. Anything with NeoSchools in the title
  32. Aristowockies
  33. Neo Wars: The Red Pteri Strikes Back
  34. Brother Yurble
  35. A Ruki’s Life
  36. Ixibi
  37. Lennies Of The Rungs
  38. Lord Of the Fake Plastic Ring of Sloth: The Fellowship Of the Plastic Ring
  39. (more…)

Chapter 1: Dung — This (*stuff*) never gets old.
Chapter 2: Asparagus — More of the same (just re-read Chapter 1).
Chapter 3: Snot — The other green meat.
Chapter 4: Invisible — Bet you didn’t see that one coming.
Chapter 5: Day 13 — The calendar giveth, the Pant Devil taketh away.
Chapter 6: Assigning Blame
— This was going to be a great chapter, but the garden gnomes caught Neoflu, and Dr. Sloth turned the word processor’s clockwork into sludge, and the rest of us were busy playing a tournament and meeting merchandise contracts and… here, beat up this Pteri, if we remember to tell you how.

1. What to do when a glitch hits – A neopians guide to coping with the regular weekend downtime
2. 101 reasons why TNT still hasn’t finished Neoschools
3. 54 Reasons why Asparagus should be wiped off the face of the earth
4. Neopets: A hobby or a curse?
5. 10 steps to leaving Neopets and never returning
6. Move over Dr Sloth! TCG is all the rage!
7. 100 excuses for Neopets being down
8. 1000 ways to get frozen (not that you need a guide to get frozen)
9. 101 reasons why this won’t be in NT
10. 101 reasons why Neopia is flat
11. 100 reasons why Neopets wont admit to Jelly World (coz it was Adam’s idea…)