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Having been a Neopets fan for four years, I decided to check out the Neopets Mall Tour in Santa Rosa, California on Sunday. I brought up the subject up to my father, who agreed to drive me. The car trip was long and tedious, but it gave me enough time to put together a makeshift card deck from my stash of Neopets cards. By the time I arrived at Santa Rosa Plaza I had put together a Neopets deck and knew the basic rules of the game. Like most other Neopians who have the TGC, I had never played the card game before.

Ever feel annoyed at the Pant Devil for stealing something? *mutters about some morphing potion* Well here are 15 ways to get him back for what he may have done to you. I have tried them all with my own pets and made him totally sorry for what he did. He even gave me the Morphing potion back eventually.

1: Well, seeing as he always steals the good stuff, buy a plushie or Toy version of something expensive, for example a Draik Transmogrification potion, and fill it with, well, whatever you like. Good examples: Carawool, Party poppers (that will shock him!). If you can, get the mad scientist to get you a Lab ray in a bottle or something similar. That way when he opens the potion, he could turn into something mutant and horrible! In his FACE!

NPdictus by Elane105

Kym Huynh —  November 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

PPT is a very fun, cheerful and helpful environment. But it is also a heavy carrier of Npdictus. Npdictus is a very, very bad disease, if you have it all you care about is making NPs. Before you click the back button just take a little while to read this. Just yesterday I concentrated on making NPs. But then I realized I was getting caught up in making NPs. I realized I came here to have fun and I am, but are my pets? I created every one of them and I used to love them. A lot of neopians were just like I was till I realized it. I’m taking my neopets for granted. If you think you mite have this serious disease here’s a few syndromes

Well how about this. I think Neopets is unfair to a lot of people outside of the US! Like me. I’m from New Zealand.

First thing. A lot of those sponsor deals and those “Get 1,000 NP a day!” things are worthless. All of them are “sign up with our sponsor” and such while practically every single one of them I’ve seen have ONLY been for US residents. Granted, it’s not a big amount of NP but it still seems very excluding.

Timing for things doesn’t always seem too bad since things are spread out throughout the day/night. but one of the other things that annoys me is the merchandise. I’ve seen some really cute things in the merchandise, that I’d love to get my hands on.. Things in the wish list – but none of those items are available here. In fact there seems to be rather little of Neopets available here. I don’t know if that will eventually change but I saw some items that are listed ‘limited edition’ or whatever – does that mean they’ll not be available here because their stock all went to the US? I don’t know.

There was a completely slanderous and false article released about Neopets in Australia, and also on the news. The reporters did not even check out the site, since they would clearly see that what they were about to write was in error. Another article from Pink Poog Toy points out the errors in the article.

The number of javascript scripts targeting Internet Explorer, several people who are unable to switch browsers have turned off javascript. You cannot access any items (so you can’t feed or play with your pet via items). Only a few games are inaccessible. Those who have disabled javascript should look into visiting the Soup Kitchen, which lets users feed their pets for free if they have under 3,000 Neopoints. Not that it really matters if you can buy items in the main shops, since getting anything of profit is insanely hard. Good item stocking shops can have over 65 people in them trying to buy items at any time, even with the random restocks.