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There are 15 different outcomes on the Wheel of Mediocrity:

  1. 100 NP – You win 100 NP.
  2. Ariax – You win a random Tyrannian petpet.
  3. Trilo Bite – You win a random piece of Tyrannian food.
  4. 50 NP – You win 50 NP.
  5. Shrine – You get the follow message: “You feel a strange desire to visit the obelisk… nothing else happens.” This refers to Coltzan’s shrine and the Lost Desert plot. It’s pretty useless now.
  6. Fireballs – You get the following message: “Fireballs rain down from above and singe your NeoPets :(” and your neopet will lose a random amount of hit points.
  7. 1,000 NP – You win 1,000 NP.
  8. (more…)

To get the Faerie Bubbles avatar you need to get over 2,000 points on Faerie Bubbles. With this guide, I hope to give you some tips on how exactly to achieve this score!

Getting Started

To start with, I will tell you some of the basic rules of the game that you will need to know and keep in mind while playing.

There are 20 levels of Faerie Bubbles, and you will want to get as many points as possible in each level and get as close to completing all 20 as you can!

Firstly, an important aspect of the game is the 4+ combos. Basically, combos of three make the bubbles break, and this is how you win. When you start making combos of four or more bubbles, things really start to get interesting! Some of the results are good and some are bad:

Piper Panic Guide by Anonymous

Gaby —  December 18, 2017 — 1 Comment

This is a guide to Piper Panic. This isn’t the “get the highest score ever” guide, but it is a solution guide that will get you 1,000 neopoints every time you play the game.

The levels vary a little with every game, but they generally have the same solution (note: I don’t know exactly how the levels are different. If need be, substitute “row” for “column” and vice versa as appropriate).

The premise of the game is that you are the Jubjub snake charmer who has to guide the Cobralls to the baskets. The Cobrall will go in a straight line in the direction of the key that you press until it hits a basket. If it doesn’t hit a basket, it will keep going to the edge of the board and you will lose a life. The other way to lose a life is to run out of time.

Smug Bug Smite Guide by AmBeR

Gaby —  December 10, 2017 — 18 Comments

A fun little game that requires a skillful eye and a quick hand!! A great game that takes less than 5 mins to play! And you can easily rack up 500 neopoints per game for a grand total of 1,500 a day or MORE!

Overview From Neopets

Smug Bug Smite: The Bug Brothers have some of the stickiest fingers in Neopia – they just can’t resist grabbing Neopoints out of the pockets and purses of unsuspecting Neopians. Here’s your chance to teach these insidious insect siblings a lesson and return the stolen money to its rightful owners. Choose your weapon, take aim, and start doling out some justice to those smug bugs!

Wheel of Monotony Guide by Arael

Gaby —  December 9, 2017 — 4 Comments

So you want to spin the wheel? Go right for it, but you will be in for a wait! Here’s a few ideas to do when you want to spin that wheel!

Open the Wheel of Monotony in a separate window, because it can spin for longer than five hours!

Mute! Thankfully it was created with a mute button found down the bottom right. This is handy when you want to start the wheel, and let it go, without hearing *click click click click click*

Find out how long is left on the roll! Go here. You should see a line show up which looks something like this username=arael_01&server=Our records show that the wheel hasn’t finished spinning!&timeleft=5943000