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You can win a lot at this game with just 5 steps:

Step 1

Each time you shoot try to make the arrow line up with the bullseye.

Step 2

Hold the space bar until the power is half way between a bar.

Step 3

Release the space bar and watch the arrow fly into the bullseye.

Step 4

Claim your bonus out of:

  • Fire
  • Apple
  • Bigger bullseye
  • Closer target
  • Step 5

    To win with your bonus do the same, except use less power for closer, and aim at the ring for fire.

    And that is how to win at Ultimate bullseye! – lil_gem_gal

    So, you’re just starting out on Neopets, or you’re an old-timer and looking for a way to earn some extra neopoints. Here are some simple things that you can do that will help you on your way to ultimate riches. Good luck!!

    Tip 1

    Save, save, save!! Always put your money into your bank account, and remember to collect your interest every day. Currently, I can collect 86 NP per day of interest. Over a 30 day month that’s 2,580 NP at least! Times that by 12 calendar months, and that’s 30,960 NP. Every bit helps!

    Tip 2

    Give your neopets a comfortable life, but not extravagant ones! There’s no need to buy that 500 NP toy for them, when a 100 NP key chain will do just fine. They get the same reaction from it, so why wouldn’t you just save the 400 NP? Also, with food, the daily omelette, daily jelly and soup kitchen (only if you’re really poor) do a great job. These are all free, and you get food for your neopet without spending any loot.

    There was a completely slanderous and false article released about Neopets in Australia, and also on the news. The reporters did not even check out the site, since they would clearly see that what they were about to write was in error. Another article from Pink Poog Toy points out the errors in the article.

    The number of javascript scripts targeting Internet Explorer, several people who are unable to switch browsers have turned off javascript. You cannot access any items (so you can’t feed or play with your pet via items). Only a few games are inaccessible. Those who have disabled javascript should look into visiting the Soup Kitchen, which lets users feed their pets for free if they have under 3,000 Neopoints. Not that it really matters if you can buy items in the main shops, since getting anything of profit is insanely hard. Good item stocking shops can have over 65 people in them trying to buy items at any time, even with the random restocks.

    More than practice, getting high scores in Crisis Courier relies largely on previous knowledge of levels. For example level seven is a maze, and one wrong step will lead you into a dead-end. No skill involved there. So play a lot, know the levels and you’ll get far.

    Here Are Some Guidelines to Follow

    At the start of level one type in ‘kingaltador’ to get that extra life. If you forget, type it at the beginning or end of any level, when you have a few seconds of free flying.

    You don’t need to grab everything. If it looks hard, impossible or you just don’t feel like it, don’t get it. Gold bags are only worth 5 points and Mintheuses 10, so missing a handful won’t lose you a high score.

    Hi all my account name is Dearnna_amy and im just going to tell you about Hasee Bounce and how to master the game. First I will tell you about Hasee Bounce.

    The Basics

    Okay, this is a really easy game! You have control over 2 Hasees, the orange one “Woogy”, and the purple one ‘Jimmi”.

    One of them is on a balance board and the other is on a tree branch. the one on the tree branch can move, the other one is stuck until the one on the tree branch jumps and lands on the see-saw forcing the other to jump high in the air and land on a tree branch.