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Hi all my account name is Dearnna_amy and im just going to tell you about Hasee Bounce and how to master the game. First I will tell you about Hasee Bounce.

The Basics

Okay, this is a really easy game! You have control over 2 Hasees, the orange one “Woogy”, and the purple one ‘Jimmi”.

One of them is on a balance board and the other is on a tree branch. the one on the tree branch can move, the other one is stuck until the one on the tree branch jumps and lands on the see-saw forcing the other to jump high in the air and land on a tree branch.

It is quite annoying that you are not allowed to use the shop wizard when you are on a quest. You have to try your luck with the shop galleries to find the items you are looking for and if you are lucky you will find it, but at what price? Sometimes the items in the gallery are heavily over priced than the shop wizard. The trading post also requires luck. Some quests have to be completed within a short period of time like within 15 minutes or so.

Chances are that you will not get your item within the time limit from the trading post. There are several forums apparently where people help you out by searching the user names of people who have the item and give it to you but I have never bothered with doing that as it is too time consuming for me. I am sure you will agree with me that we all are here for an easy way out in what ever we do.


Woggy (orange Hasee) and Jimmi (purple Hasee) are the main characters who are jumping up and down the seesaw.

Get the doughnutfruits and letters (and sometimes there is Ollie the Phantom Shirt Guy there) before time runs out.

How to Move

Mouse: Move the mouse around
Arrows: Left and right arrows

How to Jump

Mouse: Left Click
Arrows: Up and down arrows


To get your score or points you have to get the letters, doughnutfruit and sometimes Ollie the Phantom Shirt Guy (if he is there because he rarely comes). Here is the score for the different colors of the doughtnutfruits:

  • Yellow Doughnutfruit: 1 point or sometimes 2 points
  • Blue Doughtnutfruit: 3 points
  • (more…)

The Haunted Woods is a perpetual Halloween-type forest. Here lies the Brain Tree, who demands knowledge of when people died. It’s completely random and can’t be unlocked if you just type in numbers. Instead, you have to go to the other boogie-man of the Haunted Woods, the Esophager.

He demands spooky food in exchange for answers. It used to be you could only get the foods from Edna’s quest (who asks for random items to complete her spells), but now there is a food store that sells them. Of course, the Brain Tree’s quests are rarely worth the price you’ll pay. Stuck in the middle of the Haunted Woods, there is the castle of Eliv Thade (an “anagram” for Evil Death), where you must unjumble letters to produce the word needed to move around his castle.

I’m here to help anyone who needs it on the game Hasee Bounce. I will admit that I don’t yet have a trophy, but I’m close! I have, however, attained the rank of Grand Master. I have been playing for a long time now, and have gotten quite good at it. I hope this helps!

Chapter 1: Starting Out

So by now you might be asking “What exactly is Hasee Bounce?” Well, for the full story, you would have to read it in the Neopedia, but the game itself has two little Hasees bouncing up and down on a teeter-totter. They are trying to eat as many doughnutfruit as possible.