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This game is hard at first glance. But when you figure out the mechanics for the game it seems playable. Also it’s a new game to add to you list of dailies in which you can get 500+ neopoints per game in a couple seconds. Maybe more depending on how lucky you are.

How to Play

First thing is there is no time limit and no penalty for not catching items. The object of the game is to try and stack the falling objects as high as you can without dropping them. Every now and then a Warf or Drakonack comes and blocks your path. I’ve been caught in the corner from one before and I could still balance my huge stack. All they do is stop you from being able to catch some of the falling items for 5 seconds.

So you might think there is no cheat to Faerie Racers. I don’t know if what I’m about to tell you is a cheat, but my “cheat” and/or “solution” really does work 97 to 98 percent of the time.

The whole point of the game, obviously, is to trap the other faerie before they trap you. To do that you must box them in. What I always do is leave an open space where I can get out and move so that I don’t get trapped and lose the game.

Some of the Ways You Can do It

  1. Start off going straight ahead (to the right) which is about five to seven spaces.
  2. (more…)

Do neopoints just float in your dreams? Do you want to win more? Not very good at games? Is selling stuff just not cutting it anymore? Then why not a guide for more neopoint. Now that’s a great idea. I will not tell you how to play each game, preferably because my article would waste space considering the game guides all have pretty clear directions, but if you need help clarifying the directions, neomail pep_o_mintcandy.

Action and Puzzles

  • Faerie Bubbles: A Simple Game. Send score if: Score: 300np * 3 times = 900np.
  • Meerca Chase II: All you have to do is make your Meerca try and catch all the neggs EXCEPT the RED ones. Send score if: Score: 200np * 3 times = 600np.
  • (more…)

One of the best games (and easiest) to get neopoints every day is Ultimate Bullseye. In just a few minutes I can score high enough to walk away with the 3,000 NP daily limit, and SO CAN YOU!

The biggest thing with this game is that you need to practice a lot before you become good at it, but once you do, you will be rolling in the NP!

First of all, realize that this game is very hard to master. I have been playing for probably 2 years and it is difficult for me to get above a 200 or 250 score.

1. When excavating a dig, you should start with a trowel and then move on to a:
A: Brush

2. The temple of Poseidon at Sounion overlooks what Greek city?
A: Athens

3. The existence of dragons is supported by the unlikely reality of the:
A: Duck-billed platypus

4. Enchanted flying objects are actually supported by:
A: Invisible faeries

5. Merlin says, “as I will…”:
A: So mote it be

6. Dragonology features the work of dragonologist:
A: Dr.Ernest Drake

7. How many years have passed since Merlin was imprisoned by the sorceress Vivienne?
A: 1,000

8. What bird was the favorite of Zeus?
A: Eagle

9. Who’s the lady of Heaven, according to the Farncombe Papyrus?
A: Isis