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“Officially the most mediocre game in Tyrannia!” I don’t think so! I think it is a bargain! It only costs 50 neopoints to play and you do have a good chance to get something pretty good or at least saleable.

The wheel has 16 spaces and out of those 16 only 4 will do something really bad to you! 2 do nothing. All the rest of the 10 give you something! For 50 nps in my opinion its worth a try!

You can win 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 1,000 neopoints.

You can also win Tyrannian food by landing on the gray horseshoe crab looking thing or a Tyrannian Petpet when you land on the Airax. When it comes to the petpets I have won several Scados, Airaxs, and Gruslens.

I know a secret wheel which can be found on guides on random shops or look-ups. It’s called the Wheel of Slime.

It’s a wheel then gives you a free spin every 8 hours. It’s a wheel you will never experience a losing spin.

How to Know What You’re Going to Get

  1. Look at the wedge opposite of the top wedge (the bottom wedge).
  2. Move one space to the right. Now the amount of neopoints listed in that wedge is what you’re going to get!

Simple instructions huh?

The lowest amount you can get in that wheel is 100 neopoints. Wish this guide helps! – maynardarvinsantiago

Dice-A-Roo Guide by Carolshek

Gaby —  February 2, 2017 — 1 Comment

Dice-A-Roo is a game I’ve played that earned me lots of neopoints and items! All for only 5 NP! Usually the items you get in Dice-A-Roo are food worth around 200 NP. Sometimes even worth 500 NP! I’m sure many of you have heard of the sixth dice before. Well, I’ve actually rolled a sixth dice once! You win 4 times the jackpot!

The Secret

The trick to rolling into all kinds of prizes without clicking the ‘Roll Again’ button over and over is to press and hold your ‘enter’ button on your keyboard, then click ‘Roll Again’. Do not let go of your ‘enter’ button, you can choose to hold it for as long as you want. I usually let go after 15 seconds. (You can do this again and again!) By doing this, you are actually auto clicking the ‘Roll Again’ button. – Carolshek

Berry Bash Guide by Rbncannon

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You want to get 1,000 NP or more every time you play Berry Bash? Well, with a little reading and some practice, you’ll be making more than that in no time!

Here’s how I start my game: When the first Aisha comes, seat her. Take her order, and pick the berry. By the time she is eating, two more Aishas should be waiting. Seat them. You can take a maximum of two orders at a time, so take their orders. By the time their berries grow, the first Aisha should be done, so clean her up before you feed the others.

Basically, you just repeat this, but here’s how I avoid being overrun.

A Brush With Fate Tips

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Basic Tips

  • Stay away from the plaque and food. If your low on life get the blue “Oral-B” signs.
  • When you are down to the red in health, get the lighter teeth first so it doesn’t take as long! – Ash